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Miami Spice...again

The Miami Chamber of Commerce just sent out a letter to all Miami Spice participants that due to the economic downturn (how many times a day do you hear those two words), Miami Spice will be done again beginning in February.

Stay tuned for participating establishments.

Dec 14, 2008
luvtoeatwell in Florida

Johnny V opening Casual spot Las Olas (FTL) - Smith and Jones Bar

place in port st. lucie? i'm pretty sure its a different person.

Feedback on the Redesign? Let us know here.

As this is just another posting of what many people have said, i must repeat that....THE WHITE IS TERRIBLE...besides being more difficult to look at for long periods of time, it seems that the branding that came along with the red has gone away. It now looks like any other board out there.

Sep 26, 2008
luvtoeatwell in Site Talk

Anything newer or on the way to Dade?

Ocean Prime, a steakhouse and seafood joint, recently opened inside the Aventura Mall. Now, I know mall locations are not necessarily the most appealing, but I have now had 2 very good experiences there. I guess they are a midwest restaurant group that is expanding down here. It is definitely one of the better places to open in north miami area in a long time.

S.FL: Duck, Duck...Goose!

I dream about Mr. Chu's Peaking Duck!

Ft Lauderdale - scenic dining?

Blue Moon Fish Company

North 110 Disaster

I think this is one of the most overrated restaurants in the Miami...liquid smoke just does not do it for me, the ambiance is TERRIBLE, and the place is just flat out boring.

Sep 15, 2008
luvtoeatwell in Florida

Dine out Lauderdale recommendations

Just ate at sunfish last was pretty bad.

Fish, in fort lauderdale, says they are closed for renovation, but rumor has it that it will be a permanent closure.

I would stay away from Lola's on was a little boring when they first opened a year ago, and from what I hear, they have changed very little throughout the year. I havent been in a long time, but I continue to hear bad reports.

I must say that the list of restaurants participating, and the days the menu will be offered, is quite disappointing. For an event that is trying to replicate Miami Spice, Dine Out sure seems to be dropping the ball.

Aventura area dining

they sold a couple years ago

Pacific Time opening Gourmet Pizza around the corner

Jonathan Eisman, owner of Pacific Time, just leased a space around the corner from his new place in the design district. It is going to be artisinal pizzas and a mozzarella bar...cant wait!

Sep 03, 2008
luvtoeatwell in Florida

Aventura area dining

quick note...hiro sold hiro's sushi on 163 a couple years ago. he and his wife, may, own yakko-san and the various Sushi Express restaurants throughout the city.

Two Bills Seafood - Dania Beach

Definitely agree with this suggestion. Triar is the only place where we shop for fish (wife and I are both CIA alumni). They supply to the best restaurants in the country (yes, the country, not the area). Great people that are eager to please.