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Are there any highly recommended vegetarian entrees in the Greater Boston area?

ditto parsnips ;)

Best sandwiches in Boston?

I was going to weigh in to vote for the artichoke arugula pesto with fresh moz. I'm not a veggie but it's on my top 10 favorite list for sure. I also really like the smokey spicey turkey at Dave's.

Garlic & Lemon's anything on saj is ridiculously good too and head and shoulders above either the Schwarma Place or Noors over here in Davis.

January 2015 Openings and Closings

Just walked by and the stop work order is gone, a permit is posted, and there were people inside looking over papers. So hopefully they're back on track.

The new Rosebud, Davis Square

Brunch- good thought. As long as they take reservations we could give it a shot, because that's been the sticking point of many of our other brunch options. Like, Highland Kitchen (which I was sorely hoping the new Rosebud could be compared to) has the most amazing chicken/biscuit/egg concoction but with two hungry small ones, there's no way we can wait for a table.

The new Rosebud, Davis Square

Yes, that is what I meant. We were wowed by the beer itself and I guess I'll trust you on price. I don't in priciple have a problem paying as much for a beer as a wine or cocktail. I just felt overall the value was not there, and when you leave with that feeling you start looking at the bill and trying to figure out where the money went.

Davis Square

Spoke has a small but excellently curated beer selection. I would highly recommend it for after show.

The new Rosebud, Davis Square

Your initial review was so positive that I'm glad to see we have some common ground. What else are you still loving on the menu? re: pies, I saw them bringing a hotel cart of pies in from down Summer Street the other day. I guess they use some other kitchen and still claim they're made "in house" but that seems to be pushing the definition to me.

The new Rosebud, Davis Square

We finally got around to having dinner here and I'm sad to report we were mostly disappointed. I really like what they've done with the space and the service was friendly and helpful, if a bit scattered. Drinks were good and the Barrel Staves sour ale on tap was a nice surprise, if not exactly well-priced at $9 for a 12oz pour. For apps, there was a fried brussel sprout special and being big fans of Highland Kitchen's version, we had to try it. Unfortunately, they used whole brussel sprouts of varying sizes which did not cook evenly. Chasing a whole, sauced brussel sprout around a plate with a butter knife in order to get to its raw center is not exactly my idea of a good time. Fried pickle spears were fine- batter slid off a bit, but it always does which is why I usually only order fried pickle chips a la Redbones. The much-lauded dry fried green beans were fine, but right on the edge of my fairly-high salt tolerance and not as good as any number of Asian restaurants.

For entrees, my DC ordered the Texas Rachel in a skirt- cool idea, very greasy in practice. He felt that the individual ingredients were almost indistinguishable amidst the grease. I had fish and chips and was sorely disappointed- very thick batter, not more than 4oz of fish total in the form of 3 smallish fish fingers, and the batter was still wet inside. The standout item was the onion strings I added to the chips which came with my meal- they were excellent- crisp, well-fried and perfectly seasoned. For dessert, we tried the chocolate mousse pie which was kind of meh- soggy bottom and completely unflavored or sweetened whipped cream. I get that people don't like super-sweet stuff but in my opinion whipped cream needs a touch of sugar and maybe a hint of vanilla. A big pile of just pure heavy cream doesn't do it for me. We also sent back our luke-warm coffees and the waitress brewed a fresh hot pot. To be honest, I was on the verge of sending back my fish and chips especially because at 18.95 it was not an inexpensive choice, but we were dining with another couple who had a time crunch and I didn't want to hold up the whole evening. While I'm glad they were able to do such a nice job with the space, we're unlikely to return here for a full meal and in the future would stick to drinks... and onion strings. Sorry, Rosebud- I've just placed you in the same category as Painted Burro and Posto- nice space, good scene, want to like it, but food doesn't quite add up. Coincidence?? I think not.


Okay, I'm going to 'fess up. Those Trader Joe's green chili and cheese (the best flavor IMO) I prefer to 99% of tamales I've had. For one, they are seasoned (I'm looking at you, Armory Farmer's Market Lady selling completely insipid bland mushy tamales for like $4 each). Second, they are a consistent size and texture and never leave a watery puddle on the plate. Third, the price is right. Maybe it's just that we're in a tamale wasteland but I think people get so caught up in the artisanal thing that they're willing to shell out for an awful lot of inferior product. Me, I'll stick with Trader Joe's.
edited- woops- noted Tacos Lupita above and realized this was a zombie thread. Well, even better. TJ's tamales are still good seven years later.


We stopped in the other day and the new owner, who is super friendly, mentioned he had twin girls. He gave my little girls a biscotti each, which was a true biscotti in that we had to take them home and dunk them in hot tea in order to eat them they were so hard. My girls could not be induced to share though, so I guess they must have tasted good. Can't wait to try the pizza- they only had focaccia when we were there.

evelyn & angels chocolates...

Wait- the hot chocolate is really comparable to Burdicks? Can anyone else confirm this? Is it a dark chocolate? Will it solidify at room temp like Burdicks'?

Best Transparent Restaurants in Boston?

You could do coffee and pastry at Forge. They have a window into the bakery area with counter seating in front of it.

You can't go home again ...

I'd eaten there before in the front with my husband, so knowing we'd have an older party (and honestly any party over 2 people it gets harder for any one person to hear the whole conversation regardless of age) I asked for a "quiet" table. Hah. Despite being seated in the back corner, it was still deafening. So much for that thought!

You can't go home again ...

The only thing about West Bridge is that is is shockingly loud. Love the food; love the service. Made the mistake of taking my mom, aunt and uncle there recently. No one could hear a thing across the table. We adjourned to Belly for drinks and rehashed the dinner conversation to catch everyone up.

cooking class recs

I did a mom's night out sushi class at Shiso kitchen which was arranged by a friend for about 12 moms. You don't say how big your group will be. The owner is very personable and did let us get hands on for the second half of the class. I think it's a perfect space for a family party. We were also able to bring our own wine and sake and the cost overall was very reasonable. There would be no pressure on any members of the group who wanted to just hang out and socialize, either.

Places like Doo Wee & Rice 2014/2015

I've been wracking my brain on this and can't come up with much, although I agree with the other few suggestions. Doo Wee was pretty unique. I do feel compelled to point out that it was in Somerville, however, not Medford. Maybe Dosa & Curry near Union Square? I won't be offended if you disagree, but I mentally put it in a similar category as I found out about it through this board, and although they have a full menu I pretty much think of them as a niche dosa place.

ISO Fresh, White Carrots?

Market Basket Somerville had rainbow carrots Monday evening. I think they were in the organic section but don't quote me on that. I know I saw them somewhere in produce.

Ramen at Rosebud and Snappy Ramen in Davis Sq.?

Thanks! I knew I wasn't imagining it. And I tried a search both for "Snappy Sushi" and "Snappy Ramen."

Ramen at Rosebud and Snappy Ramen in Davis Sq.?

It's weird- I know there have been several mentions of Snappy Ramen, including one I wrote myself a year ago or so, but I searched and can't find anything either. Huh. I've had snappy ramen 3 times now, and I think it's actually gotten better. There is more focus on the menu and fewer choices compared to when they first opened. The portion is a little more maneagable than the first time I ate there and the service has gotten faster although they still seem to "batch" the orders or something- a whole pile of orders come out at once, some to people who sat way after you, and some to people who seem to have been waiting longer. I am no ramen expert and do not claim to be, but we thoroughly enjoyed our ramen dinner a few weeks ago and the bao appetizers were a huge hit with both grownups and kids.

