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Snake River Farms Kobe burgers?

This thread brought back memories!! I had a Kobe steak in Bangkok in 1967 (yes, sixty-seven) at a fancy-pants hotel restaurant. I couldn't believe how tender and tasty it was. I was a young man then. You are tempting me to try the American version and I think I will for partner and me, at least once. Thanks for the information. The "Thai" items at TJ's are marginal from my point of view. I make Thai curries from scratch using the pastes I get at Asian markets here in LA. It's good to see so many people experimenting with and enjoying international foods and dishes.

Jan 28, 2011
Robertsandimas in General Topics

Chicken Enchilada

Fercryingoutloud! If you're a gourmet cook, use your own talents and stay away. All this negativity isn't necessary. If you like the recipe, use it. If not, go elsewhere.

Aug 10, 2009
Robertsandimas in Recipes

Best food products to buy at IKEA?

The dark, rye breadmix in a carton is wonderful. I actually read about it in an online London newspaper. When I first cut into it, it crumbled. I put it in a plastic bag (produce bag from grocery), let it sit a day and it softened somewhat on top and edges and then I sliced it thinly (and perfectly, I might add) with an electric slicer. You could use electric knife or just a good serrated one. I've already become addicted. It's way better than what you buy in tiny packages for lots of bucks.

Aug 21, 2008
Robertsandimas in Chains