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Best Ice Cream in the La Crescenta area

I have a friend who is moving there and loves ice cream. I wanted to get some gift certificates for ice cream in the area. Thanks.

Lunch buffet at Minerva in Natick

Please dont think their branch in Norwood is this decent....Ok food but the service is awful....I like Gold Star and Rasoi

Reasonably priced seafood...

In Southeastern Ma, try the fresh Catch in Mansfield or Attleboro. Fresh Catch in Attleboro
has2 lobsters for 16.....this is 10 minutes from Wrentham outlets. Closer is Jeenerations Pub in North Attleboro which has good seafood and lobster twins for 12...this place has really improved and all we had was good.

Minerva in Norwood...Food Good ,Service awful

Thanks for your comment. I really miss Jaipur. I hope they will improve their service.....for now Ill go to one of several in Framingham. I wonder if their Natick Braanch is that awful service wise.

Jennerations N attleboro....Twin lobster awesome

The twin lobster and the rest of the food at Jennerations was quite good...the coleslaw was homemade, the rolls and fries were great. The pizza is really good. This place used to be not good , but the food is now awesome.. Call them and check the price of the special...its rock bottom and top quality.

Minerva in Norwood...Food Good ,Service awful

I had diiner at Minerva on Wednesday. The Food was Good, not great indian. The service was awful. The waiter literally thre the plates at us. They were unfriendly and very slow. Ill
drive elsewhere for indian food after this.

Favorite restaurants in Assisi

No one eats in assisi?

Aug 28, 2008
kakalina eats in Italy

North Attleboro, Attleboro area?

the food is not that great.

Clam Box Ipswich vs Quincy

I also would go to White farms anytime. If you want pizza...the pizza next to white farms...same building is good.

Favorite restaurants in Assisi

I am going to be in Assisi for two days inFebruary 2009, and would love to hear any
reccomendations you have for dining in the moderate or inexpensive range. Thank You in advance. Kathy

Aug 17, 2008
kakalina eats in Italy

North Attleboro, Attleboro area?

Bistro 45 is awesome. I think Memphis Steakhouse has gone downhill. Try
the north end deli for italian stuff.