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Eastham (Cape Cod) Breakfast

Went to Laura & Tony's for breakfast this morning on our way off the Cape. Looked it up on Chowhound and all I found was a very old & very bad review, so I thought I'd update things.

It was GREAT! L&Ts is an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, which (in my opinion) is usually a recipe for mediocrity. But not in this case. Food came out frequently and in small batches and was very well prepared. Baked goods in particular were delicious, including scones, biscuits, bagels (warm & fresh), coffee cake, breads. Scrambled eggs were eh, but we could have ordered omelets or other eggs if we wanted, all included in the $12 fixed price. Also in the buffet: gravy for the biscuits, lox & cream cheese, fruit, different kinds of frittatas, bacon (cooked perfectly), sausage, home fries, home made salsa. Probably more that I didn't notice. Staff was friendly and very attentive. Coffee was an extra $3 (with unlimited refills) but this is still a really good deal on quality food.

Aug 10, 2014
jimp in Southern New England

Cape Cod Chowder Review August 2014

Just back from a week on outer Cape Cod sampling many chowders. Here are my comments and scores (1=dismal, 10= best ever)

Arnolds (Eastham): Good flavor, plenty of clams, but a little too thick for my taste. 5

Napis (Provincetown): Fairly thin, great flavor, plenty of clams. My favorite on the Cape. 9

PJs (Wellfleet): Surprisingly good. Very simple, fairly thin, lots of potatoes and clams, very little seasoning. 7

Lighthouse (Wellfleet): This is a 'smoky' chowder with bacon, so difficult to compare with the standard chowders. But it was overly thickened and very salty, so it gets a low rating. 2

Squealing Pig (Provincetown): Squealing Pig has a smokey seafood chowder. I normally stick to clam chowders, but this is the best seafood chowder I have ever had, so I'll keep it in the review. Smokey but not over-seasoned or over-salted, broth not over-thickened, lots of seafood (including clams) in the mix. 8

Macs on the Pier (Wellfleet): Really excellent, up there with Napis for my favorite. Fairly thin broth, great seasoning, lots of clams. 9

Aug 10, 2014
jimp in Southern New England

suggestions for 4 nights in Phoenix

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be staying in the Mesa/Gilbert part of town, and I'm willing to drive 30 minutes for something interesting. As far as cuisine, I'm pretty wide open. I assume that Mexican/Southwest are probably good choices for Phoenix, but I like pretty much everything.

Nov 01, 2012
jimp in Phoenix

suggestions for 4 nights in Phoenix

Hi all,

I'll be in Phoenix on business for 4 nights (this coming Sunday through Wednesday) and I'll probably be on my own for dinners.

I'm looking for good food, interesting cuisines, informal, something that will remind me that I'm not in Kansas (or Massachusetts, in my case) anymore. A place where it wouldn't be too weird to read (book or iPad) while eating would be nice. I'm not frightened by spicy or unusual food.

Looking at the board; Carolina's, La Grande Orange, and China Magic Noodle House have already caught my eye. Other suggestions?



Nov 01, 2012
jimp in Phoenix

dinner in Northampton Sat night for 2 adventurous diners?

True, but when I'm in Northampton and I want a cold dessert, the only choice for me is Herrells

Jul 31, 2012
jimp in Southern New England

Two dinners in Montreal

Just had two good meals in Montreal with 3 dining companions.

An excellent meal. We shared two appetizers: Mediterranean fish soup and House made rillettes, and there might have been a salad too. The fish soup was particularly good, rich, creamy, & very flavorful. For the main dish I had Mussles and Fries. The mussel sauce was subtle but quite nice, and fries were very good. DCs had the Braised beef short rib, the Roasted duck breast, and Toulouse sausages. All were good, although the sausages were a bit much - would have been better as a shared appetizer.

Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins
Noisy & small, but a fun place to go to get the flavor of Montreal. The online menu is just in French, but they had English menus for us when we were seated. The charcuterie plate was excellent, as expected. We shared four additional 'small plates'. The best was a pressed pulled pork BBQ sandwich. The beet salad with gat cheese was also excellent. The other two (lobster salad, shrimp salad) were OK but nothing special.

Jul 24, 2012
jimp in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Three meals in Portland

Just spent a tasty two days in Portland including the following meals:
Dinner at Street & Co. This was excellent, possibly the best meal of our extended 6 day trip in New England & Canada. We shared two apps: Slow Cooked Squid & Chorizo and Grilled Sardines (I think). Squid were very tender in an excellent sauce, not a huge amount of chorizo but enough to flavor the dish. Sardines were OK but nothing special. For the main dish I had the Scallops in Pernod & Cream, which was excellent - not to rich & creamy, very well seasoned. My DCs had Seafood Stew, Blackened Halibut c,an't remember what else. DC with Blackened Halibut said it was one of the best fish meals she has ever had at a restaurant.

Lunch the next day was at the Bite Into Maine lobster roll truck at the Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park in South Portland. Six of us all ordered the 'classic' lobster roll, three with chives and three without. The rolls are not cheap, but they are indeed classic - everything about them was done to perfection. The chives were pretty to look at but did not effect the taste.

Dinner the second night was at Susan's Fish-n-Chips. This was pretty disappointing. My fried clams were fresh & plentiful, but the batter was heavy & greasy. We were there early, maybe the oil wasn't hot enough yet? Fish & chips were equally disappointing batter-wise.

Jul 24, 2012
jimp in Northern New England

Special dinners in Provincetown - recs requested

I highly recommend Napi's in P'town and Blackfish in Truro, both are consistently excellent

Jul 21, 2012
jimp in Southern New England

Zoe's Fish House in Northampton, MA

Also underwhelmed - skip it.

