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husk- too salty, thumbs down

We had a long-anticipated dinner at Husk on a trip earlier this year and I had the same response. I have been working in Richmond, Virginia, for over a year now and have gotten used to the amount of salt used in some southern restaurant cooking but the saltiness of the food at Husk made it inedible. Of the six appetizers and entrees I ate or tasted, five were salted to ruin. I remember thinking, "If I had cooked this dish for friends coming over I would be running around my kitchen now looking for a quick replacement." It was a terrible disappointment.

Nov 29, 2012
guyacrossthehall in Southeast

Old Fashioned Metal Ice Trays

I used to volunteer at a thrift shop sorting out donations in the back and we would throw out all the old metal ice cube trays: no one would buy them at any price.

Bird's Custard

Harris Teeter has it in their English foods section, next to the Hobnobs and the Horlicks. But my mother claims that the Bird's Custard imported only from Toronto isn't as good as the tins she brings back from the UK.

Where's Chang?

Another, eerily similar, article appeared in The Oxford American magazine's food issue published on the same day, March 1st:

“I don’t think the world can have too much Chang.” —David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, on learning that both his magazine and The Oxford American were publishing features on Chef Peter Chang in their respective March 1 issues.

Mar 01, 2010
guyacrossthehall in Mid-Atlantic

Peter Chang back in the press...twice...

The great (and peripatetic) chef Peter Chang gets two national magazine stories, both appearing in the March 1st issues.

He gets the Calvin Trillin treatment in the New Yorker (gated article but worth finding for all its DC Chowhound references)

and a Todd Kliman article in the Oxford American

“I don’t think the world can have too much Chang.” —David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, on learning that both his magazine and The Oxford American were publishing features on Chef Peter Chang in their respective March 1 issues

Best destination town on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay?

I think the best and easiest detour for your awesome seafood needs is to head north on Rt 301 after you cross the Bay Bridge and stop for lunch and a walk in historic Chestertown, MD on the Chester River ( then drive to Rock Hall, MD for dinner at Waterman's Crabhouse overlooking the water and a night in an inn or B&B in Rock Hall. In the morning follow 213 back up to Delaware and 95 and home. This detour gives you some of the best of the Eastern Shore without much extra driving.

This map shows how easy it all is:

I still think Chestertown is one of those undiscovered jewels of Maryland. (Undiscovered compared to Annapolis or Easton or St. Michaels, for example.) And Waterman's is a dining jewel as well.

Jun 18, 2009
guyacrossthehall in Mid-Atlantic

Pool hall in Annandale, Falls Church, Fairfax?

I'm looking for a place to take my brother-in-law and family out for some beers/sodas and to shoot some pool after work this week. Someplace where a 13-year-old won't feel out of place either.

A place with more than just edible food would be a plus (for me), more than just drinkable beer a plus (for him). Hard Times Cafe and Cue in Fairfax or Springfield is a natural fit since if we eat and drink enough I think the pool is free but only until five pm. Are there other places close by that Chow can recommend? More like Fast Eddies's, and not Bridges. I drive by some Korean places with pool tables in Annandale and I think I've seen Vietnamese places as well. So good food might be available but some of them seem devoid of any women at all, which might feel sketchy to my sister. Decisions. Decisions.

Falls Church Oriental grocery going-out-of-business sale

The Lucky Oriental Food and Gifts store on Graham Road and Lee Highway in Falls Church (same shopping center as Magruder's and the Ba Le Bakery) is going out of business. (Not so lucky after all, I suppose.) It's funny that I have never been in there before but they are still well stocked and have some amazing things that I don't usually see in my usual Korean/Chinese/Indian groceries. Lots of Thai and Indonesian things. Things from all over actually.

All the canned and bottled goods and spices are all two for one. Refrigerated and frozen items currently 30% off. I cleared off entire shelves and am only $45 the poorer. I'm taking my mom back there tomorrow. I have a list of things I have never seen before but am madly googling to decide if I "need" them.

Even staples like rosemary and curry powder and dried noodles are a good deal at half off, let alone Turkish gourmet pickles (who knew) and rosewater syrup (again ???). I couldn't find any Sambal Bajak though. Maybe I was ten minutes too late, I don't know what stores carry Bajak near Falls Church.

