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Know Fat!????

update on my previous post. I've returned (due to the large amount of coupons they gave me prior to renaming), to the Fenway location. Environment is still sterile fast-food style but at least they got rid of that nasty storefront of muscleman protein stuff when you first walked in and replaced it with a juice bar.

The manager was greeting customers, and I talked to him about the bison burgers, doneness of the burger and if they add any seasonings. Good news - they add the seasoning (which is awful, BTW... think fast-food seasoning) during the cooking process, so you can specify NO seasoning. So I got a bison burger, no seasoning, medium-rare. Significantly better than previous time. Taste was a tad salty (due to salt in the patties) but didn't have that fast-food seasoning garbage on it. Cooked medium rare but with a patty so thin it's hard to tell. Air fries are tasty but get two orders (they're cheap).

Overall - fine for a quick bison burger, but ask for no seasoning, medium rare. Don't expect gourmet quality here; it's serviceable for what it is, as long as you specify the way you like things done, otherwise expect well-done tasteless patties.

Aug 26, 2008
gluttire in Greater Boston Area

Stampede Bison Grill

I meant to say - it's a burger joint. I don't know why it logged me in to my old account here.

Fugakyu last week

Never knew they had omakase there - definitely will check that out. I've been for the sushi boat night - Tues. I believe. It was fun, but get there early - by 6... it seems like the boats are emptied out fast and get replenished slowly after that. But the sushi was good. Nothing special, not like Kirara in NYC (best I've had other than Tojo's in Vancouver).

Fish tasted fresh and the cuts were normal size portions. The sushi chefs didn't have much personality though. Table service while mostly eating from the boats (that revolved on water around the sushi bar) was limited, unfortunately.

But for Boston, I'd say this is upper tier - and upper price. Stuffed myself for $40 from mostly the sushi boats and an order of white tuna (get the sushi - sashimi ran $7, a little pricey).

Aug 20, 2008
gluttire in Greater Boston Area

Stampede Bison Grill

I don't think this is some simple burger shop - the menu is varied w.r.t. meats and toppings.

It's a buger joint, and does a great job.

Stampede Bison Grill

specify the doneness then, if that bothers you. BTW, 4.50 for a bison burger is quite a low price. We're stuck with $6 bison burgers in Boston, and they don't even compare to Stampede's. :(

Know Fat!????

Know fat doesn't really know much. Their atmosphere is really institutional-like; think a modernized McDonald's. This place reminds me of goodburger in NYC, but goodburger is slightly better (and sometime's has ostrich burgers!).

The food isn't much better than your typical fast food garbage (Wendy's/McDonald's). Yes, it might be slightly healthier, but it sacrifices taste. The bison burger was very much like a mass-produced typical frozen burger (it might have been fresh but it was hard to tell).

They do everything well done here - you CANNOT do bison well-done, it makes it too dry as it's a lean meat. After asking for the bison medium, it was decently cooked. Yet, it tasted like it was jacked-up on salt and other "fast-food" spices... msg-like taste. This completely ruined the natural flavour of the bison.

Therefore, don't go for the bison unless you have an absolute craving and can't make one at home. The jury's still out on their other choices as this is all I've tried.

Aug 19, 2008
gluttire in Greater Boston Area

Stampede Bison Grill

I recently tried this trendy burger joint on a trip to Toronto (I'm from Boston). The bison burger was cooked perfectly medium-rare, as it should be. The bun was very fresh; the aged cheddar, onions, and bbq sauce were perfect compliments to the burger.

<boston rant> For anyone traveling to Boston, unfortunately there's no equivalent burger place here that serves bison. The one attempt in Boston - Know Fat Lifestyle grill - does not even compare or fall into the same class as Stampede Bison Grill. You have to travel out to near Worcester to buy fresh bison cuts and make it on your own. </end boston rant>

Stampede Bison Grill does the bison right. Large meat portion, hand-made flavour (tastes fresh, and definitely not frozen).

insideman - I can't speak about the beef burger but the bison is amazing. The aged cheddar is definitely NOT black diamond, it tastes significantly better. They don't melt the cheese here. The mid-melted texture adds to the dynamic flavour of the burger. I tried both the regular fries and the sweet potato - both excellent (perfectly crisp) and didn't have that old oil taste. This was during the weekend of Aug 1- 4.

Plus, the namesake here is the bison - so try it! You'll thank me.