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Need a cake that just screams...January

i recently went to a birthday party and had a cake that was so cute. it was delicious, but the best part about it was that it was decorated like a log-cabin. they make other humourous designed cakes to order. they didn't have a website up yet, but they gave me their email address:

Jan 28, 2007
marina in Los Angeles Area

Braised Turkey Recipe?

Saw a Food Network Challenge episode where a contestant made braised turkey. Didn't catch the end of it, but wondering how it turned out and if anyone has tried braising a turkey & if you can share your recipe.


Nov 21, 2006
marina in Home Cooking

best baguette?

Looking for fresh, warm baguettes that taste like they're from a neighborhood Parisian bakery, not baguettes from the market chain that taste like cardboard...any recommendations?

thanks foodies!

Aug 03, 2006
marina in Los Angeles Area

Is it worth driving to Baja for the food? [Moved from L.A. board]

my mouth is watering...thanks for the recommendations.

Jul 27, 2006
marina in Mexico

Is it worth driving to Baja for the food? [Moved from L.A. board]

My friend just got back from Ensenada/Rosarito and said it wasn't worth the trip. The hotel they booked looked good online but ended up being dirty. The food wasn't spectacular.

I know another person who thinks the food is great. Do you think it's worth the trip? Where should I stay and what's good to eat?

Jul 27, 2006
marina in Mexico

"Mom & Pops" in Koreatown

shik do rak, it's better than manna & soot bull jeep

Jul 27, 2006
marina in Los Angeles Area

Please help create a must-eat list for last 3 weeks in LA (long)

hamji park - bbq pork ribs, kim chee chigae
din tai fung - pork dumplings, shrimp fried rice, appetizer
hungry cat - hamachi, peeble beach or kumamoto oysters, market salad
shin sen gumi - chicken ume & cheese tempura, baked potato, chaawan mushi
shik do rak - bbq meat w/ rice paper wrappers
taverna tony's - saganaki, the table bread
fatty's - (lunch only!) fatty elvis, sloppy joe
a&j's - taiwanese style fried fish plate, ong choy
seoul garden - beef shabu shabu
joan's - most sandwiches, esp. blt, turkey, the lemonade, strawberry muffin thing (tastes like pancakes), chickpea salad
casa bianca - half meatball & pepper/ half sausage & tomato
ocean star - dim sum (sticky rice, chinese broccoli, spare-ribs, har gow)

there's more, but these will make you want to move back!

Jul 26, 2006
marina in Los Angeles Area