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non-greasy, thin-skin dumplings(more innards, less glutinous cover), fresh ingredients(that's a given).

That said, my favorite dim sum places in Manhattan Chinatown are Oriental Garden and Dim Sum Go Go. The only places I have not tried that ppl seem to talk about are 888(?) and Golden Bridge. Golden Unicorn and Jing Fong are my least favorites. HSF and Nice are not bad. Am I missing out on another hidden gem in terms of Dim Sum?

Aug 04, 2006
foodwortheating in Manhattan

Happy Buddha in Queens for lunch tomorrow.

Any tips? Other Asian recommendations in Queens welcome! Thanks.

restaurant week extended- Molyvos, Ada, Chinagrill, Terrace in the sky, One if by Land Two if by Sea

going for dinner. I know Restaurant Week meals can be disappointing but if you were to go where would you recommend? Thanks!

Jul 30, 2006
foodwortheating in Manhattan