Falls Church E Mart grocery up in smoke

The E Mart grocery store in the Yorktowne Shopping Center at Gallows Road and Rt. 50 caught on fire late last night.

(<<< imagining firefighters unable to reach the fire due to grocery carts blocking the aisles...)

A new, clean H Mart grocery in Annandale

Another H Mart grocery store opened up in Annandale earlier this year and today was the first time I was in the area when I needed to pick up some things. It's like the H Mart in Merrifield, but smaller. Not as many household goods, cosmetics, or rice steamers. But the seafood area is clean and spotless and almost smells like the sea with pretty tanks of live swimming things. Clean floors, clean cases, clean ice. For a while I've had to defend the H Mart (and Lotte) seafood on occasion claiming, "oh, it's not that bad." But sometimes, yeah, it was that bad.

There's also an attractive ready-to-go section with prepared entrees and sides and kimchi. They promise, "they're just like Grandma makes." (Which they might be if my Grandma happened to be Korean.) Cheap fresh fish and pork and produce and Asian staples. What more could a person want?

It's just inside the Beltway, on Heritage Drive, a few blocks south of Little River Turnpike, Route 236.

H Mart Annandale
Tel : 703-914-4222

7885 Heritage Drive
Annandale, VA 22003

Store Hours : 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM


Saturday Farmer's Market Recs. Eastern Shore pref

Try a day or overnight in Chestertown, MD. Same distance from the Bay Bridge as Easton or St. Michaels. It's actually an amazing historic town with a handful of good places to eat, a traditional fountain park in the city center, beautiful colonial homes, art and used book stores, a small college up the hill. Picnicking on benches in Fountain Park, or in Wilmer Park along the Chester River waterfront. The Farmer's Market and Art Market start every Saturday at 9:00am. You can spend the rest of the day walking through town being amazed at what $400,000 can still get you.

Take the smaller roads (Rt 213) from the bay bridge through farmland and past roadside produce stands--some with people, some with coffee cans to take your money. Corn and melons this time of year. And what more CHOWish recommendation can you get than Progressive Farmer magazine naming Kent County the #1 rural place to live in America in 2008:

Kent County seems to have really figured out good agricultural land use practices. Have fun (and bring me back another two dozen ears of corn).

B'more Hamilton dinner and good beer

Thanks for the suggestions. The Brewer's Art is open late so maybe we can do dinner before somewhere else then hit it after the show. I'll leave our options open. The show is at Faith Community United Methodist Church of Hamilton on Harford presented by Uptown Concerts, "dedicated to the preservation and promotion of folk and traditional music". We'll just add dedication to the "promotion of Belgian beers and rosemary garlic fries" on our own.

Any opinions on Big Bad Wolf's House of Barbeque? It's really close on Harford.

B'more Hamilton dinner and good beer

Driving to Baltimore for a Friday night concert in Hamilton and need recs for casual places. I'm meeting an out-of-state friend who thinks quality beer is as important as good food. Any brewpubs or good bar food nearby? Is it worth driving down to The Brewer's Art for a true beer lover who's never been there? It might also help to know where to get a good crab cake in or near Hamilton if he decides he can't leave Maryland without having at least one.

Just spotted - new Z Pizza in Merrifield

I've never been to any of the other franchises in the area. But I am running out of places to eat lunch in Merrifield...

You know you're a Chowhound when....

Also, when you are daydreaming about your upcoming vacation in the Outer Banks and the first thing that pops into your mind is what brands of biscuit flour you might find in the grocery stores and how many pounds will you manage to bring back.

You know you're a Chowhound when....

Before you leave on a business trip to a new city you create a customized MapPoint map on your laptop with at least a dozen Chowish places highlighted on it. When the client suggests going around the corner for lunch at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place you wisely reply, "Oh, do you mean Fonda Dona Maria on Tidwell?"

Third Pilin Thai opening in Merrifield Va

I just noticed that a new Pilin is opening on Gallows Road & Lee Highway in the same location as the Carvel/Cinnabon and the quite mysterious Dad's Backyard Burger. Pilin has updated their website to annouce it as well. Any clues as to when to expect the brown paper to come down?