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East Orlando Thai Garden - average food - poor service

Several times in the past few weeks, I was near Waterford Lakes and decided to give this place a try. I had seen their ad in thepaper for Thai Garden and thought I'd give it a try. Well, after two visits, on a scale of one to ten, I'd give it, at best, 5 for food and 1 for service.

Although it was lunchtime, the restaurant was not crowded (only 3 other tables was occupied). I decided to order from the main rather than the lunch menu. The spring roll was nothing special (a bit too greasy) and while I was still eating it my order of dumplings arrived. While they are supposed to combinechicken and vegetables, there was nothing special about them either. For my main course, I ordered a seafood combination. That too arrived far too soon. Even the waitress acknowledged that the food was coming out of the kitchen too fast. Unfortunately, she did nothing about it eventhough I asked her to take it back to the kitchen until I was done with the appetizers.

About ten days later, I thought I'd give the restaurant another try and was hoping that the service had improved. This time I ordered from the lunch menu and the restaurant was a bit more crowded (maybe 10 tables had customers). The potak soup (seafood and veggies) was spicy but contained very little seafood - it was mostly lemon grass. For a main course, I went very conservative and ordered chicken pad thai. Well, once again it was served too soon - while I was having the soup. When I mentioned this to the waitress(different from the first visit), she looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. So I told her to give me a box and that I'd take it home

In short, it will be a while before I return and hopefully, they'll have their act together.

Thai Garden
12240 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32825

Dec 25, 2009
RichS in Florida

Please help with London visit

If you are considering Maze - reservations are a must and really should be made as soon as possible. Check out the sample menus on-line (also for Maze Grill). By the way, why not glance at Time Out London for other dining suggestions (by food type,price, location, etc.)

On another note, the play you are going to see at the New London Theatre - "War Horse" is, to say the least, excellent. I attended a performance last month when I was in London and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully you will too!

Jul 28, 2009
RichS in U.K./Ireland

Sun Ming in Hutington (LI)... will it reopen?

From what I've heard, don't expect the restaurant to reopen. According to a someone who went to school with one of the owners - the restaurant shut down because of a family dispute. No loss, since in my opinion, the food wasn't that good to begin with.

Kiss Starfish Too Goodbye

A restaurant over a supermarket next to a pool hall - it'll never last. Unfortunately, Starfish Too didn't. Guess it fell victim to the old "location is everything" syndrome. I wonder if it would have lasted a while longer had it been located on the street level rather than it's former second floor site. While not spectacular or even "fine" dining - the food was a welcome change from the run of Pan-Asian/Fusion and Italian restaurants that seem to be opening (and closing) in Great Neck lately. Signs went up during the week announcing that it was closed and would soon be replaced by a piano bar/eaterie called "Brenda and Eddies." Information posted on the web about the new place is limited. The menu page is blank but the monthly calendar listing the cover bands and drink specials is up and running. Wonder what's the over/under on this place lasting more than six months?

Tangerine (Great Neck) now Mama

Just noticed that Tangerine (Asian tapas bar) which opened this summer has already been replaced by another Asian restaurant - Mama. A quick look at the menus posted both on the window and outside showed that it's another sushi bar also serving other types of Asian food, primarily Thai. Was wondering if anyone has been there yet? Any feedback?

Malted near ENpt?

Out of sheer frustration at finding even a halfway decent malted - I finally realized that the best alternative was to go to the supermarket and buy some Carnation Malted Milk (either original or chocolate flavor). The rest was easy and it's a heck of a lot cheaper.

Let's Demand Seperate Borough Boards! [Moved from Outer Boroughs Board]

I don't disagree with Brooklyn, Queens or SI being included in the Boroughs board - to the best of my knowledge, as a native NYer, they always have been considered part of the Metro NY area. Nonetheless, if there's enough hound activity, they should have their own boards. What irks me is that places such as Buffalo,Rochester, Albany and Thousand Islands being included in the Tristate area board? Who makes these nonsensical geographical decisions? Get real - nothing against Philadelphia - but it's a heck of a lot closer to NYC than Buffalo. I always thought that the Tristate or even Metro NY area included North Jersey,Westchester/Rockland, Southwestern CT, and Long Island. The fact that the board is called NYC Metro (and north) is a cop-out.

Aug 11, 2006
RichS in Site Talk

Starfish 2

After some initial discussion on several new restaurants in Great Neck - I was wondering if anyone has been to Starfish 2? If yes, your comments please.

Tangerine in Great Neck -- anyone been yet?

I definitely agree that it's nice to have some new restaurants in Great Neck. The concept of dining on Asian-style tapas is great. However, I suppose that my "gripe" with Tangerine that, at least for the dishes we tried, they weren't as per their descriptions on the menu.

I understand that O'Zone is Thai-French which should make for some interesting combinations. Can you provide any menu recommendations?

Also, it looks like a focacceria (pardon the spelling)is soon to open two doors away from Tangerine.

As for the location of Starfish 2 - what's wrong with a restaurant above a Waldbaums next to a gym? Makes for a special dining experience doesn't it??? As for the food, I've yet to try it.

Tangerine in Great Neck -- anyone been yet?

Went there lunchtime today for the first time. Initial impression is that while the choices on the menu appear interesting, the food was just so-so. My friend and I shared some appetizers - a seafood pancake (still looking for the seafood blend) and shrimp wontons with a tasty dipping sauce (although the menu says otherwise - they never asked if we wanted them crispy or steamed). We both ordered the mixed seafood noodle soup. Big bowl of broth filled with lots of cellophane noodles, 3 small shrimp (not jumbo as the menu states), a nice-sized piece of salmon, what seemed to be tofu slices or were they really Japanese fish cakes (?) and one piece of, what may have been, bok choy. For $13, it really wasn't worth it. While not crowded, the service was slow. I'd suggest you wait a while longer to see if they get the kinks out before you try it.