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Senegalese lambchops

Latest I've seen, from the Herald's Turning Tables 8/28:
"Marie Claude-Mendy will appear before the Boston Licensing Board Wednesday for approval of a beer and wine license for Teranga, the Senegalese restaurant that she hopes to open at 1746 Washington St. near Massachusetts Avenue in the South End".

Oct 18, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

Deep fried crispy shredded chilli beef

Perhaps similar to the Smoky Hot Shredded Beef w/ Cayenne Chilli @ Sichuan Garden, Brookline and Woburn.

Oct 16, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

Worship the Grape!

In the spirit of locally sourced:

Neponset Winery open for fall season

Just off 128 - how cool is that?

Sep 09, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

Nice restaurant with good wine list

Some other suggestions (search board for typical reviews):

Oleana - very creative chef, good matching wine list

Ten Tables - precise, better than home style cuisine, short but good wine list. Note that this is in JP, so they may have been there.

Mama Maria - haven't seen this mentioned much, but very good sort-of -Italian food in a romantic atmosphere. Excellent (well, good) prices on an Italian oriented wine list.

Sel de la Terre - solid cuisine, relaxed but cool atmosphere, good matching wines.

O Ya - arguably one of Boston's best. Depending on how hungry you are, it may or may not fit the budget - and probably booked till January. Decent wine list, but the attraction is the boutique sake.

Sep 09, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

In search of poutine

Townsend's in Hyde Park has a decent version at the bar - sharp cheddar rather than cheese curds, though.

Sep 09, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

Last minute ?: Market/other timekiller between Marshfield and Boston?

Couple of thoughts:

Penniman Hill Farm in Hingham (rte. 53). Nothing too special, but good local produce and cheesy lawn ornaments. Here's a link to their weekly ad:

Kam Man Marketplace in Quincy, also off of rte. 53. If you haven't been there, it's definitely worth checking out. Like someone took a shopping center from Shanghai and dropped it into the middle of Quincy. Here's a Wikipedia link:

Or, you could just stop for a drink at any of the local waterfront establishments ;-)

Sep 08, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

Remember The Skewers in Harvard Square?

Yeah, dating myself, but remember it well (as least as well as possible through the chemically induced haze of the 80's ;-)

Great basement dive, one of the first Middle Eastern specialty restaurants in the area - and some of the stuff that went on in the back booths late at night probably wouldn't pass the censorship of "The Chowhound Team". Great memories, but having said that, the food wasn't really exceptional, compared to what's around now.

If you're looking for flavor memories, I'd suggest Sultan's Kitchen. If your'e looking to duplicate the experience, not sure if it exists any more. The more things change, the more things change.

Sep 07, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

Best Italian Sausage?

I've had them many times from the Hyde Park location - very good, somewhat different in style tham most. Coarse, almost chunky grind, very subtle seasoning, less fat than you'd expect (or maybe want), so care must be taken not to overcook. FWIW - Hyde Park doesn't have them every day, and when they do they sell out quickly so turnover isn't an issue.

Sep 02, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

catering from cafe barada, sultan's kitchen, la la rokh, or helmund?

Not an expert in this style of cusine (just a fan), so this is just my personal take. Familiar with Sultan's, Lala Rokh and Helmund, and all are very good in their own ways. In terms of value and sheer creativity, I'd have to give it to Ozcan Ozan of Sultan's. Very warm and engaging guy, talented (and eccentric ;-) chef, been around Boston forever, and exttemely accommodating when it comes to events. Highly recommend stopping by his place on State Street for a late lunch - he's pretty much always there, and (as a fellow foodie) is very happy to discuss his food and your requirements.

Aug 23, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

Fresh Mushrooms

Mushroom hunting can be tricky stuff - I'd suggest taking a couple of walks with these folks:

Boston Mycological Club

Aug 22, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area

Sausage making is an art

And there are few masters left plying the trade ;-) Just stopped at Tony's Market in Roslindale Sq. today - fantastic hand made Italian sausages, hand tied with thin butcher string. Simply grilled, drizzle of balsamic - yum. Tony has to be in his late 60s, so get 'em while you can.

Any feedback on artisinal sausage makers in the Boston area from the hounders would be appreciated!

Aug 21, 2008
stoptime in Greater Boston Area