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Last minute trip to NYC - need some help

Forgot about David Chang. Good suggestion! He's coming to my town too so would love to give it try. Thanks TCA.

Dec 28, 2011
tuttebene in Manhattan

Last minute trip to NYC - need some help

Thanks for your thoughtful, detailed information and all the suggestions Kathryn! Walk-ins at Babbo is great news. :)

Dec 28, 2011
tuttebene in Manhattan

Last minute trip to NYC - need some help

Visiting New York next week for the first time in too many years, I have not kept up with what's still worth visiting and I'd welcome some guidance. Sentimental favourites include Lupa, Prune, Daniel (before the renovations!), Cafe Boulud. Are any of these still worth visiting?

Any other suggestions for lunch or dinner? Thinking about Jean Georges for lunch. - are reservations recommended for lunch in January? Friends recommended Nobu (I'm on the fence about this). Would love to try Babbo and Per Se but since this is a last minute trip, we have not made the necessary advance reservations :( Is it really too late?

Not a fan of Danny Meyer and there's a Scarpetta in my city that I like (so would prefer to try something else while in NY). Willing to walk, take a cab, or take subway so location is not an issue. Budget allows for one pricey dinner but otherwise, willing to consider all suggestions for all kinds of cuisine. Thanks!

Dec 27, 2011
tuttebene in Manhattan

New Pizzeria Libretto location opening on the Danforth

I agree. Can't get over how great the service was given they've just opened. Saturday evening we had the Grande app (charcuterie/cheese/flatbreads), arugula and mushroom salad and 3 different pizzas - all very good. You could certainly taste the quality of the ingredients. It satisfied vegetarians and carnivores alike. And OMG, how is it I've lived this long without having tried Pecorino wine before?! A very welcome and much needed addition to the Danny. Will be back soon and often.

Sunny Food Mart

Thanks for the review. I've driven past it many times and keep meaning to give it a try.

Another ridiculous list from Toronto media!

Richard Ouzounian is a theatre "critic".

Oct 25, 2011
tuttebene in Food Media & News

American Thanksgiving in Durham Region

Does anyone know of any pubs or restos that might be serving some traditional fare? Any ex-pats out there with suggestions?

Oysters and dining in PEI

Hey John,
Thanks for your suggestions. Will make an effort to visit Darnley for some oysters and a tutorial. :)

Aug 01, 2011
tuttebene in Atlantic Canada

Oysters and dining in PEI

I'll be travelling to PEI again this summer for 5 days :)

I've been to PEI many times and I make Carr's a regular stop but I think they only have malpeques. Are there any other places with good fresh oysters and a larger variety? Upscale or casual will do. Are there any places that I may have visited but overlooked as good oyster choices - Merchantman, Gahan House, The Dunes,etc.?

I also plan to attend the Tyne Valley oyster festival for one day and would appreciate any advice on which events or day to target.

On this trip, I also want to explore dining options in Victoria by the Sea and would welcome recommendations for any type of food, not just oysters. For lobster suppers, I've only ever been to New Glasgow because it's so good but are there other destinations I should consider trying?

And I've come across the Fisheries dept. doing seafood demos in the past but I can't find any current information on the location of these demos this year. Can anyone help provide a schedule or link?

Suggestions and advice much appreciated!

Jul 24, 2011
tuttebene in Atlantic Canada

Charlie's Burger latest meal...

Big surprise that it's a marketing guru who's at the helm of all of this haute pretense. And shame on Chatto for an article more filled with name dropping (including designer labels) than actual content.

Anyone been to Sweet Bliss (on Queen E.) lately?

That's actually quite surprising. How can a bakery manage being open less than 4 business days each week? Is the bulk of their business in catering?

Cheapest Steaks and Ground Beef in TO

The OP didn't specify AAA...

Cheapest Steaks and Ground Beef in TO

Ritght now, Metro has strip loin steaks on sale for $6.99/lb. which is a better price than Costco's everyday price. Don't know if you have enough freezer space to buy in advance though.

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Nutralicious, 1234 Woodbine Ave at Lumsden. For lease signs on the windows.

