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Decent Chinese in Athens?

I went to Sao Tao Chinese in Glyfada (Leof. Posidonos). The spring rolls were very average, Chichen in Sichuan style was ok (I think the chicken was pre-cooked), but the prawn fried rice was excellent. The price was on the expensive side, but not as much as at East Pearl in Piraeus.

Will keep on searching...

Oct 29, 2010
mesogeia in Europe

Decent Chinese in Athens?

It has been some time I wrote the original post. Big thanks to the contributers.
I agree with you who say that East Pearl is the best Chinese in Athens area (as much as I know - which isn't much).
Recently I went to Imperial Town near Omonia Square. I did not think it was high quality Chinese, but is also cheap and cheerful. I left with a positive impression and I intend to go back.
In contrast, Shanghai Night near Royal Olympic Hotel was a disappointment.
For Sushi, I prefer Dosirak to Furin Kazan, as the former gives a bit more than the latter for the same price, although I did not like much the Korean dishes I tried at Dosirak. It is strange, as it supposed to be a Korean restaurant.
I will report when I try somewhere else.

Jul 09, 2010
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Quick recap of memorable meals in Turkey and Athens

Hello Ghutcher,
Thank you for the information!
So far as I know, Mamacas used to be a good restaurant, but has been going down since a couple of years ago and all the Athenians seem to know that. Foreign medias like New York Times are probably recycling the old material without revising or reacessing it.

Sep 04, 2009
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Budget but good food/drink in Athens (surrounding areas)

Just a note to Julie's post.

I went to Telis a few weeks ago. Now a plate of pork chops costs 8 euros. It has only some lessor quality chips to accompany, and if you want salad and/or tzatziki, you need to order as side dishes. You are also charged for bread. For this reason, I won't call it very economical. You can easily find a platter of meat, salad, tzatziki, chips, and pita for 8 euros or so anywhere in Athens.

Aug 15, 2009
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August in Athens, Istanbul and Izmir

I have heard from more than one people that Mamacas has deteriorated lately. Either true or not, considering you have many candidates for dinner, probably it is safe to remove it from the list.

Pasaji looks more like a lunch sort of place, although I have not eaten there personally.

Jun 15, 2009
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Budget but good food/drink in Athens (surrounding areas)

I went to Taverna tou Psyrri and the food wasn't that good. I agree with Dave here:

In Psyrri, I would rather recommend Nikitas and Naxos, both as authentic as Taverna tou Psyrri and give better food.


In popular psitopoleia (taverns specialised in grilled meat), the bill for two typically is between 20 and 30.

May 31, 2009
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Decent Chinese in Athens?

Hello yaddayadda,

Thank you for the tips. You are right. I really have to make my own research.

About a week ago I went to the highly renowned Japanese restaurant in Syntagma area called Furin Kazan. I had sushi and was really disappointed. It was not bad in itself, but compared with the sushi I could eat in Japan, it was below than average and over-priced.

I heard that Nobu Matsuhisa has opened a Japanese restaurant in Vouliagmeni. It should surely be over-priced but I hope they serve at least a decent Japanese food.

Jan 08, 2009
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Decent Chinese in Athens?

Dear jpeppas,

Thank you for your advice. It sound promising!

Dec 29, 2008
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Decent Chinese in Athens?

Hello gcp,

Thank you for the suggestions and sorry for the belated reply (I was monitoring by feed, but your reply did not turn up and I have just noticed now!)

Saipan and Far East sound interesting, but not Noodle Bar, as I do not like Wagamama (the Est Asians like me usually do not like it).

Dec 29, 2008
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Decent Chinese in Athens?

Hello everyone!

I live now in UK, but I will move to Athens early next year.

One of my major worries now is that maybe I cannot find decent Chinese restaurants in Athens (yes, I love Chinese that much). Do you know any place worth trying for someone who has been totally spoiled by the richness of Chinese food in UK?

As I am going there over the Christmas, I want to start investigating.

Your help is much appreciated!

Nov 23, 2008
mesogeia in Europe