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SAF GOLD YEAST for sweet doughs

Just noticed that the "instant yeast" carried in the refrigerated bulk section at Rainbow Grocery is SAF GOLD. To my knowledge they are only ones selling it retail other than KAF mail order. Since it is designed for high sugar doughs (sweet breads, etc) as well as high acid like sourdough I thought I'd pass it on. It can also be used in regular bread recipes but doesn't have the problem with high sugar recipes as does other yeast. It was just labeled "instant yeast" but I saw a package on the shelf as well behind it so I asked about it. They didn't know it was different so they are going to change the label so people know.

chowhound family that likes adventure with great foodie places

There is a smaller farmers market in front of the ferry bldg Tues 10a-2p

Point Reyes / Tomales Bay

Yes sorry I wasn't clear. The back deck is their property but you can have wine at the tables adjacent to the building along the water. I've also sat at the picnic tables along the water many's about the oysters here not the ambience. Although again its very rustic either way so it's not a big difference. I think it's worth it. Their clam chowder is great too!

Point Reyes / Tomales Bay

Marshall Store tops them all IMO. Don't be fooled by its humble look. This is a serious oyster's fancy now it used to truly be a shack! All there preps are great but my favorite is their bbq.

Point Reyes / Tomales Bay

Not sure about Manka's now but stayed in the cabins many times before the fire and would choose it over Nick's no question.
I would not eat anything at Nick's. If you want bbq oysters for me the only place is The Marshall Store. Unbelievably good. Just down the road a ways from Nicks. Not fancy but sitting on the deck with their oysters and a glass of wine is just about perfect to me.

Cheese curd

Rainbow has curds for mozzarella.

Cheese curd

Rainbow Grocery in SF
415 863-0621

Their cheese dept can order fresh curd. Don't remember the source but there is a 10lb min I think.

City View vs. Z & Y [San Francisco]

Glad to help!

City View vs. Z & Y [San Francisco]

All the Vietnamese places are on or adjacent to Park st so all within walking distance to Tucker's. East Ocean is on the other side of the island but Alameda's a small place so not a problem. Having said that between the two...Sidestreet would be my pick...for the choices in Alameda. Park St is a nice walk with lots of shops.

Cake in a Hurry

I agree La Farine on Fruitvale ave would be the closest either going straight up Fruitvale to leimert or back onto 580 to Park blvd. I have gotten their eclairs many times but its been a long time since I've had their cakes but I'm sure they'd be good.
If however Crixa is convenient to where you're coming from by far they are hard to beat. A bit hard to order same day so I'd call very early as soon as they open.
Also most of their cakes have booze (without advance order) depending on your guest list...the only one without I think is the chocolate pave.

Which bakery has the best lemon birthday cake? [San Francisco]

Although I'd still go with deLessio's Citrus Dream...I thought of another near Japantown...
Yasukochi's Sweet shop
1790 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94115
Although I always get the coffee crunch (like Blum's) they do make a lemon version although I've not tried it.
Since its such a historic cake I thought I'd mention it and they do sell slices so you could try it first but they always sell out early so go in the morning.

City View vs. Z & Y [San Francisco]

Just to be clear...I did include my rec for "east ocean" as well but it didn't appear somehow. I suggested driving down Park St also to see how many restaurants there are including "Tucker's" "old fashioned" ice cream parlor of sorts in case the "grands" want dessert after dim sum!
Ps. Robert is right about City View. I've never cared for it and they stop cart service near their closing and switch to a very limited dim sum menu which you most likely would experience. So you made the right choice.

Which bakery has the best lemon birthday cake? [San Francisco]

They do have photos of sorts if you look at the "order online" tab. The chocolate tower (a triangle) is a dramatic cake (although not lemon) for a birthday but don't remember what the design of a large citrus looks like. The website shows the cake sliced so you can see how it's filled.

City View vs. Z & Y [San Francisco]

I agree with all the suggestions for Alameda. Alameda is about as close to "Mayberry" as you can get in the Bay Area. I would suggest rather than taking the freeway to the restaurant instead take "Doolittle Dr" which will be a left on the first road out of the airport and is a straight line basically onto the island of Alameda. Very easy and no freeway. Then continue right turn onto Park St (Alameda's main st) and left on Santa Clara ave. Continue to Webster St right turn and east ocean is about 2 blocks up on the left. You can map it but this is the general idea and much less stressful a drive. It lets you see why many rec Alameda. Small towns like this are few and far between.

Which bakery has the best lemon birthday cake? [San Francisco]

"Citrus Dream Cake"
Broderick between fell/oak
Intense lemon...for an ordered cake it shouldn't be a problem but make sure it's made same day of pick up.

Not crazy about Tartine's lemon meringue cake.

Fresh Hatch Green Chiles (2013)

While it seems many stores have them this year from Young Guns they are not the only supplier. The ones at Raleys/Nob Hill are from a different farm. All grown in New Mexican soil though as opposed to an Anaheim type chile grown elsewhere.
The only store I found that had all three heat levels was the Sprouts chain. Although the later it gets the harder to find mild or medium.

Fresh Hatch Green Chiles (2013)

I found that too. That's why I roast them over a gas grill. A couple cases from nob hill in black bags convinced me. What a mess! For anyone who's new to grilling them...the easiest ones to pick (if not buying a case) are large flat chilies as opposed to curled ones. Have a really hot grill and then grill until totally blackened on one side then flip them over and repeat. I don't bag them but when I take them off lay them in a foil roaster and cover with foil. I leave the stems on and then with a knife or gloved fingers slide the blackened skin off one side holding the stem then turn over and do other side. Then I make a slit at top and (hopefully) pull out stem with seed pod attached. That's the other reason I don't like the tumbler. The seeds are all over the chile as opposed to laying them flat on the grill most often the seeds stay attached to the stem for what's its worth. To me it makes going through a case pretty easy. I have tried several growers and will only get Young Guns. Again the cheapest I found this year is $19.50 case from the Sprouts Farmers Markets chain. I also think its impossible loose in stores to be sure of the heat level. Not enough knowledge of NM chilies here.

Fresh Hatch Green Chiles (2013)

Also Sprouts Farmers Markets has them from Young Guns in Hatch NM. .79 lb they are selling them for $19.50 25#case. I think their quality is better. Bought Young Guns last year and loved them. They have stores mainly in southbay but I got mine at the Sprouts in Walnut Creek.
They don't roast at these stores (apparently they do in SoCal )but I prefer to roast them myself on a gas grill anyway. I've found the barrel roasted one from Nob Hill are over roasted and mushy. This way they hold their shape better for more options later and a whole case can be done in a short time.

Fresh Hatch Green Chiles (2013)

Alameda store has them. Both roasted and fresh. Although the fresh (not in cases) were all mixed up heat wise.

Hobbs Bacon

I spoke to Hobbs. They delivered 3 cases today to BB west. It's on a middle shelf across from the meat case at the poultry end.

Hobbs Bacon

I bought some at Berkeley Bowl West last week.

Perfectly Ripe Peaches

Andy Mariani in Morgan Hill
Not only does he grow an amazing variety of stone fruit but picks it when ripe
As far as farmers market growers I only trust Woodleaf farms. Also a great stone fruit grower.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2012

Today Ranch 99 in Richmond was $9.99lb for live and Tokyo Fish had stopped taking orders due to bad weather.

Hatch Chiles 2012

Yesterday the produce mgr Nob Hill Alameda told me they weren't going on ad until next Wed (15th) and the roasting would start next weekend.

Just For You Cafe in the Dogpatch

Beignets definitely. Any egg dish with their green chile sauce made from roasted chiles they have shipped every year from New Mexico...spicy. Don't miss paying a visit to Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous across the street on the opposite corner on 3rd. They have the best ice cream IMO.

Searching for Leaf Lard in East Bay

I'm a bit confused. Robert states correctly that all pork fat once rendered is lard. The leaf fat is specific to fat surrounding the kidneys and is the purest fat for rendering. I am only aware of Prather rendering leaf lard as a product so are you sure it was not simply a confusion in labeling what I assume was a 1lb tub? I don't want people to be discouraged from seeking it there since it so hard to find in particular rendered in small quantities.

Buying a small prime rib

I totally agree that a smaller roast is much more likely to be overcooked. I offered that in case anyone really wanted a smaller roast but all your info will no doubt help many who have cooked few if any standing rib roasts. What is the longest you've dry aged it in the fridge? I'm always trying longer and longer.

Buying a small prime rib Costco ...I found out something today...the cut based on a price minimum so in Prime grade they had several 2 bone roasts as they are priced high enough to meet their minimum. In Choice they cut only 3 or 4 bone.

Some Really Really Good Peanut Brittle?

Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous. Not only do they have amazing ice cream but really fresh wonderful peanut brittle!

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous
699 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Where Can I Find Pink Pearl Apples (or something close)?

Pink Pearls are in season in August. they are one of the earliest apples. If you had it recently it must have been in cold storage.