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Recs for dinner @ a place in DC that sources responsibly - like Founding Farmers but not

Title kind of says it all. Anyone know of a place that sources responsibly like Founding Farmersesque, Majestic etc.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006

Now I am panicked-last Baltimore request

Thanks everyone. So here's what I've come up with...and I suppose I will gain 10 lbs as well. Tonite we will go to Woodberry. Tomorrow we will do stuff-don't know yet as I have a list but probably Charles Theater @ 12 for a movie, maybe Lexington Market. Lunch may involve Ryleighs for oysters or Matsuri... then to Brewers Art where I made res for 8. They were accomodating to my friend who uses a walker now! and we can get up the 5 or so steps. Brewers Art b/c it 's the dh birthday and he loves loves the beer. We are staying in Fells so breakfast will be @ Jimmy's and Blue Moon Cafe. Then Sunday, will be the pizza quest and I don't know if we're doin' Matthews or Mikes (?), Oh and maybe Dominion Ice Cream. For extra-curricular, non-grazing things I was thinkin' Waterfront Cafe for tunes/pool or Max's for darts. then home ... back to large bowls of lettuce.

Obviously I haven't mapped out any of this...yet

re: panicking: it's subsiding---thanks all!

Now I am panicked-last Baltimore request

What other lovely lounges with background music would you suggest in Fells?

So just to get this straight: Mezze is great for dinner. Meli is great for dinner but has a lounge atmosphere?

Need a plan for Canton

Well that is interesting and now I am totally second thinking b/c I didn't know the biz was for sale...and the possibility of a meltdown of some sort scares me. I emailed asking if it would be horrid to have 10-12 people at their bar and bar tables and if I purchased the food but the individuals could get their drinks from the bar...the response will be interested.

Howevah---my question will now be where should be eat in Canton that is chilled out doesn't have to have music--could be seated dinner or food/drinks at the bar. Anyway, thanks for that interesting read. Certainly won't bring that up here.

Now I am panicked-last Baltimore request

Wow Dogwood looks great. We were just in Hampden to see the lights and ate at Golden West which was a cool place. We went to Cafe Hon b/c I'd nver been there...that sort of loungy place is probably what I need to find. If you know of any others that are in that vein-wherever that might help too.

What I mean by $$$ (sorry for the severe ambiguity there) is not Charleston, not Sotto Sopra, Ixia, Fin etc. I just want a laid back, but good food (that's why I was thinking Birches) place to gather these folks for some food and drinks...actually the music would just be a bonus.

As far as Helens Garden sounds good but I wish there were some interior images. Also the reservation policy paragraph scares me. (I get it- I was a server for 13 years) All these folks would be coming from DC and I'd rather not encounter stress if it didn't pan out to the minute.
Thanks alot

Now I am panicked-last Baltimore request

This is the 3rd post I have posted b/c I am totally behind on planning a decent time for my husband and his 45th bday and I am panicked.

I have a few plans in the works.

1. Surprise dinner with friends meeting @ ___________ and then going around to see music have drinks etc afterwards.

This may be Henningers then go arounds Fells Point

This may be Birches then tool around Canton (if that's recommended)

2. Maybe I should just meet at a great lounge/bar and skip trying to rally people for dinner and just have everyone meet us later...for celebrating and drinking.

I promise I will not post again and if anyone would like to make any other suggestions on what the heck I should do I'd really appreciate it! I feel so daft for some reason.

Parameters: not too $$$, not meat markety, not raucous as we have parents and one disabled friend.

Thanks again

Need a plan for Canton

I am trying to plan an evening for ny husbands 45th and was thinking we'd go to Birches (maybe)-we may have a group of 12 or so. So what should we do after we eat dinner? I am embarassed to admit I haven't been to Canton in many many years. Is there any bars with music you recommend for a mixed group ages 40-75 -so no club scenes or meat markets please. Also if you 'd like to make another suggestion besides Birches that would be just peachy too!

