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Kelseys...what to order?

i don't like kelsey's much, but i have eaten there a few times in a pinch, since i live in the burbs and there is one just across the street from my neighbourhood.

never do take out...it tastes 10x worse when you bring it home for some reason. not hot enough and really sweaty.

the spinach dip with the deep fried pita is really good. after all of these years! you will grow a second ass from all of the calories, but it's tasty nevertheless.

the only other thing that i will recommend is the bruschetta flatbread. it has feta on it. it's really tasty and not heavy or overly salty.

other than that - burgers are OK (says the husband). avoid the pasta.

good luck.

Sep 11, 2013
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Avenue & Lawrence update.

we went to the monkey about two months ago and we all (party of four) found the food to be quite good - i see why it is packed with regulars. i have to comment on something: i ordered the caesar salad b/c the description sounded interesting (new potatos, in the caeser salad!) and i have to tell you, it was seriously one of the most delicious combinations i have ever had. and so simple - i mean, caeser salad is usually pretty boring and uneventful. but the dressing, the bacon, the warm potatoes.....i'm still thinking about it 2 months later!

Oct 21, 2010
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KFC Double Down (moved from Ontario board)

probably not - it's too much meat for me. one of the big draws to any sandwich (in my opinion) is the bread. i can't imagine i would enjoy a sandwich without bread!

Oct 21, 2010
perogy in Chains

Rehearsal dinner in Yorkville

I was just at Ciao WIne Bar (on Yorkville Ave) yesterday and I noticed a private room for the first time - in the basement, closed off from the rest of the downstairs area. It's a nice space and I actually really like this restaurant. I work in the area and find this place to have consistant food but with spotty service. Might be a place to consider.

Jul 06, 2010
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone been to Nyood?

I know this thread is so old, but I really wanted to add my two cents about Nyood, having just visitied there for the first time this past weekend.

The food was pretty good. I have to preface this by saying I do not (unfortunately) eat any fish or seafood, so perhaps my choices may seem boring...

My companion and I had:

- candy cane beet salad - which was fabulously tiny. ridic, really. It was tasty too, so I was disappointed that they couldn't figure out a way to make this somewhat bigger in size.

- sicilian eggplant - i'm not a huge eggplant fan, but we decided to order this nevertheless and it was very good. again, sort of small, but the weirdness about this dish was simply that the menu describes it as served with 'buffalo mozz, heirloom tomatos and crispy mushroom'. this is a lie. there was about 4 tomato pieces on each eggplant, they were each the size of a pencil eraser and i think i spotted the buffalo mozz, which was the size of my pinky nail. WHY BOTHER mentioning? however, the dish was delish but the description peeves. no evidence of mushrooms.

- the iberico ham flatbread which was so delicious. The flatbread itself was perfect in texture and taste, though salting the actual bread proved to be unnecessary as the ham and cheese were already quite salty. Either way, this is a great dish.

- polenta. something about the 'spicy tomato' spoke to me, but it wasn't that great. skip this!

- striploin with onion rings. ok, the meat was only so so. kind of gristly (maybe that's the cut? not sure). there was chimmichurri on top that was virtually tasteless and a 'feta mousse' that tasted more like blue cheese. the onion ring were disappointing - lacking flavour and definately undercooked. quality onion was used, which is nice.

cocktails - A+! we had several pink ladys (excellent) and a couple of ginger martinis (i can't recall the name).

the service did not miss a beat. the room is gorgeous. love the details.

overall, pretty good. would go back for cocktails and munchies, but not a full meal again.

1096 Queen West, Toronto, ON M6J 1H9, CA

Jul 05, 2010
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back for another visit/help me narrow my list Toronto

in terms of pubs - i agree there aren't a ton of great gastropubs in toronto. but i love a good pub and can't stand any of the fox or firkin type of places. i actually like beer bistro food, so, i caution you on my recs!

the auld spot on the danforth - small, but i liked the food and the atmosphere.

the rebel house - good food, some of it high priced (one thing that comes to mind is a house specilaty - spinach and cheese pennies, which are delish, but like, in the $8-10 range, which is laughable when you see the portion size).

harbord house - haven't been here before, but it's on my list to try. i like the location, good street for roaming.

i also really like the abbott, which is really north on yonge between york mills and lawrence. probably not in a location that's desireable if you are downtown, but i need to give it a mention. they have really good food, excellent sticky toffee pudding. but the service is cranky.
no website.


