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How to store Tai Yang Bing (Sun Cake)

So I recently had a family member bring back Sun cake for Taiwan. Each packet of 5 is just in a clear package twisted (not at all twist tied, or anything else). Although, the whole box is plastic sealed. I was hoping to find a proper way to store the excess as I won't be able to eat them all in the next few days. Any ideas? :)

May 28, 2011
ObseleteOscar in General Topics


In this case, I would really rather have the Shao Bing be as crispy as possible. In areas that have 4 Seas, it would seem as if people enjoy something a little more crispy rather than the delicious, soft, and absolutely luscious shao bing you tend to eat in Taiwan. Since most of the time I eat the Shao Bing with meat, cilantro, and blah blah blah I find find that crispy works best.

Now if they ever manage to make them up to par or even close to the delicious fluffyness they produce in Taiwan, I'll consider getting a big bowl of diou jiang to go with it :]

You would have a hard time finding _________ IF YOU LEFT Los Angeles...

I got back from Hong Kong a few days ago and we happened to have the fridge stocked with 20 something ripe peaches and I ate them all in the next 2 days. Peaches here indeed are crack, you really just need to know where to get them. The best peaches I had though were from a farm in Sacramento, and I must say those were like crack x1000. (I finished the whole box of around 20 in about 24 hours time.) Oddly enough both times I did not have any kind of stomach problem! Really can't think of where I'd get those kind of peaches outside of LA though.

You would have a hard time finding _________in Los Angeles...

Oh gosh, I've been craving a good lamington ever since my trip overseas. It's odd how that little cube of cake can make you go crazy : /

I'm really happy - blue cherry, 北京酸奶

If you happen to live in the Rowland/Hacienda area, the Champion Gourmet (next to the 99 and Earthen Restaurant) sells it as well.

24 Hours Eats Near UCLA?

The title explains it all! I'm a little hungry and will be heading there soon and was wondering where I could get a quick bite! And on second thought, I really wouldn't mind a late night snack as well...

Ma Po - Fermented Black Beans

The taste might be a little different, just because of the beans. I noticed that black beans are usually saltier, and the ones with the brown/beige beans are usually milder.

However, there is a very simple MABO recipe.

1 Pkg tofu,
Ground Pork (Depends on meat consumption)
Soy Sauce
Cooking wine (To mix with the pork [ again, preference])
And Chili with Garlic.

Add pork to pan(With oil), then sauce, then tofu (some water) then chili.

Or you can always buy the packets that have Mapo Seasoning :D

Oct 19, 2008
ObseleteOscar in Home Cooking

Great Mobile Sharpener near Rowland Heights?

I won't be able to travel into LA so I was wondering if anyone knew any good sharpeners near the Rowland Heights/City of Industry/Hacienda Heights Area. Also for any mobile sharpeners who are great at it and are willing to travel that distance. :D

I just tried a little bit of heaven

I'm actually starting a job at the Hacienda Heights location decorating cakes, however; they can be a little bland at times I'll admit. Nevertheless they are beautiful and most taste delicious, definitely a fine review.

Julienne to host a CSA

After I got the meatloaf from my first trip there I was a little saddened. The setting is nice though (Enjoyed the bread).

JJ Bakery - Recommendations?

They just added some vegetable buns and red bean buns recently to their ever changing menu. I personally don't like the red bean buns which are actual squished red beans ( with skin, very tart. I prefer paste). Also their vegetable buns are VERY good. They come in the same packets as the mochi (Clear plastic cases).

Other than that I usually get the expensive, but VERY good almond milk candy in the brown bags. Under the loaves of bread.