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Davis Square bummer!

I think Out of the Blue is fine. For when I'm taking my mom out and she wants a "nice piece of broiled scrod." The "blue" may refer to the general color of patrons' hair. I'm being snarky, obviously, but I truly think the quality of their food is good and they're always friendly to kids, seniors, and everyone in between. But date night? Sophisticated dinner without kids? No way. If you can get past the fishnets on the wall, there's the industrial strength, can't-stamp-on-it-at-a Jewish-wedding glassware to wow you, and the basket of squishy wonder-bread-like substance on each table.

Davis Square bummer!

Sorry for your experience. I know how disappointing it is to waste a rare babysitter night on a crappy dinner. (We wasted one on Winter's Tale, which was a crappy movie made from a great book, last winter and it still irks me...but I digress.)

In short, the solution for your next date night is Spoke. Just trust me. Especially if you like Dave's sandwiches.

enhF94, I mostly agree with your assessments. I now put 5 Horses and Painted Burro in my Yuck list, and would move Foundry and Flatbread up to the "enjoyable but not worth a babysitter" side of the meh list. One of my all-time favorite Chowhound comments concerned the upside to Orleans' drink menu being that "their blue drinks are very blue."

I'm not sure whether to be hopeful about the new Rosebud, but I doubt it will reach date night status. Maybe top of the meh list is the best we can hope for?

Cans of Moxie in Camberville Area?

Somerville Market Basket usually has it. Their inventory is a bit spotty right now, but from my experience there Thursday (and subsequent interview by Bob Oakes in the parking lot) any non-perishables were quite well stocked so I would say odds are good.

Best Dishes in Chinatown

Don't know. Would you rate any of his specific dishes as worthy of this thread?

Bar & food in Cambridge/Boston?

Was just going to recommend that. Very sophisticated, would never take my kids there although we take them all over the place. Amazing drinks, wonderful small plates as well as larger items. Desserts are excellent- what more do you need for mom's night out?

Best Dishes in Chinatown

Anyone got a rec for a great hand-pulled noodle dish?

How do I replace Hamersley's as my "go to" special occasion restaurant? (Very detailed list of criteria inside!)

Well, Bergamot is actually in Somerville so I nominate that. You can thus avoid the dreaded Cambridge scene. In all seriousness, give it a try. Their service is excellent. On the other hand, I only went to Bondir once because I was kind of turned off by some snotty-sceney comments made by the waitstaff and underwhelmed by their food so I get what you mean.

There are so many changes afoot in Davis we need a thread...

Oh, yeah- I had tea samples from Kindred two Art Beat Festivals ago. Meant to mention them. I was not a fan of what I tasted due to the presence of stevia or sucralose or one of those non-sugar sweeteners. They're definitely taking their sweet time, though. Pun intended.

I really hope some sort of grocery thing moves in to the SS Building. I guess the Boston Beer Works plan fell through for that space? Maybe someday they'll even get the scaffolding off, making it more attractive to potential tenants...

There are so many changes afoot in Davis we need a thread...

Pinkberry closed- sign says "flooding damage" and indeed there are obvious ceiling tiles hanging down. Will it reopen? Has the fro-yo ship sailed the way of the cupcake ship?

Kung-Fu Tea- in prior dry cleaner spot- appears to be getting close. Anyone know what type of place this will be? Tea only? Pastries? Cafe?

Bi Bim Korean -in former McDonald's space- nothing going on in there for weeks. Any info on opening dates?

M3- as noted elsewhere, seized due to rent owed. Anyone know if they'll re-open?

Rosebud Diner- workers there daily. They seem to be focusing on the space behind the diner car currently. Do they have an opening date?

I'm probably forgetting something. I have no special knowledge, just walking around lately observing all this construction and wondering when we can expect some new food options!

Where can I get my Market Basket favorites?

Friendship is substantially better than all other cottage cheese. This is simply fact. I bought some at the Somerville Stop & Shop yesterday. Incidentally, Stop & Shop prices are not bad overall in comparison to a lot of my usual MB items.

Oh please Arby's...

You know, in 2003 when I moved to the Boston area from upstate NY I actually wrote a letter to Wegman's headquarters begging them to open a store in the Boston area. It took a few years, though, so you should probably get your letter in the mail ASAP.

Norwich VT trip report

Thanks- I think we'll probably end up eating at both over the course of the weekend. Made a Sat dinner reservation at Carpenter & Main and we'll probably do a breakfast and lunch at the Inn. Appreciate your feedback.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

Can we hope to see the "Double Arthur Death Spiral" in future X-games?

Norwich VT trip report

Hounds- doing some research for trip to this area in a few weeks. I'm looking for a nice, relaxed dinner for a bunch of moms who rarely get to finish their dinners while sitting down. Probably not ethnic, as we're coming from Boston and have plenty of Asian/Indian options here. Price not important, we'd prefer upscale and we don't want to rush. Would you recommend the restaurant at the Norwich Inn or Carpenter and Main? Any other interesting eat tips? Thanks!

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

Made it to Slate:

The "more for your dollar" slogan really hit home for me after a trip to Star Market the other day. I spent my usual amount and felt like I came home with barely enough food for the next few days. Hitting Trader joes and the Farmer's market today. It takes a lot of shopping to compensate for Market Basket.

