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YEG - Big annerversary coming up need help

Sumo Sumo for sushi

Feb 06, 2013
J.J in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton Dim Sum - Emperor's Palace - opinions?

My experience was pretty similar to anonymoose's. The two Saturdays that I've been there it was relatively early - around 11am, and the selection was very limited as well. The same few carts with the same items kept passing by and at times there were no carts on the floor. It was busy with a line at the front. The food was often just lukewarm or cold and stale.

Sep 29, 2011
J.J in Prairie Provinces

Cupcakes in Edmonton?

Crave is now open (as of Feb.4)! The official opening will be Feb.10 and there will be hot chocolate and cookies with all proceeds going to the Stollery.

Feb 07, 2011
J.J in Prairie Provinces

YEG Dim Sum

Emperor's Palace is the newest place I can think of...

Jan 24, 2011
J.J in Prairie Provinces

Beard Papa open yet? (YEG)

It's open now!

Jan 24, 2011
J.J in Prairie Provinces

Cupcakes in Edmonton?

Big City Cupcakes is the one in Kingsway and City Centre. I found their cupcakes too dry and expensive for the small size. Not a fan of Fuss either. I prefer Cupcakes in Vancouver and Bliss in Calgary. Crave is opening a location in Edmonton in January 2011

Nov 30, 2010
J.J in Prairie Provinces

Wedding Venue Help-Alberta

Oasis Centre in Edmonton:

Jul 20, 2010
J.J in Prairie Provinces


Hot Wok (West - 16520-100 Avenue)
Chin Kee (West - 15545 Stony Plain Road) - there's also a Chinese dumpling noodle house a few doors down from here...

Feb 23, 2010
J.J in Prairie Provinces

Recommendations for Greek food in YVR

I love Kalamata and eat there every time I visit Vancouver. The beef and chicken souvlaki are delicious!

Nov 05, 2009
J.J in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Shanghai Grill -- Edmonton

I had a chance to eat at the new Shanghai Grill restaurant in Edmonton today. Has anyone heard of it yet? I believe it just opened on Sunday. The food was good. They have decent xiao long bao! It's only the second time I've had xlb so I'm not sure how these rate against others, but I thought they were good (maybe not as good as the ones at Shanghai River in Richmond, but possibly the best you'll find in Edmonton). I recommend you go and see for yourself :)

Location: 16336 - 111 Avenue (near Princess Auto)
Phone: 780-930-1828

Aug 17, 2009
J.J in Prairie Provinces

Wedding Caterer - Edmonton

Elizabethan Catering does events at Fort Edmonton and are familiar with the facilities (

Sep 26, 2008
J.J in Prairie Provinces

Dutch Krokets in Edmonton

Does anyone know of any Dutch restaurants or stores that have krokets? Are only frozen ones available? Also, does anyone know what type of mustard the Dutch pavillion served with their krokets at the Heritage Festival? Thanks!

Aug 20, 2008
J.J in Western Canada Archives