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Bagels in Warren, MI

I'm stumped trying to think of something in Warren, but you might give New York Bagel on Woodward in Ferndale a try - it could be worth the drive once in a while. Anyone else have a suggestion closer to Warren? I suppose it depends on which direction your daily travels take you...

Good Ricotta Cannoli in Metro Detroit?

Thanks for the input. I haven't tried the place on Schaefer yet, but I would like to report back that I tried Vito's Bakery on Moravian in Clinton Twp. and loved it! They have both the custard and ricotta versions and both are quite good. I still prefer the ricotta - theirs was nice and smooth (not grainy - I think it is a blend of the ricotta & cream) and not overly sweet, but definitely delicious, with a good crisp shell.

Roseville, MI

Cloverleaf in Eastpointe has great Detroit-style pizza. It's on Gratiot south of 9 mile. Solid local place. Also, I haven't been to Steve's Back Room in a long time, but I remember it as a good place for Lebanese on that side of town. I believe they have a newer location on Jefferson in St. Clair Shores.

Traverse City Challenge: Foodies w/ kids

Not sure if you left for your trip yet, but a good burger joint in downtown TC is Bubba's. You could also check out Northpeak Brewery at the other end of Front St. Both would be kid-friendly, but with a twist. FYI - Bubba's has great Happy Hour specials (i.e. "Bubbatime" 3-5:30 every day you get 1/3 off your food bill).

Good Ricotta Cannoli in Metro Detroit?

It seems like a lot of the Italian bakeries in the Detroit area have a custard rather than ricotta filling. I can't seem to track down a really good ricotta cannoli. Any suggestions? What about the rest of Michigan (up north, Grand Rapids, etc.)?