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Smoking a Kosher Brisket

I have smoked kosher whole briskets which I bought fresh from the butcher and not prepackaged. Have done this in my Weber Genesis, religiously following the excellent directions on the Amazing Ribs website, including making his rubs and sauces. I have only let the rub stay on for a few hours, never overnight due to lack of time.

I pump with Manischewitz Beef Stock which I can buy at the supermarket or butcher, and always use the crutch.

I have served the brisket on Rosh Hashana, Thanksgiving, and just with friends, to rave reviews.

Does Costco sell vacuum-packed briskets, or cellophane wrapped, and where? I don't think mine does, although it is frequently shopped by frum.

Oct 11, 2014
MarcS in Kosher

Bar / Grill in Northern New Jersey

In Montclair, try Egan's on Walnut St. It's a great bar, grill and restaurant.

Brasserie Holder and Garde Manger

Will be traveling to Montreal for a wedding in a couple of weeks. Seven of us NY and DC'ers will be dining together a couple of nights before the wedding. Can anyone comment on Garde Manger vs. Brasserie Holder. How do these compare to Chez L'Epicier?

Jul 27, 2006
MarcS in Quebec (inc. Montreal)