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Aug 6-9 Itinerary...Please give thoughts.

Saturday lunch at Spring is no reservations. You need to reserve your lobster, but from that point it's first come, first seated.

Jul 10, 2009
Midwestkid in France

Paris Trip Review

Not to gush, but Daniel Rose really has something great with Spring. While my wife and I did not reserve our lobster, Daniel gladly installed us for a healthy serving of the fries (I think they were fried in goose fat; and we had two orders, one with lime zest/juice and the other with orange zest/juice). He (and his front-of-house campanion) was very gracious and delighted we were there. I love eating in a restaurant in which you can tell the chef/owner is having the time of his life.

Jul 10, 2009
Midwestkid in France

Best Cookies in Chicago Area


I am looking to send a gift to a friend in the Chicago area. I would like to have a local cookie delivery around Evanston. A place that also delivers fresh, cold milk is also a plus.

Anyone have a favorite cookie that could share their secrets!


Apr 15, 2009
Midwestkid in Chicago Area

Beer store convenient to Penn Quarter

What are good beer stores (must carry all 6 trappists to be considered a good beer bar) convenient to Penn Quarter? The only thing I could find that fit the bill was Perfect Pour in Columbia, Maryland. There has got to be something more convenient than that.


In town for the weekend from NYC- need help pleeeaasse :)

If you're staying in Dupont you might as well book a meal at the Tabard Inn.

For your money, it's definitely not the best food for your buck. While the food is good (genuinely good, just pedestrian), it is not outstanding. But what you're paying for is the ambiance and nostalgia of the surroundings.

Moving to Santa Monica's Main Street

I'm not disagreeing to be disagreeable, but merely to reply in kind.

As to 1., FO is a bar, not a restaurant. I love it because it has one of the most diverse and well-maintained set of craft beer taps in the country. They do have some good grub, though. But I agree that the new location has more selection (they even have more taps).

As to 2., see 1. I appreciate people who enjoy cocktails and recognize that, given the diligence given to the beer, FO likely has great cocktails. It is just not why I like the place.

As to 3., I never went with more than one other person. We had a very methodical routine to getting the same seats at the bar everytime. I can't remember ever having finished our first beer before getting two seats.

Jan 08, 2009
Midwestkid in Los Angeles Area

Moving to Santa Monica's Main Street

Library Alehouse has taken a serious nosedive in the quality of their food. The back patio used to be a standard site for my wife and I to take out-of-town guests. Used to be.

Never been to Liberty Alehouse -- maybe check that out.

It's going to be a touchy subject for some -- but on the other side of "Shitty Santa Monica," aka The Prominade, you'll find Montana. And on Montana you'll find the best (rivaling Blind Tiger in NYC) craft beer bar in America, Father's Office (the Montana location is key; the new FO was a necessary expansion, but regrettably has none of the character of the Montana branch). They also have a good burger. (good is a rhetorical understatement used to mitigate the throngs of haters. it's much better than good.)

Jan 05, 2009
Midwestkid in Los Angeles Area

Best Pizza in Los Angeles (& surrounding)????!!

LaMonica's. Well done.

End of story.

Jan 05, 2009
Midwestkid in Los Angeles Area

Need fun and funky group dining for discerning Foodie

Matchbox will take reservations if the party is large enough. Although I'm not sure if they'll do it on a Saturday night.

The food is not particularly interesting for discerning palattes -- but it is consistently good.

Your 2008 Best Meal Wash DC /B.More Area

The mussels were disappointing when we were there.

The beer list, however, is well rounded.

Fun Celebration with Shared Plates!

Jaleo is another option.

Central Review

My wife and I just returned from a week-long culinary tour of the best NYC has to offer.

Through the experience we've begun to recognize what great food is, and that DC has little to offer.

But, truth be told, we've both said that Central is the only restaurant we've been to in DC that could survive in NYC.

I'm sorry you had bad food, there is no excuse, but I've been there mutliple times for lunch and dinner and I've never had a bad dish.

Best burger in D.C.?

Ray's and Central for your prime, cooked-to-order, beef.

Ray's is just good old fashioned beef. I assume they use trimmings from their steak joint for the beef.

Central is more of an haute de cuisine burger. My only complaint is that you're forced to eat a lot of it with a fork because the juices (maybe my fault because I order it rare) soak through the bottom bun.

Honorable Mention: Chef Geoff's and Smith & Wollinsky's.

Five Guys for quality well-done fast food.

Upper East Side - New Year's Eve

My wife and I enjoyed the evening at Kurio. What a gem.

They roasted a suckling pig for the holiday and it was amazing.

Thanks, Ruth.

Jan 01, 2009
Midwestkid in Manhattan

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

My wife and I have spent the better part of 3 afternoons trying to figure out how to make savory sweet potato fries that are CRISPY.

We've used vegitable oil, canola oil, peanut oil. We've tried double fry methods at multiple temperatures/times. We've tried all sorts of coatings from flour w/ cayanne, salt, brown suger, cinnamon to just broan sugard (and one really terrible last ditch effort with corn starch). The flavor's range from absolutely putrid to very good -- but we've yet to get a crispy exterier.

Does anyone have a method that works well?

We're really trying to recreate the Father's Office fries from Los Angeles as we've moved away and can't afford plane tickets to support our frequent cravings. So if that's helpful information to anyone -- there it is.

Any input is appreciated!

Aug 27, 2008
Midwestkid in Home Cooking

Looking for good food and great beer in DC

I will be in DC (staying in Maryland suberbs) Monday night and would like a casual dinner for four or five with good food and a great beer list.