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No Drinks = Bad Service

There's just no excuse for ignoring a table from the time you take the order until it's time for the bill. It's not as if a customer can just get up and get their own water, extra napkin, whatever. That's where management needs to step in if a waiter is too busy. Too often the person running the floor doesn't have a clue.

May 20, 2015
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Is Marcella Hazan's green lasagne bolognese worth it?

Life changing. I love it! I'm with you.

Is Marcella Hazan's green lasagne bolognese worth it?

As you can tell from the other posts, it is definitely worth it. I still vividly recall the first time I had lasagna bolognese thirty years ago when I was going to school there. I was raised on the American/Southern Italian style, but a properly made green lasagna is most memorable and my personal favorite.

I make the ragu in batches, typically with five or six pounds of meat. Two dutch ovens going at once saves lots of time when you are cooking off the wine and milk. When I learned to make it in Bologna our teacher used chicken livers and added them with the meats. Romagnoli's Table cookbook has this element and I think it makes a difference.

Needless to say, chopping the vegetables and livers in a processor is the way to go.

I can't imagine what is happening to a ragu to make it taste like meatloaf. The meat must be worked over and over as Marcella suggests to get the proper texture. Goes against what i have been taught not to overwork ground meat, but it works.

All in all, though, it is a pretty time consuming business, especially the pasta part. I rarely do my own pasta anymore, but have found a good local place for fresh pasta. A reasonable but very imperfect substitute. I then roll it down thinner. Must be thin! It is harder to work with, tends to overcook, and is more likely to tear, but well worth it. I use a spider to pull out the pasta as it cooks and lay it out on cloth towels to dry, after the cold water bath.

Good parmesan is critical.

I can't imagine making just a single batch of ragu. It freezes pretty well, but generally gets a little watery and needs to be cooked down a bit after thawing. It is also fantastic with fresh taglietelle.

Hello, I'm Your Annoying Server

the server's name is the only thing that leaves my mind faster than the list of specials. why do i need to know the server's name?

Apr 08, 2011
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The Curse of the Touchy-Feely Server

hands off. It's as transparent and calculated as the great big smile when the check is presented (although the rest of the service was mediocre).

Dec 24, 2010
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