Allen's on Danforth - will never go back

Unfortunately, his wife, who is often the manager on the floor, is not a charming, charismatic woman. She is quite rude, cares little about the customers, and is probably the reason her staff go ashen when you ask to speak to the manager.

Niagara/Niagara on the Lake Dinners and Breakfasts?

Thanks TorontoJo and CocoTo!

Niagara/Niagara on the Lake Dinners and Breakfasts?

Does anyone know if Flat Rock Cellars still has the "gourmet" catering truck or if it's a seasonal thing? It's otherwise got a fabulous view and if you're fortunate enough to get a tutored tasting with Ed the owner, he's charming and passionate about his products.

How to clean pyrex baking dishes?

I have had success with using scouring pads and VIM, a gentle cream abrasive cleanser but I'm not sure if the stains were as baked on as yours. Also the surface areas were small, but it did the job. It's been very good on some vintage corning ware that I've purchased that had years of baked on grease.

Apr 09, 2011
tuttebene in Cookware

Consumer Reports Investigates Exploding Pyrex

I purchased a whole set of new pyrex baking dishes with the plastic covers because I prepare many meals for freezing for my elderly parents. If a product requires extreme care, I worry that an accident may be imminent; mistakenly going from freezer to oven is probable in this case. Does anyone know if this shattering problem also involves Corning Ware, old or new?

Apr 09, 2011
tuttebene in Cookware

Bubbly Bargains

Used to be a fan of French cremants but have since embraced Graham Beck Brut Rose ($17.95)) and Chateau des Charmes Brut (now on sale for $20.95). Both are in Vintages. Also, my standard fare is Vino dei Poeti Proseco - best bargain at under $14. Great for takeout fare or apps. I too would love some recommendations for a tasty champers under $50.

Taralli Italian cookies

Have spotted them at Sun Valley on the Danforth in the bread/bakery section.

Melanie's Bistro - Good food at great value!!

I can appreciate that you are a fan. And yes, it was a busy Saturday evening but they left the impression that cranking out the food was more important than pleasing the diners and that by 7:30 PM, they may have run out of supplies. Add to it the poor service (albeit nice people, just not skilled) and it made for a long and disappointing evening all round - Melanie was walking around the room but not checking on tables or helping the servers so that too was a little surprising. I was genuinely perplexed given all other favourable postings. I live only a couple of subway stops away myself and really wanted to like it. Sigh...I'll accept being the lone voice on this one.

Melanie's Bistro - Good food at great value!!

This place has been on my go-to list for over a year thanks to the positive reviews and fan base on this site. Finally dined there tonight. Our table shared the Lobster Mac & Cheese and the Mixed Green Salad with mushroom crostini. Both were excellent and set the expectation for a promising meal. The wait between apps and mains was almost 1 hour. It looked like the busy kitchen was making sure everyone in the room had their apps out before working on any mains - not cool when we arrived ahead of almost everyone else in the room and were made to wait for others who arrived well after our reservation. Essentially we were left there to enjoy a bottle of wine without food. All other tables were getting bread baskets. And speaking of wine, poor list and it (a red) was served much too warm. Where are they storing their wines? I ordered the special - pork tenderloin, stuffed with a mushroom druxelle, and a mustard sauce with a side of bok choy and garlic mash. What I got was a very overcooked, dry, tough, piece of pork with a stuffing that tasted more of salt and sage than mushrooms. It was criminal what the kitchen did to that piece of meat. The side consisted of 4 pieces of asparagus and not bok choy as recited by the server when she took our orders. The sauce was not mustard based but something fruity, reminded me of berry jam. I pointed out to the server that my entree was to come with bok choy, they did check with the kitchen only to confirm that yes there had been a substitution. OK, not a deal breaker, but why didn’t the server know this? Since when are there subs for specials???? The other entrees were cranberry and goat cheese stuffed drunken chicken and striploin steak - the chicken had no goat cheese or cranberries therefore a stuffed chicken breast minus the stuffing (WTF!) and all entrees were served with the same fruity sauce, asparagus and garlic mash as the pork special. So essentially, each entree was identical except for the meat selection. Plates were cleared, clean forks and napkins brought to the table in preparation for dessert. Another ½ hour elapses before the server returns. Feeling honoured to be asked, we order dessert; chocolate mousse cake, carrot cake, creme brulee coffee and tea. The desserts were OK to good; should have been better for in-house made desserts by a former pastry chef. And to finish off my evening, the server spilled the hot water from my tea pot scalding my hand (he honestly felt very badly about it so I tried not to make him feel worse, but hey, it’s my skin screaming in pain here...) So I am really puzzled - was it an extremely off night or is the nabe so devoid of dining choices that it makes one happily settle for mediocre food and service or are my tastes the polar opposite of all the positive posters? Overall, it was quite amateurish by any standard IMHO and I won’t be returning any time soon to try and answer my own question. And really, vintage Paul McCartney and The Who (Baba O'Riley) as music to dine by?????

