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Cola Turka in Los Angeles?

I fell in love with Cola Turka on a recent trip to Istanbul. Does anyone know where you can get it in the Los Angeles area?

Jun 12, 2008
langland in Los Angeles Area

Jade on 36, Laris, New Heights or? Which is best in Shanghai?

Of the ones mentioned, I'd say Jade on 36 is the best. I must say, I do enjoy Jean Georges - it may not quite stand up to the JG in New York, but it's still a good meal here in Shanghai.

Still more on Jia Jia Tang Bao

Thanks! I actually found it here last week, and it was great as always.

For those interested, the info is:
90 Huanghe Lu, near Fengyang Lu, 6327 6878

Still more on Jia Jia Tang Bao

Not to beat a dead horse here, but does anyone know the new location of Jia Jia Tang Bao? I went to the old location (638 Henan Nan Lu and Wenmiao Lu)last night, and confirmed that it is gone - the whole neighborhood is being torn down. I've searched past threads, but can't seem to find a new address.

American chowhounds in Beijing and Shanghai in October

I wanted to chime in again to agree with the other posters that street food is usually perfectly safe and very delicious. However, I have gotten - and still am - very sick from the water, so be very cautious about that. Only drink bottled water, and tea made with water you know to have been bottled. The tea here is rarely brought to a full enough boil to kill off all the bad stuff before serving.

American chowhounds in Beijing and Shanghai in October

I'd be happy to recommend some good food in Shanghai, where I'm living now. Of course, it depends a bit on your budget, since dining in Shanghai can be quite expensive by Chinese standards - and sometimes even by American ones. At a "nice" Western place, for example, the pricing is basically the same as you might be used to at home. (I'm from California.)

One nice thing that will be in season when you arrive is Shanghai hairy crab. I just moved here in March, so I haven't been here for a crab season yet, but I hear it's a lot of fun.

For mid-range Chinese food, some favorites are 1221, Yang's Kitchen, Charmant, Jade Garden, Crystal Jade and South Beauty. If you want more info or addresses, etc., just let me know, though most are well-known enough to be in a tour guide. Bi Feng Tang is a nice place for a quick, cheap lunch. Family Li is very expensive, but does give you a great introduction to the cuisine with a 12+ course meal. Yong Foo Elite isn't much for food, but the design is really lovely, so go for a drink.

For mid-range Western food, I'd try Indian food at Vedas, Saleya for French, Mediterraneo for Italian, Azul for tapas, Simply Thai for thai (though there are tons of great Thai places).

At the high end, some places to try would be Jean Georges, Jade 36, Laris, Whampoa Club, M on the Bund, and Nadaman.

If you miss home, Bubba's does excellent Texas wood-smoked barbecue. And Element Fresh, a California-style healthy cafe with smoothies, etc., can be a pretty nice break from all the pork and fried things.

For drinks, I highly recommend Glamour Bar (dressy, elegant) or Senses (casual, laidback).

Of course, all of these places are fairly popular, but they are well-known for a reason. If you want an awesome hole-in-the-wall or some great street food, just let me know - and let me know if you have any more specific questions -

Pick Your Own Produce near Shanghai?

P.S. - Sorry, I mean besides O Store's periodic organic farm trips.

Pick Your Own Produce near Shanghai?

Does anyone know of a place near Shanghai where you can pick your own produce? - something like the places for pumpkins, apples, etc. that are common in the U.S.