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Branford, CT

Hello, Does anyone know what happened to Brunnelo's ? I loved it, the service was spectacular, Poalo, Mike and Lisa, they were the best in the area!
Let me know!

New restaurant in Branford, CT

Returned to Brunellos 4 times now and it was a great experience each time. Waitstaff is very personable, felt as if I was at home, great suggestions, nice menu, rack of lamb was unbelievable. my wife had the chefs special filet that was incredible and the creme brulee just topped it all off.

Temple Grill, New Haven - worst service ever.

I really enjoy going there, I usually get the salad where you build your own, for the most part it has always been great. sometimes the service is a little slow, but I overlook it because its my favorite place for salad.

Ibiza New Haven

Ibiza is excellent, next time try the short ribs. Well rounded place, service was the best around. As for Bespoke/Sabor food is great, the service needs a little work.

Branford, CT

I had great service at Brunellos and a delicous meal several times. LPC is great too! but I favor Italian.