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Birthday Dinner...Help!

My birthday is this weekend, and we are going to start off by seeing a movie at the Innwood Theatre. Near Dallas Tollway and Lovers. I'd like to eat just about sister is a chicken fingers only type teenager. But I'm willing to push her palate. = )

Do you all know of any good places to eat near the theater??

Snow cones in Texas - Best ones???

Frisco, Texas - Next to City Hall...just ask for "THE SNOW CONE LADY"
Her sign is posted above the door, and on a hot day the line can go around the block.

Aug 18, 2008
hoganshero in Texas

Please Help! B-day dinner in Dallas 'burbs

Maggianos (Italian) in Plano. (Lovely upscale softer lighting)
MiMi's Cafe (French) in Allen. (Country French Bakery..lots of warmth and fireplaces)
Samuui Thai in Allen. (Modern Asian Fusion)
Good luck!

[DFW] Who has the best Peking Duck?

I will also try these places below. I grew up at the Peking Gourmet Inn near DC, and haven't found anything as good out here.