Jul 21, 2010
jimp in Southern New England

Dinner Eastham to Provincetown

I also recommend Napi's in P-town, and even more, Blackfish in Truro. Blackfish is high-end for the Cape, but only slightly more expensive than a place like Macs, with much better results. Dress is casual (true for nearly all Cape restaurants) and reservations are accepted.

Napi's Restaurant
7 Freeman St, Provincetown, MA 02657

Jul 21, 2010
jimp in Southern New England

Week of dining on Cape Cod (Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, Provincetown)

Hi all,

My wife and I just returned from a week of dining on Cape Cod. We stayed in Wellfleet, so most of our dining was in Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown. Here is my report:

** Breakfast **
The Fairway
4295 State Highway, North Eastham, MA 02642
Recommended by a friend, we ate here on our way home at the end of the week. We will eat here again next year! We had the silver skillet scramble, and the cinamon roll french toast. Both were excellent. Our friends say the corned beef hash here is amazing.

** Lunches **
3580 Route 6 
Eastham, MA 02642
Eating here on the way out to Wellfleet is something of a tradition, or maybe just a habit? We both had clam chowder, which was too thickened and not very clammy. Fried clams were quite good, the fish sandwich was good but not amazing. We didn’t get the onion rings this time, but if you’ve never been they are worth experiencing.

Cahoun Hollow Beach, Wellfleet
Probably the best thing about the Beachcomber is that you can park in their lot for $15 and get a $15 credit towards their food. If you want to go to a great Wellfleet town beach and you don’t have a Wellfleet pass, this is a good option. The other attraction is if you want to be on the ocean beach, walk to a restaurant/bar, then walk back to the beach again – there just aren’t many places on the Cape where you can do this. Their clam chowder is OK but not great – better than Arnold but still too thickened. The fried clams and fried oysters were both quite good. I had the oysters in a po-boy sandwich, but the best part was the oysters. The crab cake sandwich is OK, steamers were fine. Pina Coladas are tasty but not very alcoholic (probably a good thing).

** Dinners **
The Squealing Pig
335 Commercial St
Provincetown, MA
This has been a favorite of our friends for many years, but it was our first time here. The smokey seafood chowder was excellent. Really. We also shared a fish sandwich which was OK and shared the Tuscan Fries. We will be back for chowder & fries.

25 Holbrook Avenue, Wellfleet, MA
The Boathouse is a fish store, not a restaurant. In the morning I ordered a single 4 pound lobster, cooked, and I picked it up in the evening and brought it back to our house. Their prices are usually a tad lower than the other stores, and the lobster was cooked perfectly. They had a full assortment of sizes, up to a 17 pounder!

Moby Dick
3225 Rt 6, across from Gull Pond Road in Wellfleet
We have eaten here in the past and had good meals, but this one was mediocre. The clam chowder was better than Arnolds, but nothing great. I was hoping for fried oysters but they were out, so I had broiled scallops, which was a mistake, they were tough & chewey. I suspect the fried scallops would have been better. We also had the broiled cod, also nothing special.

7 Freeman Street, Provincetown, MA
We’ve been coming back here for many years. Their chowder is a delicious thin broth with more clams than you would see n 10 cups at Arnolds. We also had the crab cake (very good), flounder almandine (delicate & delicious), portuguese seafood stew (good but not great) and a peach bread pudding with amaretto sauce (way too much food!). Napis is a great choice for higher-end Cape dining.

Catch of the Day
975 Route 6, South Wellfleet, MA
We split a clam chowder and a lobster bisque, both were excellent. We then split a fried seafood platter with clams, scallops, shrimp, and fish. The clams were my favorite, but all of it was quite good. They have a new outdoor area in the back, so there is more room here than there used to be. Recommended.

Babe’s Mediterranean Bistro
Wow! For that night when you are tired of the usual Cape Cod food, please go to Babes. We had the red lentil soup, a white bean salad, a red pepper-walnut-pomegranite spread, and the vegetable couscous, which was very very very good. Our food was not hot-spicy, but it was exquisitely spiced and carefully prepared. I can’t wait to go back and try everything else on the menu.

17 Truro Center Rd, Truro, MA
Another high-end restaurant, this was our first time here. The reviews were good, and for a reason. Fried oysters came with a great Jamaican sweet-spicy-vinegar sauce, the house salad was fresh local lettuce in a great dressing. The pan-sauteed sole (with caulifliwer mash & asparagus) was excellent, and the seafood stew was up there with the best I have ever had – a rich, tasty, spicy sauce with clams, mussels, squid, fish, and Portuguese chorizo.

17 Truro Center Rd, Truro, MA 02666

Squealing Pig
335 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

Arnold's Restaurant
3580 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642

Moby Dick's
RR 6, Wellfleet, MA 02667

Catch of the Day Seafood Market & Grill
975 State Hwy Rte 6, Wellfleet, MA 02667

Fairway Restaurant & Pizzeria
4295 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642

Babe's Mediterranean Bistro
69 Shore Rd, Truro, MA 02666

Napi's Restaurant
7 Freeman St, Provincetown, MA 02657

Jul 11, 2010
jimp in Southern New England

First Cape Cod Vacation Ever...And I'm Hungry!

We ate at Land Ho earlier in the week. Atmosphere was nice & people were friendly, but the food was embarrassing. Gooey thickened chowder, tasteless broiled fish & scallops. Don't go here for seafood!

Jul 12, 2008
jimp in All New England Archive

Cape Cod Restaurants -- nicer and family

On the nicer side, if you're willing to make the drive, try Finely JPs up in Wellfleet. Pretty casual, excellent food.

Jul 26, 2006
jimp in All New England Archive