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beginner: want's top class cookware

first of all : thank you so much for the information

@RGC1982 first reply
1) i was thinking of a non stick only for an omelette, but i can bake an omelette in a very cheap steel pan, with a bit of butter. so if that is the only reason, i might drop it.
2)for the stockpot: okee
3)the wok: cheap carbon steel: well yes and no: first i needs more maintaince like seasoning, and i have no gass burners that can deliver a hugh mount of heat.
so an steel demeyere or a cast iron may be a better solution, also i use the wok as a big saute pan when a lot of people coming by.
4)okee, i'll get used to the idea of get rid of non stick's every few year
5)Demeyere Conical Sauteuse : i think that is indeed one of the most used pans in the line. i will certainly get one of those. a quite big one, (i use a wok sometimes if i need a lot of food to be prepared)
6)i do wanna use butter, it's just that with a very good pan like demeyere and a little bit of butter, an egg should cook fine : at least that's what i think
7)demeyere has a non stick coating in some lines.

@RGC1982 second reply
well that's what i have red too, demeyere is better then all clad, but since i'm living in belgium and demeyere is easier to get, and the prices are not that much different, i'm going with demeyere off course.
I avoid the modern ones to, i like the classical thing. for me cooking ware has to look decent, functional and soberly.
well the frying pan: i also gonna buy one of these, but i have a hard time finding one without a non stick surface. I want an old fashioned plain cast iron one. i'm looking for it.
the falk pots are indeed very very nice: here in belgium they are quite cheap, even cheaper the demeyere pots and pans. so maybe i buy a sauce pan, but that will be the only one i think. well i'm not gonna buy a set, i'll buy piece after piece and maybe i end up with more than one falk, although the convenience of putting it in a dishwasher can be handy.
thanx, for the roaster, i look into it.
yes: i'm already looking for a staub, i really like that kind of dishes; slow cooking is one of my favorits.

thank you so much
so to sum up
1) a non stick for eggs
2)a cast iron skillet for frying everthing else (but what about pancakes) (and fish ?)
3)a conical sauteuse : falk or demeyere
4)a stainless steel roastering (why not cast iron to ? )
5) a staub or creuset

Aug 20, 2008
fillemon in Cookware

beginner: want's top class cookware

hello, thanx for the replies,

i have lookd at sitram, and they look nice, but prices are not that easy to find.
but from what i find they are much cheaper then demeyere. still demeyere has some advantage (like the surface treatment of the toplayer and also the silver in the pots as an heat conduct increaser)

yes yes indeed in need a sauce pan, a sauteuse is the name i thouhgt?
i guess a sauteuse, a frypan and a sautepan are the most important to be of a very good brand. Cooking potatoes, spaghetti .... .. I wanna spent the money on the more important things first. Also the stockpot : i'll probably buy a decent one, but not demeyere, paying 400 euro for one pot i hardly use is a bit to crazy.

Mauviel: the copper-steel version is made by falk: they are the only one who have the technology; also the falk versions don't need that much polisching on the copper as the mauviel; the mauviel is better looking, the falk should be the better quality. (at least that's what i have been reading from a belgium site form a guy who has them both).

the swiss diamond pans have got some remarks. They should not be as good and healty as they look to be.

but can anyone tell me if a demeyere proline with butter can compete with a non stick ?

thanx a lot

Aug 19, 2008
fillemon in Cookware

beginner: want's top class cookware

hello everybody,
my first post here, i have found this site via google, and was surprised what kind of really enthousiastic people are on this board.

So now my questions and some other relevant information.

1)i'm living in europe, to be more exactly: belgium, brussels (so demeyere, falk company is not even 40 miles away). i'm telling this because a few of the brands people discuss here are quite hard to get in belgium and brands like demeyere are easy to get and don't cost that much because they have not to be shipped.

2)So what i'm looking for.
1)a frying pan
2)a sauté pan
3)a sauteuse pan
4)a wok
5)roastering tin
6)a non stick pan

well to be quite honest, i'm thinking of buying for all that stuff demeyere. I will buy the most expensive line, and maybe i loose some items in favor of a Multifunctional cooking pan.

what do you think of the demeyere line, i have read a lot about the All Clad line, but it is a bit harder to get here and i have red that the demeyere is better. A shop suggested me Viking range pans. but why should i get those ones above demeyere ?

do i really need a non stick pan ? if i buy a proline frying pan, you can cook without fat ? off course an egg or pancake will probalby stick to the proline pan, but if you are willing to use a bit of fat , would it stick then ?

so if i need a good non stick pan: the question is here again :
1)health risk of toxins which are becoming vapour, and the pealing off the coating
2) scratch resistance
an online shop adviced me woll titan plus serie. has anyone experience with it. (the scnapan, greenpan .... have a lot of complaints from what i read) to be honest: money is no object in this quest, good healty material that will last forever is). (but i'm still wondering if i need a non stick pan).

well that's it for now, hopefully somebody jumps in
thanx a lot

Aug 19, 2008
fillemon in Cookware