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Need make ahead dinners for the week.

soups are amazing because they can supply you with so many nutrients and can also be delicious. recently i have found that a meaty beef bone, which can be bought at the grocer or butcher for a very small price, is a great addition and can replace the use of a stock in almost any soup. water with a beef bone adds tons of flavor and none of the salt or "natural flavors" you would get from a bouillon cube or can or carton of broth or stock. homemade stock cannot be replicated but is not necessary for a rich delicious bean and/or veggie soup. my recent fave is a navy bean, quinoa and kale concoction with the usual holy trinity of aromatics as well is some rosemary thyme and garlic.
chicken curries or veggie curries with yogurt instead of a coconut milk are good to eat off of. indian style food in general is good. family style dishes. each dish encompassing multiple food groups.
and dont forget about eggs. one of my favorite late night meals is an egg sandwich. scrambled. in a pita. with chipotle mayonnaise, tomatoes, avocado and mozzarella, swiss or goat cheese. or fried hard. on whole wheat bread with mayo cheese lettuce and some fresh chives.

Feb 07, 2009
phome in Home Cooking

authentic Italian red/marinara sauce?

in order:
if you like a rich sweet sauce, which i sometimes do for a hearty marinara, add a tablespoon or more granulated sugar. to taste of course.
no cheese in tomato sauce. ever. period.
when no fresh basil is on hand i add dried basil and oregano as well as fresh chopped italian parsley early in the process while i am sweating the onions.
chili flakes at this time add a little nice heat if you like some.
red wine added to the sauteed onions and herbs and then reduced before adding the tomatoes could be a "major ingredient" to some.
bay leaves if you are long simmering the sauce.
at the end of the cooking process swirling in a tablespoon or two of unsalted butter will add a richness to the sauce.

Feb 05, 2009
phome in Home Cooking

Cured meats in KC?

LaRoccas wholesale Italian grocery is AWESOME. They are open to the public m-f from 730 am to 330 pm. They have better prices(by far) then Carollos. They have cheeses and pine nuts, capers(in salt), salami and various other Italian products. Its in Columbus Park on 5th at Campbell across from LaSalas. They have olives too and the owners are very nice!

Sep 14, 2008
phome in General Midwest Archive

KC- Cooking classes

any class taught by a krause is a good bet. the couple owns a restaurant they currently run out of there home in lawrence and their food is amazing. the food they serve is very sophisticated, so any class would surely be a learning experience for a chef of any experience level.

Sep 09, 2008
phome in General Midwest Archive

vietnamese in kansas city

glad to hear that so many people here have opinions on the the same vietnamese foods i love. my new favorite is pho kc. its on 3rd and cherry i believe, and the neigborhood is called east river market(?). from the outside the place doesn't even look open and the sparse dark dining room is not not the proper prelude for the food to come. foodies are used to that though. so far the highlight for me has been the wonton egg noodle soup. delicious rich broth, countless wontons, eggnoodles, fried garlic and of course the herb plate which can be used at your discretion. they even make there own hot sauce(the dried chili/oil kind,) and it is amazing. i think they add some fried garlic, and if you like they will sell you some in a to-go cup.
kim-long is my new spot for pho-ga. they give you a mix of white and dark meat chicken in a golden, rich chicken broth with rice noodles, a bounty of white and green onion and fried garlic. the plate of herbs they give you is HUGE and fresh. do they throw away whats left? is it okay to ask for a to-go box to take what looks like a pound of mung bean sprouts and a whole bunch of cilantro?

Aug 29, 2008
phome in Great Plains

vietnamese in kansas city

i would love to hear the opinions of others on this topic.

Aug 26, 2008
phome in Great Plains

Italian in KC

la sals in columbus park is open m-f for lunch only, but its famous for its italian pastas and sandwhiches. garozzos in the same neighborhood has been around forever, been rebuilt after a fire and serves huge portions of fairly traditional american-italian food. the service is fun and the environment is casual.

Aug 19, 2008
phome in General Midwest Archive

Bourdain in KC

yes. harrys has an amazing bar! one that tony would appreciate for both its offerings as well as its appearance. i am so fond of the colombus park neighborhood and all it has to offer. kim longs is a high traffic vietnamese grocery/eatery that has a great pho ga. in fact all their soups are very good. happy gillis is an awesome cafe/hangout/breakfast/lunch spot where everything is made from scratch and personality radiates throughout the whole restaurant. he would def be interested in this one.
on the opposite end of the spectrum i am a huge fan of the american restaurant. food is taken seriously here.

Aug 19, 2008
phome in Great Plains

Suggestions in Kansas City, near the Plaza?

If you are willing to drive for your dinner I recommend The American Restaurant which is in Crown Center. The dining room is near the top of a tall building and the walls are windows so the view of the city is great. Their food is amazing down to the last detail and they have an in house pastry chef in charge of deserts. The menu is your choice of two to five courses (you may even be able to do more) and is seasonal changing weekly. When I was there last my desert was a vanilla bean semi-fredo with some sort of honey drizzle and basil seeds. To die for.

Aug 17, 2008
phome in General Midwest Archive

KC hounds: anyone seen green plums yet?

at the river market today, saw none. the price chopper in roeland park has pluots. last week i bought two kinds. watermelon pluots and regular pluots(?) both were very tasty! and the watermelon pluot was so pretty! so go there for green plums and if they have none, leave happily with something equally delicious and edible.

Aug 16, 2008
phome in General Midwest Archive