Jul 02, 2010
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Any breakfast places in Toronto that make HOMEMADE PANCAKES from scratch?

in markham, there is this little divey bakery called 'T and T Bakery' on main street markham. family owned/operated. needs a serious makeover, for sure.

when i do go there for breakfast, i never miss the pancakes. made from scratch - SUPER fluffy. two big fluffy ones for about $4-5. i think they also serve them with fruit and other garnishes, but i always order mine straight up.

Jul 02, 2010
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The best of Markham and Richmond Hill

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that your experience wasn't great. That's a shame. I haven't had either of those dishes but had good luck with many of their veggie dishes. And I liked the chicken vindaloo.

Feel bad that you made the looong drive too.... ;(

Jun 22, 2010
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bamburger BIG disappointment

I am obviously very late to the game with bamburger, but....i liked it. For one, the service was really good, which is just funny considering we're talking about a burger joint. But seriously, the waitress was so pleasant and welcoming. We expected nothing special, based on what I've heard - and I will agree it was pricey, but the food was good.

One of my biggest complaints with a burger and fries is that more often than not, the burger is great and the fries suck....or the fries are great and the burger sucks. I was pleased with bamburger bc it was a good combo of a juicy (but not too juicy) beefy burger, with a puffy, chewy bun and fries that reminded me of a chip truck. and all the toppings? No complaints here.

Overall, it was a good experience and a nice treat. I suspect this is largely in part to my low expectations and love of pretty much any burger or french fry I've ever encountered.

Jun 18, 2010
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Saturday night of (July) long weekend - help with resto choice.

hi everyone. i'm looking for something and i'm getting overwhelmed by all of the (seemingly unhelpful) bar/restarurant guides.

i haven't been out on a saturday night with my friends in ages. (we're getting old.....er). i have a few friends coming from out of town on the long weekend. they've never been to toronto. we'd like to go out on saturday night but i am really struggling trying to come up with the right place.


- good food, formal-ish dinner (entrees, not just tapas or snackies)

- no where that turns into a club that causes me to lose my table (we are likely going for a 9pm reservation). so, brant house is kind of lukewarm for me b/c of this.

- we're big wine drinkers, so dancing isn't as important. we can go somewhere else if we feel like dancing

- downtown (so i can show off this great city).

- somewhere we can be dressed up (so, no sports bars)

- price point.....nothing crazy expensive since we're drinking, but i would say entrees in the $20-$35 are reasonable. we aren't broke. will to go higher for the right venue.

this is what i have come up with:

- drake rooftop patio
- jamie kennedy (is the one on church still open? i think so...)
- ciao (yorkville). i like it. ;) and it's in a cute area for tourists.

what do you think?

help! i know there are other good options out there. i know the ossington neighbourhood has expanded well.....but i am just so far removed from this scene.

Jun 09, 2010
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The best of Markham and Richmond Hill

hi suckfail -

my fave indian in markham is definately 'zaika cuisine' (7690 markham road - near boston pizza, future shop, shopper's etc). my screen name is misleading, i am east indian! so, i know my stuff. anyways, it's my fave, it's very inexpensive and the people there are very nice.

i also really like tangerine, which is a hakka restaurant and happens to be next door to zaika. it is always rammed - every night of the week, no matter what time. that's why i ended up trying it! and it was really good. i notice they now have locations in scarborough and whitby. must be doing well.


for thai, i really like 'little bangkok' at ramona and #48, in markham. especially if you eat in the restaurant - the presentation is beautiful.


for general restauants (and there really aren't amazing options, unfortunately) - i quite like:

blacksmith's bistro (unionville main street) - more of an upscale bistro. very good, expensive, great service, excellent dining space.

falcos (markham main street) - italian. family run, house made pasta. very cute atmosphere. i had one bad meal there, but every other time, it was good.

al dente (markham main street) - italian. good except, i don't think the menu has changed since the 90s. so, i myself, am sick of the options! but the food is good and the service is lovely.

calabria bakery (mccowan and #7) - great little restaurant/cafe for lunch and take-out...italian fare.

bluestone bistro (#7 south of warden) is pretty good though the service is usually only soso. but the menu changes quite frequently (seasonally) and there are daily specials. the food itself is good. continental fare.

and the list ends there, sadly.

