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Durham Fish & Chips

Pat and Mike's...Taunton and Simcoe in Oshawa. Great fish and chips and a huge selection of other types of fish.

great take-out on Mt Pleasant, Bayview, Leaside? (Toronto)

Epi Bakery on the south west corner of Bayview and Millwood. Great "homemade" vittles. There was a string about Epi here awhile ago....try typing Epi Bakery into the search thingy and see what comes up.

Found Chip Nuts in Toronto

I went to the East York farmers market as I do every Tuesday morning and got chatting with some of the farmers. They led me to this stand selling sweet potato products. But he also carries Picard Chip Nuts in several different flavours. His name is Bob Proracki and his stand is called Round Plains Plantation. He will be at the farmer's market at the BCE Place on Thursday and then he is done for the year at that location. He will be back at the East York farmer's market but just for the last market which I believe is October 25th. He has also applied for a spot at the North Market at St. Lawrence. How funny that I was searching high and low for Chip Nuts and found out they had been under my nose all the time!!

Best Kensington Market Restaurant

Taking a guest (a newcomer to Canada) to K.M. tomorrow. Want to take her to a terrific little place for lunch but for the life of me can't think of any in the area. Could my fellow hounds help?

Paul's Spaghetti on Cosburn

It is very good. We have tried the's the speciality so you can't go wrong. Friends of ours have had veal and they thoroughly enjoyed it. I have had the salmon many times and have never regretted. It's where we go when we want to have special dinner close to home (we live within walking distance).
My best advice....always make a reservation. Every time we are there we see them turning people away.

Try will enjoy.

Chip Nuts

Thank you all for your replies. I am going to keep my eyes open at the local Bulk Barn. Tracey, are you sure Picards are sold in the North Market? There are a few bulk foods stores in the South Market that I will check out....I cringe at the thought of going to the St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday. I am usually there Tuesday mornings when it's just me and all the employees!!

Chip Nuts

When I was in NOTL I stumbled across "chip nuts" in some roadside veggie stand. Chips nuts are peanuts coated with potato chips and come in different flavours. Does anyone know where I could find these addictive little nuggets in Toronto? I am just north of downtown but I have a vehicle and am willing to travel....but not too back to NOTL.

Best Portuguese restaurant in Toronto, please

Here is a recent string on Portuguese Restaraunts:


Sorry about the incorrect location for the T&T supermarket. It is at STEELES and Warden, not KEELE and Warden....seeing as the two streets don't come anywhere near each other!! DOH!!

I was just up there today and got fresh made inari. I picked up a can of the tofu skins and will try making some myself. Could not find the tofu skins in the refridgerated section.


Just the other day I was at the T&T supermarket on Keele near Warden and they had tons of prepared inari in the sushi display case near the front of the store. They were very good...more sweet than salty. My 8 year old loved them and asked me to go get more. I think I saw them also at the food store in J-Town just down the street from T&T. J-Town is on Steeles just east of the DVP on the north side of the road.

Have fun searching.


Peach Ice Cream in TO ?

It's not ice cream as you were searching for, but if your search turns up nada, Chapmans make a peach frozen yogurt. I know....not nearly as good as the ice cream from the above mentioned shops, but might work in a pinch.

Recommendation for Niagara-on-the-Lake?

We were out there just this past weekend. We ate at Epicurian right in NOTL. Don't be fooled by the cafeteria feeling during the day. At night it becomes quite different. We were very pleased with our meals (I had the salmon and it was wonderful with the homemade tartar sauce....wish I had gotten the recipe). Be sure to make reservations for dinner. Here is the website:

We went to Strewn Winery and they have restaurant right beside the tasting room. We didn't eat there but I did read the menu....I was drooling. I will definately be eating there next time around.

Here is the website for the winery. On the top menu bar you will see "restaurant". If you go and you order the veal tenderloin, could you come back here and define "Niagara Comfort Creme"? Sounds wonderful whatever it is.

Enjoy your trip....we had a blast!!

Great Food/Wine/Room for Honeymoon

Arowhon Pines. Open seasonally. corkage fees last time I was there....a few years ago. Food is out of this world....crazy good.


Happy Honeymooning!!

Portuguese (But not too expensive please)

I second the suggestion of Bairrada Churrasqueira on College just east of Dufferin. The food is good, not expensive, lots of locals and families, and one of the nicest backyard patios in the city. I ate there recently....had the grilled halibut and a glass of red. With tip it was about $25.

Here is the website: