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Bellingham WA food inquiries

I'm from NY and have been in Denver quite a bit. Let's see.. Denver population 3 million and growing, Bellingham 65,000. How can you compare? Seattle is about the size of Denver. 90 miles from bellingham and plenty of food choices.

The problem with ethnic foods in Bellingham is scale. What restaurant can survive serving a few people per day looking for authentic thai,or authentic something else? They have to cater to the market, and that means burgers, fish and chips, Amercianized chinese take out, etc. I write reviews for and since I started sampling I have discovered plenty of good food in Bellingham.

Bellingham WA food inquiries

wow how things change. Case Que Pasa is gone and re-opened with new owners, so readers here would not know it is not the same place as was reviewed here in 2006. has current reviews of restaurants in Bellingham. La Fiamma opened a burger place rightnext to the Casa Que Pasa location. Bandito Burrito is pretty good, and excellent for the salsa selection (many time winner of Bellingham's Best Burrito).

Bellingham eats?

"good value for the dollar" make sit tough to recommend, because it depends on what you like (value). Best value is probably the fish and chips out of the bus in fairhaven or Super Mario's truck... no kidding, both great. There are plenty of reviews at