May 29, 2010
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Diners and Dives - markham /RH preferred

i live in markham (and have for an embarassing amount of time) and can vouch that there is nothing worthy of your description. my husband and i often drive out to zetts (which is on airport road, right by the ...duh...airport). the burgers and sovlaki are very good. the tzatiki is to die for and the fries are a religious experience. it's unfortunate that the menu is limited (ie: not meatloaf and the like, and a lot of the other menu items are your standard burger joint items)....but i will say, they do what they do very well.

May 01, 2010
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

bonjour brioche - do they have a take out counter?

i have been to bonjour brioche only twice, not too recently either. i was looking for a nice place to pick up some breakfast/brunch items for mother's day and BB came to mind. can someone confirm that there is indeed a take out counter (where you can pick up daily tarts, quiches, etc....by the piece)?

i can't seem to completely recall and it's not clear from the website.

also - if you have any other recs for getting take out brunch brunch (goodness, i sound tacky) - feel free to suggest. also note that i probably will have to make my pick up on saturday afternoon.
i am in the NE end of the city, but am willing to travel.


May 01, 2010
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Best Mussel dish in Toronto?

My husband loves the mussels at Beer Bistro - specifically the nacho ones (jalapeno, hot peppers and cream are the main components). He says they are amazing and he can never deviate from this exact order! The frites are very good as well.

Sep 12, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Who is eating at the Mandarin?

I don't go there anymore - ever. I do agree that it is a safe place for chinese food, b/c it is bland and appeals to all tastes.

My real complaint with this place is the propensity for cross contamination. I canot eat any fish or seafood due to allergies, but it is not so bad that I can't frequent places where it is served. The problem comes when the kitchen or in this case, other diners, do not take care to keep the utensils in the dish they belong.

I had the unfortunate experience of being there during a crab fest - and they put the two crab trays directly beside the two noodle and rice dishes that were vegetarian. People, in their MADNESS to get at the crab (I am looking at the poster who commented on his in-laws stalking the crab/lobster station for refills) would just take the noodle spoons and dip them right into the crab tray.

This is annoying and gross and I don't even want to get into the pain that it was to complain: they didn't care (or staff didn't get it).

I will definately never go back, especially because I have heard that the crab is now 24/7. No more specials, it's there every day.

People are vultures! It's all you can eat. The food isn't going anywhere, right?

Sep 12, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to get great hummus

I've never even asked! The people there are quite nice, so I do wonder if they'd do it that way. I'll have to find out next time I am there.

Sep 11, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to get great hummus

I looooove the hummus at 7West (Charles, west of Yonge). I haven't tried hummus from a lot of other places, but that's sort of because the 7West hummus is fantastic. I don't know what it is that makes it so good either, that's the frustrating part. It' comes as a platter (with delicious, warm pita, and some veg).

Sep 11, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Milo's Pita - Toronto Life Square (Yonge/Dundas)

oh, i am so happy i asked! i am going there today for lunch and wasn't sure what the white meat/dark meat vibe was at this place.

i am a white meat eater - so, will be ordering the white schwarma. thanks for the info.

Aug 18, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Milo's Pita - Toronto Life Square (Yonge/Dundas)

I am curious - what is a 'white' schwarma?

Aug 18, 2009
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HEEEEELP - Need a chocolate souffle fast!

Truffles @ the FOur Seasons has it on the menu - haven't tried it though. Also, I don't eat dessert much, so I'm not sure I could even evaluate it!

A google search shows that 'The Dessert Lady" on cumberland might have them. Not sure if they have a sit in area (I would think so). So perhaps that might be a good last resort.


Jun 17, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Weird Brie Cheese question

Yes, I did mean the rind - sorry for the confusion.

May 30, 2009
perogy in Cheese

Weird Brie Cheese question

Hi Everyone - I have a weird question and so, I turn to Chow.

I don't eat a lot of cheese (unless it is in a dish), but as I've gotten older, I've started experimenting with wine and subsequently, cheese. Now, I do like brie cheese quite a bit, but am wondering WHY it is most often served with the waxy stuff still on?

I cannot bring myself to eat the wax, so I find myself avoiding brie in public situations. When I see people pop the whole wedge into their mouths, wax and all, I cringe.

I frequently chat with some people on a non-food related message board. I posed this question to them, most of them american, and was surprised to find out that it is rarely served this way in the US, the NE states seem to be one exception.

