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I'm trying to book a staff Christmas dinner party for 10 people.
This place is near our office. I've heard mixed reviews from locals.
Anyone been lately? There are some fussy eaters in our group.
Suggestions? Thank you hounders!

Windsor Arms High Tea review - great tea, lovely food but seriously lacking in quality of serviceā€

I hadnt been for years, until few weeks ago I went in one day to look at the dining room & menu. The staff were indifferent, rude and basically ignored me.
Truly horrible service.
They do not know the meaning of hospitality!

Stock (new Trump tower)

Of course you know restaurants can fail for many reasons. Good food alone does not make for a successful business.
Clarmo has talent in the kitchen. He has a good pedigree , worked in some very high end restaurants and inns . He was with O & B for many years. Since then he has bounced a bit.
It will be interesting to see if he lasts at Stock. I think Oasi wasn't right for him. I hope the food is decent because one night soon, I am going to try it!

Vietnamese food : which one?

Thanks for your reply. Why were you disappointed?

Vietnamese food : which one?

Thinking of trying either Anh Dao or Kim Bo.
Heard they are both good but for different foods?
Which one? What to order?

Union on Ossington - Who's been lately?

I have been twice in the past 6 months. It was very enjoyable . My only complaint was the noise! Had to shout all through dinner! must be getting old!

Wife craving good Italian - has chosen five possibles....

Fantastic choices!
Also Carissima on King street.

Belly Ice Cream - have you tried it??

I've tried the vanilla and I have to say it was good. But not to die for! Especially at the price they charge.
It's nice ice cream, just not extraordinary, IMO. Maybe the other flavours are more exciting, but I'll have to save up to buy some more!

Iso authentic Vietnamese food

Thank you very very much sweet pea!
What a thorough list of places to try!
Thank you to everyone for all suggestions I can't way to try all these places and familiarize myself with the viet cuisine. So looking forward to the trip & the food!

Chicken Pot Pie

Curious: Why is that a bad name?
Where is it?

Iso authentic Vietnamese food

We are planning a family trip to Vietnam. Would like to try some authentic cuisine( well as authentic as possible) here in TO. and hope chow hounders will recommend some good places in the gta, preferably downtown or west end. Thank you.

Bohmer- A remarkable experience

That's a remarkable review!

What has happened to Whole Foods in Yorkville?

Wear a sweater! That store was freezing last week!

What has happened to Whole Foods in Yorkville?

There should not be spoiled foods in any store but as far as pricing and portion size is concerned, food prices have risen significantly. Not only are grocery stores grappling with this this global issue, but also suppliers, restaurants , farmers, etc. It all trickles down to higher prices for us, the consumer!
People grumble about small portions in restaurants, this is one reason why. Not only are suppliers charging more, but now they are charging higher delivery fees too! It's a tough business all around. I guess the bottom line is everyone is affected.

Where would you go for your next great meal out?

this is a place for casual dining. Not great, and kinda tacky. no where I'd go for a tasting menu or fine dining like the OP mentioned.

Kensington Market area

This Saturday, some friends from out of town are coming for the weekend. Theyd like to visit Kensington Market.
I haven"t been in years. All I can think of is the dim sum place on Baldwin I used to frequent. Anything recommendations? What"s new and worthy? I know the neighbourhood is diverse so I am open to any type of cuisine. Thanks Chowhounders!

Kid Friendly AND good food?

Queen margarita is too far!
La societe not good choice.
Organ grinder is no more (I think).

There are many ethic places in the annex that might be kid friendly. Noodle houses , pho and the like.
What about japanese ? Guu?

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

Looking for a cup cake stand for sale..

Have you tried Homesense? I've seen them there.

'Tis the season for west coast spotted prawns!

That's not a bad price! I love spot prawns. Where is T & T? I must go there.....NOW!
( Can't wait for wild leeks to start, very soon, if not already)

Wanted: Brunch Buffet for Mother's Day...fancy pants please!

Does it have to be buffet? Plenty of al la carte places to think of.

Wanted: Brunch Buffet for Mother's Day...fancy pants please!

Bad food there!

Pinoli ( pine nuts)

Thank you!

Pinoli ( pine nuts)

I read somewhere that the pine nuts we see in stores are from China and inferior to the Italian ones. They are stripped or washed in something not nice, something like that, the ones from China.
Anyone know where I can get really good ones? I have a special recipe I want to try and want quality pinoli. Thanks Chowhounders!

The Gabardine - Rod Bowers' new spot (long)

While I can't agree with your "good restaurant ....Yonge St corridor" comment ( I think there are several in that area of Yonge St. ) I do agree with your feelings on the ploughman's lunch and the ice cream sandwich. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good! Gotta go back for more. Gabardine is a good spot. I hope it does well.

kipling and the kingsway, anything good in the area?

don't miss it either!

Agave Y Aguacate - delicious Mexican

I guess you are right. The guy should get his act together . As they say....the customer comes first!

ici bistro- impossible to get a reso!!

It's a shame a reservation has to be made so far in advance. Unbelievable!
( you could always re gift your gift certificate! ha ha)

Amaya Review

Amaya is delicous. I cannot agree with you!

1574 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G3B7, CA

kipling and the kingsway, anything good in the area?

Actually Kipling and Kingsway do meet, but its all residential. No restaurants in sight. I think AzulH did mean The Queensway.
ciaociao is right,
Try La Veranda ( though I dislike the tacky atmosphere)
Royal York and Bloor closest resto area. VIBO for Italian, maybe or Merlot for French bistro cuisine.

Kingsway Restaurant
510 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, ON P0J1K0, CA

Agave Y Aguacate - delicious Mexican

Thanks for posting this. Sounds fabulous. Might be a great way to spend a leisurely few hours one afternoon. I am going!