Metzy's Taqueria Truck on Plum Island.

I thought the fried clams were good at Bob's, and no, I would not have ordered the fish tacos- that would be my mom who then complained about every aspect of them that I warned her about (ie- flour tacos, bad sign. Couldn't state what type of sauce was used, bad sign, sigh...). As to whether the clams equal the Clam Box, I would say similar. I like the place across the street from Woodman's for clams, but in my opinion nothing beats Neptune's fried clams. Not the same atmosphere, obviously but they're my gold standard for deliciousness. Other than the clams, though, Bob Lobster was a bit disappointing. Fish and chips kind of greasy, slaw really mushy and gross, fries completely unseasoned, and the tacos were as mentioned before pretty poor.

Metzy's Taqueria Truck on Plum Island.

No lines this afternoon. Excellent fish and grilled shrimp tacos. I cannot believe how much better they are than the "fish tacos" (in quotes on purpose) from Bob's just down the road. The grill flavor on the shrimp really stood out- those would be my recommendation. The owner was really friendly and standing out front taking orders. He told me they're trying to get open for regular dinner hours, but are currently open til 3 weekdays and til 7pm Fri/Sat. Worth a trip if you're in the area, and maybe even if you're not!

Finally, Mary Chung: order what?

I like a nice dish of whatever sauteed greens they're making- usually water spinach or pea tendrils. Makes me feel more healthy while stuffing myself on the dishes everyone else has suggested.

Spoke Wine Bar

Definitely needed to do laundry after a recent visit. However, we find this to be the case at Kirkland Tap and Trotter as well, Anna's of course, and definitely even getting a sandwich to go from Dave's. However, the last time we were there (and I hesitate to mention this because I kind of want to keep it secret) we were able to sit outside sort of in an alley. Fantastic seats. I continue to love everything I get there, and their bartender has turned me on to Lillet blanc with soda water as a great, low-alcohol summer drink. We often find ourselves just doing dessert at Spoke for cost reasons, and it's always phenomenal.

Boston dishes so rich, they will send you to the boneyard.

If you do have leftovers and you put it in the fridge, it becomes a solid. Delicious cold and eaten with a spoon...

Boston dishes so rich, they will send you to the boneyard.

Although it is no longer on the menu, you can still get a "demi" which is a dixie-cup size (maybe 4 oz?) serving of their magic chocolate potion.

For true calorie overload, their frappe is pretty amazing.

Casual Dinner Saturday Night in Coolidge Corner Area

I don't find Regal Beagle spotty for quality- I've found it consistently mediocre-to-poor on more than one visit.

Hi, need help for a final paper on food trucks!

Pennypackers- also a Somerville truck-to-bricks and mortar example

Half-price Sushi for Short Adults?

No idea- but I'd be interested in your recs for who sells half price sushi for kids!

May 2014 Openings and Closings

Ah, it all makes so much more sense now.

Who has great tart raspberry lime rickeys?

Well, I was about to nominate Diesel's. I find it pretty tart, plenty limey. But I can't say how it compares to Bloc 11.

Why Yelp is useless (Boston discussion on their "Top 100 places to eat!" article

There's definitely a barrier to entry with CH. My husband finds it useless and turns to me if he wants to know something about a new restaurant. I've done my time- I feel I can navigate and recognize enough names to get really good info out of the Boston board and most places we travel. However... I don't find I have the time or energy to duplicate this for another forum. So, who wants to share some of their yelpers that they follow? Would that be uncool?

El Centro: Awful. Boston, terrible food city.

I love this. My parents, adventurous eaters but not always discerning, always maintained that you could do this in NYC-- walk in anywhere and have a great meal. Several visits to the city in my 20s were very disappointing for me until I realized how ridiculous this premise was. Thank god we live in the age of the internets where you can walk around a new area and do your research at the same time!

West Bridge

We were much more impressed with our meal at West Bridge than Bondir or Hungry Mother, both of which we felt didn't live up to the hype. Just to put in context, other restaurants we've been pleased with recently: Puritan & Co, Kirkland Tap and Trotter. And also not as pleased with Ribelle, while we absolutely adore Strip T's. Your experience may vary, but I think West Bridge is a fine choice for a birthday dinner and am surprised to see so many naysayers.

Lemon Thai Cuisine in Somerville

I like their food. It's probably my favorite take-out Thai in the area right now. I find the value better than Ginger Thai in Union, and would call it a draw with Rod Dee in Porter which is more expensive although slightly more interesting menu options (more misses too at Rod Dee for me). I don't like Sugar and Spice at all, and don't miss Tamarind House all that much. My other favorite for sit-down is Thai Moon in Arlington, because it's a bit of a drive for take out, for us but I love the heat level on some of their dishes.

We don't stray much from our favorites at Lemon Thai, and often will even just recreate our same foodler order (another check mark in the quick-thai-easy-to-order column) of pad thai, crazy noodle, green tofu curry, chicken madness (sort of like gra pow chicken but I love the minced green beans). I don't love that they've recently gone from free delivery to a $2 fee, but such is life. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has any specific dish recommendations.