ANyone care to enlighten me? Also, how would you feel if you saw somebody eating around the waxy part? weird? rude? I tend to think so, so I just avoid it. At home though, I do what I want with my cheese! ;o)

May 30, 2009
perogy in Cheese

Food at Palais Royale?

how could i forget the dessert? i am not a dessert person, but i truly enoyed the dessert at PR - best part of the whole meal (which for PR, isn't a good goal!).

like a previous poster remarked, it was a tasting of 3 dessets, all ridiculously fabulous.

May 30, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Food at Palais Royale?

of all the wedding factories i have been to in toronto, palais royale was for sure one of the prettiest (i dig the old style jazzy theme, as opposed to the traditional look of wedding halls which sort of resemble my grandma's ugly couch) and the food was fairly good.

now, i say 'fairly good' b/c i'm just not convinced that cooking for 300 is ever fantastic. unfortunately, it's pretty impossible to cook 300 fantiastic meals and present them all at once.

having said that - PR did a pretty good job as far as food goes. i actually went there for our office christmas party (not bad in a recession, no?). i missed the appetizers, so i cannot comment. but the dinner was a nice soup (can't recall), a basic salad (average) and the main was this pan fried turkey (it could have been chicken....again, can't recall) with a cranberry and orange stuffing, pan jus and veggies. it was lovely, in my opinon. and better than most halls' attempt at poultry.

i don't know - if you like the venue, go for it. the best weding food i've had has been at restaurants, which for most, is impossible due to numbers. i'd say PR is one of the better ones.

May 30, 2009
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Where to go for 5 Year Anniversary Dinner

I'm going to wager that the 'we have a 2 yr old' comment has more to do with their level of 'going out-ness' than the fact that they are going to bring the kid along.

May 28, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

I am looking for convenient take out options.

Thank you everyone - these are all excellent suggestions. Keep them coming... ;o)

May 27, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

I am looking for convenient take out options.

I often have to work late - and find myself travelling from the downtown core to my place in markham....all the while racking my brain for something to eat. I do not like eating fast food for dinner (think like, mcDs or subway or anything chainy). I don't mind spending $$$ on my dinner either.

When I am leaving downtown, I will often stop and pick up a falaffel or a slice of pizza or even a burrito. I guess this is OK, but I am bored. Probably my biggest hurdle is time and parking. I don't want to park multiple blocks away - I want my food and I want to go home. I've thought of hitting PUsateri's or WF on the way home, but I work in Yorkville and basically eat my lunches at these places. SO, something else.

I would love some suggestions, keeping the fact that I am driving in mind. Can you make suggestions from the Lake (south), preferably east of spadina and definately west of vic park. I often take university to the 401, so anything up that direction is game.

No chinese, vietnamese, japanese, etc. suggestions. Sometimes I'd acutally like a square meal (meat and sides) or even a pasta. And, while I don't want BK or Wendy's, feel free to direct me to a great burger place or excellent pizza place.


May 26, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Windsor-style pizza in Toronto?

it was freestanding -- on the east side of the parking lot....a little bit east of the tim hortons. it started with a 'P' i think.

darn! it's been about 8 years....too long to recall it to my memory.

May 26, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dinner suggestion HWY7 btw Dufferin and Warden

Actually, for North American cuisine, I second Kevin's recs. There is a cluster of restos on hwy 7 (west of the 404):

on the north side - a variety of chain'type restos - Jack Astors, Keg, Alice Fazooli's, Moxies and then quite a few that I cannot recall. There is also a Host in this area, and I prefer this particular location above and beyond the downtown location (haven't been to the one in mississauga tho). There is also a slew of other places - greek, sushi, etc.

On the south side of Hwy 7 there is a Baton ROuge (not a good veg option) and this place called Brix Nappa Valley Wine Bar....intresting place, sort of. A tad overpriced and generally, the service is lacking. BUT, the food is actually quite good and they tend to offer a little bit of variety compared to the other places in the area. They make some fantastic appetizers.


Good luck.

May 26, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Windsor-style pizza in Toronto?

i hate this thread. now, i will be thinking of windsor pizza all weekend!
windsorites: can anyone tell me if the resto in the parking lot of the AMbassador Plaza (Huron Chrch and Tecumseh?...just south of the bridge) is still there? it was a random italian restaurant.....they had amazing pizza.

AND, because of my years living in Windsor, when i make pizza at home i always cut my pepperoni into strips. it tastes better. ;o)

May 22, 2009
perogy in Ontario (inc. Toronto)