Fin - Baltimore

I hope some more replies come in---8 thumbs is pretty convincing however.

Need help planning! group dinner recs

Thanks for the breakfast ideas too. Initially I wanted to do everything in Fells Point so we could park the car all weekend and walk everywhere so thanks for the recs for the closer Fells Point places.
thanks again

Need help planning! group dinner recs

Happy 2009.
We are staying at the Admiral Fell in for my husbands 45th. I need a recommendation for a place to eat dinner that would be good for a mid-priced meal, casual atmosphere but also would accomodate a table for 8 or 12.

Hoping for input at this juncture.

The goal, friends to join us (don't know how many yet) as a surprise. So this could be a seated dinner or at a bar but with space to eat and drink and hang out.

I believe the first night we will play in Fells Point and have pizza at BOP and then play some more...

The next day we may shop for food @ Trinacria and Lexington Market, water taxi around BMA maybe Visionary Art Museum and kind of keep the day open---any suggestions there.

So for Saturday night, the birthday night, I was thinkin' Brewers Art. We've never been there and sounds perfect.

However...I defer to you guys for suggestions on how to make a yummy, relaxed weekend for we old folk. ; )

As a scale we lean towards Bicycle over Leadbedders. We recently gave Golden West a try when we went to see the lights and I really liked the atmosphere there.

thanks thanks thanks

Eats near Pier 6 tonite

Wow, we went to Gia's and loved. We brought our own vino and just enjoyed every morsel. Seafood risotto being the winner, if we had to was like sweetly floating on a calm sea, the briney air against your face and butter!!! Thanks.
ps. speaking with 'the mother' was a real treat-she's great

Eats near Pier 6 tonite

I should add that any kind of food and any price range is fine.
Thanks again

Eats near Pier 6 tonite

Any suggestions for good food in 1-4 blocks of Pier 6 Pavillion. We have one person in a wheelchair so there's needs to be easy access/space for him.

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

Here's the menu from the one we went to:
Skipper’s Pier Wine Dinner

Explore the Fantastic Wines of Italy
Join us and experience some sought after, limited production wines from the Piedmont, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. These wines will be paired with the exceptional cuisine of Chefs John Kozik and Joshua Brooks.

November 7th, 2007
One seating at 7:00 PM

1st Course
Crab Pansoti with Pancetta Walnut Sauce Fratelli Beccaris Cortese 2005 Piedmont, Italy
Fratelli Beccaris Grignolino 2004 Piedmont, Italy

2nd Course
Roasted Mediterranean Bass with Stewed Lentils, Carrots and Truffles
Fratelli Beccaris Barbera Superiore 2004 Piedmont, Italy

3rd Course
Drunken Tuna with White Polenta
Villa Giulia Chianti Classico 2003 Tuscany, Italy

4th Course
Eye of Ribeye with Tuscan Farro, Parmesan Crisps and Morel Jus
Terragens Sangiovese Superiore 2006 Emila Romagna, Italy
Terragens Romio Forli 2003 Emila Romagna, Italy

5th Course
Vanilla Semifreddo with Toasted Pine Nuts and Tonka Bean Sauce
Fratelli Beccaris Moscato D’Asti 2006 Piedmont, Italy

The wineries:
Villa Giulia: This small production winery is located in the heart of Tuscan wine country in the town of Chianti Classico. They produce high-end 100% Sangiovese wine and spectacular olive oil. No more than 500 cases of this wine are available for the entire United States in a given year!!

Fratelli Beccaris: Boutique producer of a multitude of the local Piedmontese varietals such as Barbera, Cortese, Dolcetto, Grignolino and Moscato. These spectacular wines also boast a reasonable price tag and have therefore gained a major following.
Terragens: Terragens is the vision of three people: enologist Attilio Pagli and winemaker Federico Curtaz who both worked for Angelo Gaja, and winemaker Giordano Zinzani, who knows the region and the value of its vineyards better than anyone else.
$67.95 per person exclusive of tax and gratuity
$57.95 per person for guests who are not having wine

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

The wine dinners are really great. We have only been to one and I was pleasantly and gastronomically loving it. I have heard the others have been really great with people always saying, "Oh you missed it." Chef Kozik really gets a chance to shine.

