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Good vegetarian - Cleveland?

Downtown, The Greenhouse Tavern has good options, but is slightly more upscale and pricey. On the west side the Root Cafe and Cleveland Vegan, both in Lakewood, are each outstanding casual vegetarian restaurants.

Mar 10, 2015
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Cleveland west side - Westlake, Avon, Bay, etc

Players on Madison is a lovely upscale neighborhood place in Lakewood with great value for the money:

To wow out of town guests with elegant cuisine and lake views go to Pier W:

Jul 27, 2014
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Dining solo in Edinburgh: Angels with Bagpipes or Wedgwood?

I have a night where I will be dining alone, which I actually like. I prefer sitting at a table with a book to eating at the bar. In looking at menus I liked the variety and price point of Wedgwood and Angels with Bagpipes. Any thoughts on which to choose? Does either make a really good martini? Or is there a place you would recommend even more?

Jul 07, 2014
kathrynanne in U.K./Ireland

Fresh lasagna sheets West side of Cleveland?

I was just at Earth Fare in Rocky River and noticed they have a ton of fresh pasta in a freezer by the prepared foods. You could give them a call to see if they carry lasagna sheets.

Aug 28, 2013
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Downtown Detroit Happy Hour/Martinis/Upscale Food?

Hello. I am going to a midweek show at Saint Andrew's Hall downtown and am looking for something reasonably close that has good food and makes a good martini. We won't have time for a leisurely meal, so happy hour at the bar could work. Any price is fine. What do you guys like that is close to the venue? Thanks!

May 29, 2013
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Downtown Cleveland/ Westside Anniversary recs needed...

We are actually going to Lolita tonight- it has been awhile and the current menu looks yummy. I wanted to check out Spice but my husband wasn't into the menu posted on their website. He thought it was too summery. Thanks for all the good suggestions though. The Cleveland food scene just gets better and better!

Oct 16, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Downtown Cleveland/ Westside Anniversary recs needed...

I am completely not sure where to celebrate my 2 year wedding anniversary next week and am hoping you wonderful Chowhounders can help. We have been to all the biggies, with the exception of Black Pig and Spice, so the question is, where do I want to go back? Or should I hit up either of the newbies? Has anyone seen a great seasonal menu somewhere? Or have you been wowed again by an old favorite? The only criteria is not too trendy (i.e. loud, hip and with Ipad wine lists) and either downtown or on the Westside. With so many great choices I am having trouble narrowing it down.

Oct 12, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Goya products in/near Cleveland?!?!

Second the rec for La Plaza- it is a Mexican grocery store. Also the Giant Eagle on West 117th has a large selection of Goya, both pantry staples and frozen things.

Oct 11, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Help please with Road Trip: Milwaukee-Chicago-Toledo-Cleveland-Columbus (long)

Agree. Unless you are planning on catching and frying up your own walleye, I think ordering fried fish is to be missed. If you want seafood and a fabulous view of the lake drive to Pier W for Friday lunch; it is just over the border in Lakewood. You drive through the Edgewater neighborhood of Cleveland which has some lovely architecture; a SF hound should appreciate that!

Aug 31, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

fish on a Friday in Cleveland?

My number one seafood restaurant in town is Pier W. The view is phenomenal but I think the food is actually very good. It is pricey though and is not a "fish fry" kind of place, definitely more of a special occasion restaurant.

Jun 20, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

What's your favorite frozen dinner?

Stouffer's Lasagna or Stuffed Peppers. Their welsh rarebit over toast, tomato and bacon if I am feeling really indulgent!

Jun 15, 2012
kathrynanne in General Topics

Downtown Cleveland suggestions please :-)

Will you be downtown on a weekday or on a weekend? That would definitely affect the lunch recs. There are so many restaurants to choose from is there a specific kind of food you are looking for?

Jun 12, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Need help with Yorkville Dinner Recommendation

We can't get reservations at Buca, and the other 2 looked good, but I ultimately ended up reserving our first night at Sidecar and our second night at Marben. After all the lukewarm feelings I decided that Yorkville wasn't worth it, and probably not how I remembered it. Black Hoof is ( I am sure) very good, but Iron Chef Michael Symon is a local boy and we don't want meat-heavy nose-to-tail on our visit. Aside from a "thrifty" lunch at Village by the Grange, the only remaining question mark is breakfast/brunch (I kinda hate that word) somewhere downtown-ish. It seems like the Senator has a good breakfast and great atmosphere, but it is pricey for what is on the menu. Then there is Petite Dejeuner, which I am sure is delightful, but it is not cheap and is yet another charming bistro brunch, with the hungry patrons in line to prove it! There are a few things that annoy me to pieces in my hometown, and any place I visit, and it is lining up to pay 20$ for glorified eggs in a quaint store-front with a tin ceiling. I actually looked at Sneaky Dee's (sp?) and thought that sounded kind of promising is a grungy, R'n'R kind of way.

gluten-free or vegan dining in Cleveland

I saw that, and agree. Love your enthusiasm though, Andy!

Apr 26, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Quick and cheap breakfast close to Eaton Centre or the Distillery District?

Where would you go for a quick and cheap breakfast on a Sunday? I want to avoid long lines at popular brunch spots, ie no 20$ eggs benedict! A cafe could fit the bill as well, as long as it is open early on a Sunday. As always, thanks for the advice!

