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New Half Sour Pickles at my local Market Basket.

They are the best pickles around, but
unfortunately, Market Basket is temporarily not selling anything.

Best Filet

Where can I find the best char-broiled filet crispy on the outside with a cool center north of Boston?

Dynamite Sauce at Sushi by Yoshi

Yes, I did see that on line somewhere and was going to try it and hope for the best! Thanks!!!

Dynamite Sauce at Sushi by Yoshi

Does anyone know exactly what goes into it? I called them, but they didn't know as they purchase it already made. All I know is that it is a red sauce that is not mayo based in any way.

Tokyo Steakhouse/Nashua

Stay away!!!! Drinks took 15 minutes each time we ordered. $4.95 for a straight up glass of vodka when it had a splash of soda with it. herefore with the ice, it was barely 1 oz. of alcohol. The drink before was much bigger. I asked for my filet very rare, and it came out between medium and medium rare. Too late to send it back, as the chef was almost done cooking and didn't want to cause any attention. We have the VIP card and were only given a 10% discount, should have been $15.00. Complained to manager about everything and he just smiled and I couldn't understand a word he said.

Salem steakhouse is FANTASTIC and will never go back to Nashua again.



Went there for the second time and was even more impressed. Kevin, the bartender made the best drinks and was very accommodating. Jenna, the hostess, was wonderful, Jeanne, our server was very attentive and Alan, our chef, entertaining. The food was top quality. Hubby had the filet mignon and shrimp hibachi and I had the yaki soba made in the kitchen. Our regret was that we did not have room for dessert. Liked the birthday pictures on the wall, gave a cozy feeling and the sinks in the dining room are a great convenience. The room temperature was very comfortable, not freezing. On our first visit, we sat at the bar, but it was in the dead of winter and every time the door opened, we got a rush of cold air. They should add a little entrance way with an additional door into the bar area to capture the cold air. We had tempura and sushi which was great. They offer a discount card that is good for a year, which makes it very affordable if you go often, which we will.

Cafe Madrid Chelmsford

I have only eaten there for breakfast and truly was the best breakfast we have found in the entire area, from the crispy bacon and home fries, spicy chorizo, the picodillo, decadent crepes and pancakes. Breakfast for two was well under $20.00.

Rockmore Floating Restaurant, Salem?

Stay away from Rockmore, then were sited by the Board of Health for various infractions sometime ago. Go to Finz next door and get the fried oysters with the spicy remoulade sauce. Great sittng on the deck in the harbor sipping on their fantastic specialty martinis.

Cafe Madrid Chelmsford

Must go there! Absolutely the best authentic Spanish restaurant I have eaten at. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small place in a strip mall. Exquisitely decorated in Spanish tile with fireplace. Inexpensive gourmet food. Homemade desserts.