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2012 alphonso mango sightings

Any available in the west end of the city?

Fresh/handmade pasta

Maybe not handmade but there are fresh lasagna sheet noodles at Fiesta Farm.

Fiesta Farms
200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Last Minute Visit - Ruxbin/Schwa Possible?

In addition to the info above, we will be staying in River North area, but will be at a play at Steppenwolf on Saturaday night.

Oct 31, 2011
salumifan in Chicago Area

Last Minute Visit - Ruxbin/Schwa Possible?

Hi Chicagoland,

I'm heading into town with friends, from Toronto this weekend. We haven't made any dinner reservations so we need tips for walking in.

We need to eat late on Saturday, if we show up at Ruxbin at 10pm what are the chances of getting a table? Is it a lost cause?

Also, can we walk in at Schwa or is it reservation only?

Any other recommendations are welcome


Oct 31, 2011
salumifan in Chicago Area

Looking for "Weisswurst" (Veissvurst??)

The Cheese Boutique near the Queensway and the South Kingsway almost always has fresh in house made Weisswurst.

Best resto between Ossington and Dufferin on Dundas?

I would go to Pizzeria Libretto, just a few doors south of Dundas on the East side of Ossington. The food is fantastic, all around the menu is great but the pizza definitely shines the brightest.

Where to find weisswurst (white sausage) in TO?

The Cheese Boutique in the west end also has weisswurst most of the time, and theirs is made from veal

Pizzeria Libretto anyone know when its doors open at 221 ossington?

Any chance that the restaurant is opening up this week for dinner?