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Sushi in Omaha

I prefer Hiro over Blue because I hate fusion sushi. But once Blue opens up their Old Market location in a few weeks, I'll be eating downstairs instead of driving west. I talked to Tom, owner of Blue, and he told me the layout of the Old Market location, it's going to be insanely posh. Sakura Bana doesn't hold a candle to the other two, maybe before they relocated and raised prices, but not with the price hike.

Good Cheap Eats in Lincoln or Omaha NE

If your in Omaha during a friday or saturday, Hiro has a great reverse happy hour from 10pm-12 with a great selection of sushi and appetizers. Other Asian restaurants worth noting are MyThai on 144th? and W.Center in the Harvey Oaks Plaza if you want Thai. For Vietnamese theres a place around 130th and W. Center called Saigon. For Indian I go to the Taj, its in a plaza somewhere around 112th and Dodge.