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Coconut milk for Passover?

the main difference is the cottonseed oil which does not have a pleasant taste or texture in this context (for me).

Apr 17, 2014
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Kosher chocolate in Los Angeles

There is a lot of good kosher chocolate to be found at whole foods (if you are looking for something boxed, try lake champlain), but if you are looking for an all-kosher sweet shop, you can try "munchies."

Apr 17, 2014
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Ideas for dip/salad using almond butter?

i saw klp almond butter for 8.99...right after i paid 13.99 for it elsewhere :/.

Apr 17, 2014
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Kosher meat in Costco near LA?

The one on Washington in MDR/Venice does- but you might want to call to make sure before you go.

Nov 05, 2013
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Most Interesting Bakeries in LA?

are you talking about B & L? They are closed and a new bakery is there now..

Kosher in L.A

Some places that haven't been mentioned:

Real Food Daily has kosher locations in West Hollywood and Santa Monica- the latter is great if you plan to go to the beach, pier, promenade etc. It is an all-vegan restaurant with a lot of delicious food (including a nice marshmallow brownie and hostess-style cupcake)

If you check out lacma or the tar pits, chapa grill is nearby (http://www.kosherchapagrilllosangeles... i've just had their falafel which i liked. Also in the area is cafe of paris: i have never been but have heard good things :

In the pico area, bodhi offers good vegan thai food- most of the time (have some less-than-tasty experiences, but mostly good ones). pizza station offers some good vegetarian mexican food as well as good pizza.

i will disagree with the "car necessity"- i think it applies more to someone living here (although of course so many people do without one) than if you are on vacation by yourself/with adults and don't need to get anywhere by a certain time, it is $5 a day for a metro pass vs. whatever it costs for car rental and gas and the service is actually pretty extensive ( I would second fairfax/ hollywood/ westhollywood as areas to consider for your base because of their centrality, especially if you decide not to rent a car.

have fun planning the trip!

Apr 05, 2013
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Really good vegetarian restaurant?

Would also recommend elf cafe if you are looking for a vegetarian-only option:

Parve filling for graham cracker crust

tofu mousse- Blend together a vac pack of firm or extra firm silken tofu, melted bag of chocolate chips, 1 tbs of vanilla, and some maple syrup or honey (not much- a few tbs). pour into the crust and chill. i have also added cinnamon to this and it was well received. you can also add a marshmallow component (either cream or topped with marshmallows) for "smore pie"

May 31, 2012
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Best dairy-free chocolate chips?

Tropical source!

May 23, 2012
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Cafe Del Mar and eilat grill in north hollywood and Aroma in Encino have a versions of this.

Lower cost weddings in Los Angeles

For catering try Simon:
2627 S La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 202-1222
Great food- he recently catered a family member's wedding and gave significantly more for the same price as other caterers. Particularly the non-kosher guests still talk about how much they loved the food when they talk about the wedding :)

May 17, 2012
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Passover Dessert

Delice Bakery is has very good passover desserts :

The "Apricot Roulade" might be what you are looking for in terms of flavor and price. Eilat bakery also has this: both are on pico west of la cienega. good luck!

vegan mock proteins that are kosher certified

whitewave makes a chicken style and beef style seitan that i personally love. if you are looking for something to impart the flavor of the substitute (in something like a soup or stir fry), i would also recommend using some broth powder in the recipe in addition though.

Mar 22, 2012
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Trader Joes with Frozen Potato Pancakes in Stock?

Both of my usual Trader Joes stores are out- has anyone seen them yesterday or today in their local store? Thank you!

Kosher French Macaroons

Paulette Macaron is certified by triangle-K and sells online

Nov 01, 2011
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Looking for creamy soft serve tart frozen yogurt WITH FAT! :o

i was another sno:la fan but am not optimistic about seeing them in a US store anytime soon:( they have been saying that the beverly hills shop will re-open and that the sm location will open for a while now, but it does not seem to be happening. to put it into context, the jamba juice that they say they will be next to has since moved to another location. if anyone can get some concrete info (tried to call a while back and email with no reply) that would be great!

Jerusalem bagels

i think epop meant bibi's warmstone

Passover Take-out 2011 in Los Angeles

For future reference- we used Catering By Brenda and the food was mostly great, though a little salty for some items (maybe because of re-heating). A little strange not to have home-made food but no one could do it this year and this is a wonderful alternative.

May 24, 2011
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Teddy Grahams

Whole Foods has a house brand version that is Kosher

May 24, 2011
Bugg Superstar in Kosher

It's Artichoke Season - Who's Got 'Em?

Has anyone spotted small/baby artichokes? if so, where? thank you!

What are your favorite dives and cheap eats WORTH THE DRIVE?

Vinh Loi Tofu in Reseda is a drive from LA, but always worth it for the delicious fresh tofu and vegan Vietnamese dishes.

Vinh Loi Tofu
18625 Sherman Way Ste 101, Reseda, CA 91335

Passover Take-out 2011 in Los Angeles

another one i found is catering by brenda:
this for delice

Mar 25, 2011
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Passover Take-out 2011 in Los Angeles

Anyone have links to menus and/or recommendations? Thanks!

Mar 23, 2011
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Unique, Offbeat yet still healthy and delicious

Maybe try Pure Luck? It is vegan, but all my non-vegetarian friends have really enjoyed the food there.

Pure Luck Restaurant
707 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90029

8 Day Vegetarian Pesach Dinner Menus

Whole wheat Matzah has 4 g of protein per matzah.

Mar 01, 2011
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Fried Pickles

Pure luck on Heliotrope and Melrose has them as well.

Yummy Kosher & To-Go in LA? please help!

borekas from a kosher bakery sound like they could work. Eilat bakery on Fairfax and Oakwood has them in many varieties (potato, mushroom, cheese and olive, pizza etc).
good luck!

Oct 26, 2010
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Did anyone get the recipes from today's M Cafe cooking class?

Does anyone have the Sesame Soba Noodles recipe? Can't find it anywhere- I know there was a video in the past. Thanks!

Sep 21, 2010
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Did anyone get the recipes from today's M Cafe cooking class?

• 1 large bunch kale
• ¼ cup peanuts, chopped for garnish
• ¼ red onion, halved and sliced for garnish Spicy Peanut Dressing*
• ½ cup peanut butter
• 1 ½ T just like honey
• 2 T low sodium soy sauce
• 2 T brown rice vinegar
• ½ tsp. garlic, minced
• ½ tsp. ginger, minced
• ¼ tsp. cayenne pepper
• 1/8 tsp. salt
• 1 ½ oz hot water
1. Remove the kale from the stems. Add a pinch of Salt to a pot of boiling water, then blanch the Kale for 3 min. Remove the Kale from the boiling water and shock it in a container of ice water. Finally, squeeze the excess water out of the cooled Kale.
2. To make Spicy Peanut Dressing: Place all dressing ingredients into a blender. Blend until mixture turns into a smooth consistency.
3. Drizzle the dressing on top of the Kale and mix the kale and dressing together until kale is evenly coated. Garnish with sliced red onions and chopped peanuts.

Sep 21, 2010
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Loose Leaf Teas

i love the tea at Lupicia in the century city mall. sometimes they will have very little stock left, however, so it is a good idea to call first if there is something specific you want to try.