Need help with Yorkville Dinner Recommendation

My SO and I are in our mid-late thirties and definitely want something a little hip. Maybe W Queen West is a better fit? As far as food goes, I really don't want Asian, or Middle Eastern. We eat that all the time. A little bistro, or Italian place, or a chef-owned spot would be ideal. Thanks for all your good ideas so far!

Need help with Yorkville Dinner Recommendation

The reason I wanted to head up to Yorkville is because when I was last in town (10 years ago) I really liked the "neighborhood" feel- like Greenwich Village in NYC or Lincoln Park in Chicago. If it is not a great place to hang out and drink and eat on Friday night, can you guys recommend a better plan? We will definitely be downtown on Saturday night...

Need help with Yorkville Dinner Recommendation

I'll be in town in a few weeks for just the weekend with my SO and wanted to spend the first night exploring the Yorkville neighborhood. I am trying to find a good place for cocktails and dinner that won't break the bank. One and Pangea looked good but more expensive than I want. Can you wonderful Toronto hounds recommend something a tad more reasonable?

Best Eatin' in Cleveland?

I think Cleveland's food scene is especially impressive considering the size of the metro area. I have lived in Chicago and New York, and I can honestly say that there are way more great options here than I have time for. I want to add favorites Fahrenheit, Georgetown (formally 3 Birds), and Flying Fig to the more upscale ones mentioned. On a smaller, more reasonable note I love Barocco Grille in Lakewood, India Garden in Lakewood, Korea House and Superior Pho in Asia Town and I can't wait to try Soho on West 25th, Spice on Detroit, and Hodge's downtown.

Mar 29, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

CLE- Beef at WSM?

Where can you find meat that is not CAFO/factory farmed? Do you know of any local suppliers?

Mar 01, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

CLE- Beef at WSM?

Who is your favorite butcher or meat purveyor at the Westside Market? I am especially hoping to find a good hanger steak. Thanks!

Feb 28, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Best Cleveland Italian?

I second Chinato as the most authentic Italian. I think it incorporates all the regions of Italy in their food and it is delicious! The ingredients are the most fresh and the most like what you would get if you were actually over there. As far as a more reasonable "red sauce" kind of place, Bruno's is worth exploring. It is in a quiet neighborhood on the near west side of Cleveland and while the menu is not terribly exciting, all the traditional pastas and parmigianas are done really well.

Feb 21, 2012
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Quick Richmond lunch- Shanghai Dumpling King or Genki Ramen?

I need a quick lunch spot (with parking!) on my way up to Napa. Both Shanghai Dumpling King and Genki Ramen came recommended and look good. Is one better than the other, or am I missing out on a good, reasonable alternative? Thanks so much!

Only Foodie in the Family

After I excitedly spent months planning my first Thanksgiving as the cook, I was slightly disappointed to recognize that NO ONE else in my small family cares nearly so much about the food. "Food is just food" my father-in-law is fond of saying. Now as I plan the first big Christmas feast, the only thing any of them agree on is buying a ham. My heart is close to being broken, because that is not the direction I was planning on going in for Christmas. It is not that they don't appreciate all the gourmet things, but most of them could care less if I made things from scratch or a mix. The positive person in me thinks that at least I have it easy, i.e. no expectations or exacting palates to please. I however can't help feeling like I am missing out on being able to share the enthusiasm for entertaining. If you were in my situation, what would you suggest? Divorce is not an option!

Dec 06, 2011
kathrynanne in Not About Food

Best Japanese in Cleveland

Aside from an abundance of hibachi, it seems like until recently we haven't had much in the way of good Japanese food in our city. Now with Noodlecat and Ginko opening, there is more to choose from. Has anyone had any good experiences lately to share?

Oct 11, 2011
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Cleveland-Great value meals near the Renaissance hotel

I agree with a lot of your recs, but to clarify Chinato is A Zack Bruell restaurant, along with Table 45, Parralax, and L'Albatros. Marlin Kaplin is currently involved with Dragonfly Lounge and Luxe, both of which, are also great!

Table 45
9801 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106

E 4th St, Cleveland, OH

Oct 10, 2011
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Lola vs Farenheit in Tremont, Cleveland

I have dined at both and much prefer Fahrenheit. At one time Lola was in Tremont in the space that Lolita occupies now. I think Rocco Whalen, Fahrenheit's chef, is fabulous. There is way more that I find appealing in the entree department as opposed to what is on offer at Lolita. Lolita is almost a more casual taverna spot, with the mezze and the salumi. It is nowhere near fine dining.

Sep 19, 2011
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Cleveland Solo

I would try this place for breakfast downtown:

Jul 20, 2011
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Barocco Grill in Lakewood, OH

I just tried Barocco grill and thought it was great. I have bemoaned the lack of Colombian food in Cleveland since living in bigger cities and visiting Medellin and Cartagena and becoming addicted to certain dishes. This place is small and quite cute, so it doesn't have to be take-out only, though that is what I did. They do arepas split and stuffed with meat and veggies and served with 5 different sauces for five dollars. They also do traditional hot dogs where they are slathered with pineapple and potato chips and sauce, which is totally authentic. They don't have a website up and running yet, but they are on facebook:

Jun 03, 2011
kathrynanne in Great Lakes

Most authentic Mexican in Cleveland?

I agree that Mi Pueblo is the best authentic place in town. They serve the best tacos al pastor, just like a taqueria in Mexico City. They also have special goat stew only on the weekends.

Dec 28, 2010
kathrynanne in Great Lakes