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Birthday place in/near Baltimore, White Marsh, Forest Hill??

Hi All - my daughter is turning 11 yo and we're looking for a place to invite family to join us for dinner to celebrate. We'll have a mix of kids (ages 4-14) and adults (so no Chuck E Cheese, thank God), and about 15-20 folks. We're spending the day in B'more and ending up in Forest Hills, MD. This is the weekend of 9/13, when the Star Spangled Banner bicentennial will be celebrated, so I imagine B'more will be a madhouse. Any recs for good places for large families/parties that would suit a mixed crowd. Nothing fancy, and we're cuisine likely should be fairly middle of the road - i.e., "American," Italian or the like. I'm clueless, and would appreciate any recs you may have. Thank you!

Nice place to chat and hang out in B'more?

I know this is quite general, but its pretty important for us, too. I've been searching the site, but haven't found a query quite like this. We are meeting some folks for the first time who will basically be family to us pretty soon, and we'd love to find a moderately-priced restaurant in an interesting location where it isn't too loud (so we can hear each other) and where we won't be pressured to turn the table over quickly (this is our first get together). We also hope to find a place where either there's something interesting to check out nearby (a la Mt. Vernon square or the Inner Harbor), or a nice area to walk around. Any great places in Little Italy with a walkable place nearby for dessert and coffee - or places in other areas where we can either window shop or find some other place to go to after lunch?? Thus far asking friends has gotten us these recs: Rusty Scupper, Pizzaz (sp?), and Amici's (in Little Italy).

My husband and I are big foodies, and I think that our guests are pretty open, too, but I think if we stick to more generally "mainstream" food (American, seafood, Italian, Thai, and the like) that would be best.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have - this is a big day for us! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


70th bday dinner for 50 near Belair/B'more?

Hi FoiGras -

Have you thought of any other options? As you can see, I haven't gotten any other input - though I'm sure there have to be other good options out there!

70th bday dinner for 50 near Belair/B'more?

I'm stumped. Anyone have a recommendation for a reasonable ($30-40 pp charge) place I should look into to hold a 70th birthday dinner for my wonderful mother-in-law? She is not a "foodie," and so its better to stick to Italian or anything that can generally fall within the "American" food label. Looks like we'll have around 50 folks there. We'd like a nice place where she can dress up, with a nice atmosphere and a good view would be a great bonus. But I'm clueless about where to find this sort of place as I live in Arlington and my trips to B'more tend to include visits to smaller ethnic restaurants. Thus far we're looking at M&S at the Inner Harbor (yes, they can do it w/in our price range), and Libetore's Restaurant in Timonium.

Any suggestions of places to check out (or avoid) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.