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Cooking from "At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple, delectable dishes from India, Pakistan, bangladesh, and Sri Lanka"

My favorite cookbook. Even an idiot like me can make tasty homestyle Indian food.

Feb 09, 2015
malrubius in Home Cooking

Good Italian in South Nassau?

My daughter wants to go out for Italian for her birthday. We're new to the area. She is seven but she wants a little dressup, not necessarily a kids place but not too fancy/expensive. Prefer in Valley Stream, Hewlett, Lynbrook, East Rockaway, etc...

Shawarma in southern Nassau?

Thanks for your replies.

Shawarma in southern Nassau?

Hello. We just moved here from Florida.

Anybody know of any good Shawarma in south Nassau, preferably near Valley Stream, Hewlett, Hempstead, Rockville Center area. I would also consider traveling to Queens.

I prefer shawarma wrapped in a lavoshe to the pita kind. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.

Real NY Pizza in Valley Stream/Hewlett?

Thanks for all your replies so far. I also tried Ancona. It was very tasty.

Real NY Pizza in Valley Stream/Hewlett?

Well, Gallery Four was closed for vacation (closed for vacation?), so we got a large pepperoni at Eddie D's. It was EXCELLENT! That's the kind of pizza I moved to NY for! Thanks very much for the recommendation.

Real NY Pizza in Valley Stream/Hewlett?

Thanks very much for the reply. I think we'll try Gallery IV tonight.

Midas Touch Golden Elixir

Yeah, it's nice. I like it with some aged Gouda too.

Aug 16, 2008
malrubius in Features

Real NY Pizza in Valley Stream/Hewlett?

We just moved here (to Valley Stream/Hewlett) from Florida. We want a real NY pepperoni pizza. We've tried the Pizza Place on Broadway. It was okay, I guess, but not nearly as good as pizza I've had in the City or even at Tony's in Tarrytown.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.