Royal York and Dundas restaurant recommendations--within, say a 5-10 minute drive?

Hey froglegs,
Do you know how long ago the owners changed and if it's still in the Scretas family? Same menu and good service remaining I hope?

Ruby Watch Co.

"should also mention that i've been tracking the menu for a few weeks now... 4 weeks straight it's been fish on fridays. sometimes with meat in the salad."

How this relates to food or service is unclear to me. Good observation on your part but I'm not sure that such minutia is relevant to the discussion. If it presented a real dilemma for religious reasons, you could mention it as part of your dietary preferences/restrictions that you are not able to consume meat - there's already been much discussed here on how really accommodating, gracious, and careful they are about such matters.

As for the service, what you describe as chaotic (on your one visit), I see as sufficiently staffed and perfectly choreographed as in many different servers with prompt, perfectly timed, attentive (yet not overly) service - they all had smiles, responded to every request with pleasure, including requests for more food! Water glasses always filled, cuttlery always replaced as required, plates removed appropriately, interruptions to conversation handled with skill and good timing, placement of dinner plates almost seamless. On each visit, the room was full and service didn't suffer. At the end of the meal, no akward exchanges such as "do you require change?". I've been greeted at the door by a very warm, personable host (Stinson) as well as provided with a parting exchange on the way out to ensure I enjoyed myself. I for one will shun a place that can't provide good service even if it means missing some great food, at any price point. Toronto seems to tolerate unskilled to surly service so when I find a place like RWC, it affirms for me that it is possible to run a resto with all guns firing: kitchen, service, decor. No gimmicks. No preferential treatment for the for the difficult clientele. No attempt to feed my ego. Just makes me feel welcome. That's what I mean by a gem in this city - such a place is rare. I am ever hopeful that citizens in this city would expect, no, demand better service from our establishments. And one last obeservation that I find impressive; this high standard was in place from the first moment this placed opened.

Ruby Watch Co.

I think RWC is real Toronto gem. I just don't get all the banter about the single prix fixe menu, the family style service, the "what about food allergies" comments, etc. (especially from those who are merely speculating without having dined there). Lynn Crawford has street (or kitchen) cred. She and her partners have one of the best places that professes to use local ingredients, cooks it exceptionally well, provides very polished service and warm hospitatlity and seriously large portions of food, all for just $49 bucks!!!!!!! Based upon my experiences, I can't understand how anyone could have issues with either the menu or the service. It may not be "high end" cooking, but is it first class.

Friends are late - how long do you wait?

I can't believe that after several "lies" about their ETA, you are on the fence about whether this was OK or not. What more is there to know? They were 1.5 hours late all the while making their friends wait so that they could run some errand first? Pretty self-absorbed and incosiderate behaviour, regardless of past history.

Jul 01, 2010
tuttebene in Not About Food

Duckworth's Fish and Chips

Isn't that a bit on the pricey side for F&C?

ISO Goats Milk

The Big Carrot has Liberty brand.

Karma -- bad luck will definitely go your way if you eat there

Not everyone would agree that what the "Beach" needs is another family friendly resto. What they need are more good dining options.