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Any comments about Farberware pans?

Odd first post pulling up an old thread.

In response to avoiding "Pesky Americans!" (Yankees)


Jan 18, 2015
therealdoctorlew in France

Long Island Good Eats 2014 in Review

Awful! Where will I get a loaded falafel sandwich?

7 thoughts for next growing season

Oh, be nice to them birds. Plant one or two for them!

Food jokes - list


Tomatoes 2014 - Variety Experience Yea? Nay? Meh?

Where are you growing them?

Nov 01, 2014
therealdoctorlew in Gardening

Tomatoes 2014 - Variety Experience Yea? Nay? Meh?

Can the wisdom of crowds guide us for 2015?

I'll start:

Growing on Long Island this year I had a lot of leaf blight.

I gave up trying to grow Brandywine after years of low yield late diseased tomatoes, no matter which strain I used. This year I grew instead Purple Brandy and Burpee Brandy Boy. Both survived the blight. Both yielded better than Brandywine in its best year and were almost as superbly flavored. Brandy Boy was earlier, both were earlier than Brandywine, neither had diseased fruit like Brandywine. Purple Brandy continued yielding a little longer. Yea to both.

Cherokee Purple had very good fruits, good yield for about two weeks, then died of blight. Yea for the fruit, Meh for the plant. Half Yea overall.

Azoychka is the first variety of yellows I have found to be both very well flavored and reasonably early. Reasonable blight resistance, very good yield, a definite Yea.

Costoluto Fiorentino produced a good crop of red fluted tomatoes OK for salads and very good for cooking. Blight reduced the yield from previous year heavy to blight surviving adequate. Yea.

San Marzano plugged along. For some reason my saved strain grew like an indeterminate, never producing a concentrated crop for batch cooking. Nay. Next year I will try San Marzano II.

Romeo Roma. The one plant that grew from one old seed that I had, made giant plum tomatoes about 12-16 oz each, very few seeds, made nice fresh sauce. Low yield by number, good by weight. Yea.

Chocolate Cherry grew strongly, produced very well, great flavor. Yea.

Black Cherry had weaker plants and later and lesser yield than Chocolate Cherry. Nay.

Sweet Red Cherry, ditto. Yea.

Louis D'Or, a yellow cherry blushed orange, from seeds saved from a mysterious volunteer of 2013, grew rampantly and yielded very heavily from early until cold killed my plants, great flavor. Yea. (I named it after the gold coin.)

A pink plum, name lost, vigorous heavy yielding plants, nearly flavorless fruits. Nay.

Japanese Trifele grew low yield diseased plant with meh fruit. Repeat of previous failures. Nay.

And you?

Nov 01, 2014
therealdoctorlew in Gardening

Food jokes - list

How to make a white zinfandel martini:

Half fill a wine glass with white zinfandel. Take a martini glass and pour in a splash of vermouth. Pour out the vermouth and fill the glass with gin. Add an olive. Pour the white zinfandel into the sink and drink the martini.

"Tip and Tax not included." A new trick on visitors unfamiliar with Paris restaurants?

What's a DGCCRF?

Oct 26, 2014
therealdoctorlew in France

Spelling errors on menus and websites

They are near the "chilly pepper's."

Spelling errors on menus and websites

A place that clumsy needs a spill checker.

Food jokes - list

How do you steal a lot of money from foodies?

Start a ponzu scheme.

Food jokes - list


The footprints in the Peanut Butter.

Next joke in series:

How do you know if there is an elephant in back of you?

You smell the peanut butter on his breath.

How can you tell an elephant from a grape?

Jump up and down on it. If it's a grape, it will make a little whine.

How do you tell a an elephant from a blueberry?

Elephants a grey and blueberries are blue.

What did Jane say when she saw an elephant coming over a hill?

"Here comes an elephant over a hill."

What did Tarzan say when he saw an elephant coming over a hill?

"Here comes a blueberry over a hill." (Tarzan was color blind.)

What did Charles de Gaulle say when he saw an elephant coming over a hill?

"Voila an elephant over a hill."

What did the elephant say when he saw Charles de Gaulle come over a hill?

Nothing. The elephant couldn't speak French.

So endeth the elephant jokes.

Food jokes - list


Why do Englishmen eat two eggs for breakfast but the French eat only one?

Because in France, one egg is un oeuf.

Yeah, Sure, "Let's Have Coffee"

I love how the site now is pushing a 4 year old column by an unfortunately fired columnist. Classy! Maybe the new Chow (unhounded) could use a little etiquette.

Oct 06, 2014
therealdoctorlew in Features

Our 1st time in Paris!! Want to do it right!!

And I always thought that donkey piss tasted like Kronenberg.

Sep 25, 2014
therealdoctorlew in France

OrGREENic Cookware?

But the chicken didn't stick!

Sep 24, 2014
therealdoctorlew in Cookware

Our 1st time in Paris!! Want to do it right!!

Mile is from the Latin mille passuum (don't trust my Latin spelling; it's been 50 years), or 1000 paces. A Roman pace was two steps, so 30,000 steps is 15 miles.

Sep 23, 2014
therealdoctorlew in France

Lookign for quick lunch place between Roman Forum and Piazza Barberini

If I remember correctly, the metro has a stop at the Colosseum and the train goes to P. Barberini. Or take a cab. Grab panini at one of the shops on P. Barberini and you're done. By the way, Osteria Barberini is just a short walk off the Piazza and has really good food for dinner (reservations required).

Sep 14, 2014
therealdoctorlew in Italy

I have a Corning Ware crock pot model SC5038. It works great but the knob broke. Does anyone know where I could just get the knob?

Forget it. Just go to the home store/hardware store and get a wooden furniture drawer knob and a stainless steel wood screw of the right size. I reused the rubber grommet that sealed the original's hole.

Sep 12, 2014
therealdoctorlew in Cookware

Site prone to crashing on every browser. Why?

It might be an ad or type of ad that only appears sometimes. Can you ad-block, or turn off flash, or take other actions that would help determine which intermittent piece of software is choking your system?

Sep 07, 2014
therealdoctorlew in Site Talk

David Lebovitz Has Updated His Paris Pastry Ap

Sep 04, 2014
therealdoctorlew in France

David Lebovitz Has Updated His Paris Pastry Ap

David Lebovitz has updated his Paris Pastry ap, and it's only 99 cents until Friday. Sorry my link copier failed but you can find it on the Apple Store.

Sep 03, 2014
therealdoctorlew in France

Are bagels "a thing" now?

OK, I'll . . . er . . . bite: What does a snail pizza taste like? Is it a waste of snails or a waste of pizza?

Sep 02, 2014
therealdoctorlew in France

Site prone to crashing on every browser. Why?

Chrome with adblocker.

Sep 01, 2014
therealdoctorlew in Site Talk

Are bagels "a thing" now?

I assume you are referring to bagel-shaped bready things, not the delicious hand rolled boiled before baking dense chewy true bagel.

Aug 31, 2014
therealdoctorlew in France

Where Were the Shad?

There are no real mongers of fish or anything else near me. How about a shout out on this thread next spring when they first appear and the thread will pop up on my profile warning me to search further afield.

Where Were the Shad?

That's awful. I suspect in future I shall only have shad in my memories.

Where Were the Shad?

See my previous reply.

Where Were the Shad?

I know. I just realized I hadn't seen any this last spring nor the one before. Spring used to be shad season. So I was wondering if anyone knew where they went.