Validating South Boston's latest news & rumors


November 2014 Openings and Closings

Hmm. The last time someone opened a frozen dessert shop, in that same building, in the winter it didn't go so well. Remember the short-lived Spoon? (apologies for incorrect spelling- I don't care enough to search for the umlaut)

Are there any good veggie burgers to be found in chain burger joints? [in the Boston area]

This is faint praise, but I used to kinda-sorta not mind the veggie burger at Spike's. Haven't had it in years since they closed the Davis location though so can't vouch for it currently. It's some sort of soy-based (like Boca burger-ish), not bean or grain.

Cookies are an ANYTIME FOOD

High Rise's oreo knock-off

O Ya - guess we should have gone years ago (long...and sad...)

I actually feel like I could have written a very similar review about our experience at Uni this past weekend, and it's notable that the two restaurants were ranked #1 and #2 recently in Boston Magazine's listing. We had several exquisite dishes and several less-than-memorable dishes, and a couple of duds. Again, 3-6 bites of food per plate and cost from 12-22 dollars (there was a similarly high priced supplement for Kobe beef which I'm not remembering). For that price, you really want every bite to be excellent. The overall trend at Uni was that the cold dishes from the Uni kitchen were better than the hot dishes which are sent over from Clio's kitchen. The difference between our overall experience and the OP's, however, is that the service was excellent. Our waiter was helpful, attentive, comped me a new cocktail when I mentioned that the drink I'd ordered at the bar which was served in a packed highball glass of shaved ice was quite watery and not what I was expecting. We were headed to the symphony and ran into a time crunch and he called the kitchen to figure out if we could order dessert then put a rush on it. So, our overall experience was really good and we enjoyed ourselves even though the food was variable. Service really can make the difference.

ISO fresh rice noodles in Boston

Which Trader Joe's have these been spotted at? (and phooey to you, Chowhound formatting, for not allowing me to reply to that specific poster's comment)

Macaroni & Cheese for a crowd recipe help

Just as a follow-up, as some of you already knew, 5 lbs of pasta is a LOT of macaroni and cheese. I ended up basically following the cooks.com recipe I posted above as far as ingredients. I did not follow the technique, preferring to make a roux, whisk in milk, then melt in cheese and pour it over pasta. There's no way that much pasta and sauce was fitting in the baking dishes suggested by the recipe! I ended up with an extra 13" lasagna dish worth, and the two disposable trays I used were extra-deep already. It turns out kids at a birthday party at a play space and calorie-conscious adults do not eat as much mac&cheese as my family! We barely got through one aluminum tray, so ate only about 2.5 lbs of pasta for what turned out to be 33 people, half kids. Also, I did end up thinning the sauce with a bit more milk than the recipe called for and even so the reheated portions were a bit thick. Live and learn. The flavor was excellent, I will say! thanks all. The birthday girl was overjoyed, and will be eating the defrosted leftovers until her next birthday...

Bagelsaurus - new Cambridge location.

Stopped in at lunch today. No line at 12:05, but one formed quickly thereafter. By the time we left about 12:40 the line was gone. Food took longer than it should have to come out given that we walked right up and ordered. I had the salmon sandwich on a sesame bagel- divine hot-smoked salmon, apple slices, capers, well-dressed greens and cream cheese. Delish, and definitely a splurge at $11. Got a whole grain bagel with honey-rosemary schmear for the littles, which was also a hit. For full disclosure, I'm a fan of Iggy's bagels. That will probably cause some of you to stop reading right now. I liked Bagelsaurus' bagels very much, but not more than Iggy's and certainly not 3 times as much, which is the price comparison if you keep a dozen in your freezer as I do. Lunch for me and two tots was $18 with only tap water to drink. personally, I'd rather get a couple sandwiches at Bourbon Coffee or a couple of bowls of ramen at the Porter Exchange, but I wish them well and they do make a lovely salmon sandwich!

Validating South Boston's latest news & rumors

There's something going on at W Broadway and F in what used to be Pan Asia (I think).

cranberries at Farmers Markets or local at stores?

Somerville Market Basket had some local brand on Wed when I was there- can't remember what it was. In produce area near the cut fruit.

Menton: late to the table

Thanks for a lovely read. Happy birthday.