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Columbia, SC with child

I love the suggestions from ForagingFoodie and would add Solstice -- it's in northeast Columbia and they occasionally host babysitter nights. For a fee, they entertain and feed the kids in a private dining room with baby sitters while their parents eat an adult meal in the big dining room. Welcome to Columbia!

Jun 07, 2013
The Shop Tart in Southeast

Croquembouche near the Columbia SC area?

I realize I am too late, but Lillian's on Forest Drive makes them. We ordered one for my husband's birthday on Christmas eve after having it at a friend's party and it was wonderful!


Jan 10, 2011
The Shop Tart in Southeast

Columbia, Vista/USC area

El Burrito on Harden - lots of fun, sometimes have live music, they serve alcohol and the food is extremely fresh and amazingly delicious.

Hunter Gatherer - I second that one.

Blue Cactus - ditto.

Granville's Cafe - a new place on Devine - more upscale than those others but the prices are lower than others ($15 was the most expensive entree, some apps were $5)

Cock N Bull on Rosewood - great pub, great food.

Publick House on Devine Street - also great pub, great food.

Devine Foods - Greek place on Devine Street, excellent family-owned place.

Al Amir - Mediterranean on South Main - no alcohol license but the food is heaven.

Burgers in Columbia, SC?

Not sure if they were mentioned, but Mediterranean Tea Room and Mr. Friendly's have excellent burgers. The Tea Room burger is a little different (it involves lamb, I think!), but it's excellent. If you want just a damn fine cheeseburger with tater tots, curly fries or regular fries, Mr. Friendly's is my personal favorite. Here's a picture:

best bread in Columbia, SC

Couldn't agree more. I catch her at the All Local Farmers' Market ( and always grab an assortment. The challah and ciabatta are excellent, and we've enjoyed all the others as well.

Anything new for Gamecock tailgating?

I'm also a lover of fried chicken, but I'm a big fan of going to places like the Gourmet Shop, DiPrato's and Rosewood Market and hitting the deli cases for everything from crab and artichoke dip (DiPrato's) to excellent cheeses and chicken salad (Gourmet Shop) and jalapeno pimento cheese and gingered tuna salad (Rosewood). All three of those places have a lot more options than I mentioned.

Go Cocks!