Oh and Justin is such a great welcome to see and he's very laid back. We are really lucky to have Skippers right down the street...ain't much else to choose from. We do like Neptunes too in Chesapeake Beach but Skippers is the fave.

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

Just had dinner before a movie at Jalapenos and I think it is the best queso on yummy. I love that place. For the first time I got the fish tacos which I probably wouldn't get again but everything else was splendid.

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

I have to add Skipper Pier in Deale Md (20 miles S of Annapolis) is now chef owned by John Kozik. Skippers is Bayfront . In the summer lots of outdoor seating, and a fun and easy dock bar. If you can see past the interior and realize you are in southern Anne Arundle county, devoid of the trappings of Annapolis and not trying to compete with DC, it's just great food, very chilled out atmosphere and just a nice change of pace.

Jalapenos is awesome. Northwoods is super boring. 49 West has good coffee and quick, decent food in a hip but relaxed atmosphere- if you want to have a glass of wine etc. Joss is awesome and I have heard Tsunami is great too.

And finally THE BEST crabcake is The Edgewater Restuarant in Edgewater MD. It just screams perfection. Again, don't look for any fab interiors or glam, seriously-it's a place to eat an outstanding crab cake AND the cream of crab soup is the best ever. The first time I went, I sat next to ladies that came from Virginia Beach just to eat there. Leave any city-slickerness behind and take a ride, its worth the trip. If you look at the salad bar you may cry, b/c its...well, go for the side of green beans. Service is great.

Minneapolis-help refine the big list!

Yes it's Jaleo. There's a new place just across the street called Oyamel. Same owners and Chef Jose Andre is in the mix deleloping the menu I guess. In case you're coming here soon...its quite quite yummy...among the many yums around here.

Minneapolis-help refine the big list!

This is great. I will have to map it with these pared down suggestions.

re: Asian, I am not down playing Asian in MN I was just saying we eat it quite often in the DC metro area so just wanted something different. For instance, I don't really know what Polish food perogies? sausage? and for the cheese curds, clueless but I hear a must have.

I am an artist in the fair so working mostly and interested after a long day to chill out, have a few drinks, eat well and then sleep to do it again. The suggestion to head further out to accomplish the goal sounds like a plan for certain.

Thanks you guys.


Minneapolis-help refine the big list!

Hello-I have read all the posts about the great places in Minneapolis but I've never been there and mapping all of them is quite laborious. Thought I could get some help refining where to go and help shaping a tentative plan.

We have 4 days and nights. We are doing the Uptown Art Fair located at Hennepin and Lake and staying at the Doubletree1500 Park Place Blvd.

1. Any suggestions for cheap eats (up to $15 a plate) within walking distance of those addresses? Any kind of food.
2. Then we'd like to do one higher end dinner so what is the one big MUST eat for a Chowhound? (leave out Asian-from DC area and eat it alot)
3. Coffee...gotta have great coffee and it needs to be close to the hotel.
4. Lastly, if there was one thing we've got to try tell me even if it requires driving.

We have a car but often drive around in circles in new cities and would prefer to avoid that which is why walking distance would be great.

Sounds like Nyes would be fun for a cocktail. The Global Market too is in my plan.

Thanks much!

Farm stands, organic grocer, fresh veggie stands around Sebego Lake/Portland, ME

Any great farm stands, CSA's or markets to recommend in the Sebego Lake/Portland area?

Sebago Lake area recs please!

Headed to Sebago for a week and just was wondering if there's anything within 20 minutes or so that we can't miss for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All price ranges and cuisines. Really interested in seafood of course. (droooll...)

I have my eye on the recent Portland post as well.

Thanks all!