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4 meals in St. Louis

sorry it was Nosh just below your post

4 meals in St. Louis

blackbookali you date yourself. Al Baker's has been closed for 20 years. Couple of other names--Annie Gunn's (steaks and seafood). Paul manno's. Cafe Napoli.

Fun trivia on the square pizza slices started by Imo's. Mr. Imo was a tile cutter and he decided to cut his pizza slices like he cut tile--in squares.

Big Juicy Steak recs -- STL?

Best inexpensive steakhouse in St. Louis is Tucker's in Soulard. Annie Gunn's is definitely better but at 3x the cost. AG ala carte steaks push $40 and up. Tucker's will be in the teens.

Need Recs - Lunch on The Hill in STL

A second for Adriana's.

The old Grone Cafeteria in St. Louis

I still miss Ms Hullings. The Apted family-which owned Miss Hullings--own the Creve Couer Racquet Club. The clubhouse food Caesar Salad and their signature Beef Barley soup reminds me a little of Miss Hullings.

St. Louis Ribs or Steaks?

St. Louis is not known for its ribs. Some other local well known restaurants. Paul Manno's italian/continental out west. Cafe Napoli. similar to Manno's but slightly less pricey.

Annie Gunn's as good as it gets and its not just the steaks. Fresh seafood and wonderful signature maple glazed jumbo shrimp appetizer.

For lower priced fare, try O'Connell's pub--about 2 miles south on Kingshighway from the Chase. Best Roast Beef sandwiches and hamburgers in town.

Also Cunetto's House of Pasta--one of the original italian pasta places in St. louis. On the hill.