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Saturday Night Group Dinner For 12

Thanks for all of the advice. We definitely won't be a rowdy crowd. I would have done APDC except that they have a max res of 10. I'm leaning towards DNA, I think I'll give them a call today. Thanks!

Saturday Night Group Dinner For 12

I have to plan a group dinner in Montreal for Saturday April14th for a group of 12 guys on a bachelor party weekend. The group has is a mixed crowd of adventurous foodies and picky eaters. The picky attendees however are willing eat anywhere as long as the menu isn't 95% pork and offal. I have a backup res at Bar & Boeuf but I was kinda hoping to upgrade that to something else. I've been looking at:

Les Trois Petits Bouchons
La Salle A Manger

Some (most) of these places don't publish menus online so it's hard to get a read on whether or not the food will go over well with this crowd. Any advice/opinions on these places or new suggestions would be very helpful. We're all from NYC so we'd like to avoid what we can get at home. We're already doing places like Joe Beef, Liverpool House, and APDC in optional smaller groups on Friday and Sunday. Thanks for your help!

2 Days in Hong Kong - What not to miss?

I'll be in Hong Kong for two and half days next weekend. I've been compiling recommendations on chowhound and other places but its starting to get overwhelming and unorganized. I'll also be visiting Guilin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xian and Beijing.

What foods are a must have in the two days and where should I go to eat them?

Example: Wonton @ Mak's

Restaurant Recommendations

Hi my wife and I are going to be in Paris May 20th - 25th. We need recommendations on restaurants to go to. I know this topic has been discussed many times over but it's hard to go through so many posts and pick out what we're looking for.

We'd like to splurge on 3 of the dinners and are willing to spend whatever, the other 2 nights we'd like to save a little. In order to experience more restaurants we'd also like to maybe have two nice lunches. We'll even travel a little one night for something if it's worth it. We're really only going to relax and eat so this is the only thing we're planning in advance. Thanks for the help!

May 07, 2009
Biff4000 in France

BlueStar vs Wolf please help

I'm trying to make the decision between the BlueStar 30" RNB gas range and the Wolf 30" gas range for my new kitchen. I know this conversation has been had all over the internet but I was hoping for some advice on my particular situation. My kitchen is 7' 6" x 8' 6" and open to the rest of the 900 sqf apartment. I can only have a recirculating hood. I was told by an appliance dealer to get the Viking Professional Series 460 cfm Interior Ventilator Wall Mount Hood - VWH3010. I'm leaning towards the BlueStar for the power and oven size but I'm afraid its too powerful for the ventilation and space. Here are my questions:

-Is there any need to have a more powerful hood if its recirculating?
-Is the BlueStar (or even the Wolf) too powerful for my situation?
-Does the BlueStar oven door really get significantly more hot than the Wolf oven door?
-Does anyone have any other advice/recommendations.

I've been really struggling with this decision so I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Aug 22, 2008
Biff4000 in Cookware