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The pizza shop (24th St., Mission) [San Francisco]

Picked up 4 pies for my daughter’s birthday party Sunday – 2 pepperoni, one plain and one roasted red pepper. Even by basic NYC slice comparisons these were all below average and pretty flavorless. Pasquales on Sloat beats this place by a mile for this type of pie. Extra minus half point for being cash only.

New Shanghai Dumpling King? Less than a block from my house? [San Francisco]

uh, not really. I usually stick with the XLB, stir fried noodles Shanghai style and I also like the pan fried pork buns.

I actually think the XLB across the street at Rice Valley are better, thinner wrapper and better broth, although the filling is really loose and soft and kind of disintegrates into the broth.

In other news in this Sunnyside Chinese restaurant triangle, as of yesterday Lucky River is now Ming Garden. There is a change of ownership in the window but when I looked in the same ducks were hanging and the menus were still Lucky River. So not sure if this is an attempt to distance themselves from the recent spare rib sidewalk tenderizing incident or if there will be a whole new menu.

New Shanghai Dumpling King? Less than a block from my house? [San Francisco]

I agree completely with this assessment. But I cut them a little slack because I live around the corner and they have big tables and no wait, so good for last minute groups. The Balboa location was one of my favorite places, but I feel like that location has never been the same since the ownership change some 4-5 (?) years ago, and this location has never been as good.

Rye Project, Newish Delicatessen [SOMA, San Francisco]

Dropped by today and tried a small pastrami on rye. They have a small for $11 with ¼ lb of meat or a large (or maybe they called it something more exaggerated) for $14 with ½ lb. The pastrami was sliced paper thin and was such a minuscule amount that 90% of the taste of each bite was bread. The bread was good and had a strong rye flavor, but they toasted it, which only accentuated the dryness of the sandwich due to the lack of meat. Maybe I didn’t read that they were going to toast it, but it’s not the traditional way deli pastrami sandwiches are made, so I didn’t even think to look. Since I was getting it to go I asked for mustard on it, but was told to put my own on, so had to unwrap the whole thing and mustard it up, then pack back up before leaving.

The whole thing felt like a colossal rip-off and I left hungry and annoyed.

West Oakland Suggestions

So glad you enjoyed Miss Ollie's, it might be my favorite restaurant in the Bay Area. I went recently again for lunch and it was as consistent and good as ever. Also convenient to pick up some sausages at Taylor's on your way out if you get there before they close.

West Oakland Suggestions

Miss Ollie's

Tasting menu for neanderthals?

Second La Folie, I've never left hungry.

Wise Sons or Millers East Coast Delicatessen for pastrami sandwich ? [San Francisco]

I thought the thickness was one of the things they got right. It's the relatively smallish size and consistency that keep me from getting them regularly. I haven't tried Rye Project, but I wasn't a big fan of 1058 Hoagie or Deli Board. The meats lose their distinctiveness when they're sliced that thin, you lose the individual texture.

Agree with Robert that Langer's is the best in the West and never miss a stop when in LA. I spent 5 years living a block and a half from Katz's and still love them, but Langer's has better bread.

Franklin BBQ pop up mid-May?

Absolutely - super social and fun, the time passed quickly.

Franklin BBQ pop up mid-May?

I braved the line at Franklin and found it to be one of the rare uber-hyped places that actually lived up to the hype. While I still imagine his pop up will be the best BBQ in SF, I doubt it will be as good as the original locale. It is also likely to be less hassle to fly to Austin for the weekend than brave what promises to be epic lines for the pop up.

The Habit [Hamburgers] open in Alameda

All right, CBB v. MBB is a better fight. Although I've eaten CBB burger many times, its been over 15 years now since my last one - but my recollection is that its a much thinner burger so you can't really get it rare or even medium rare. Am I remembering that right? Had the MBB burger three weeks ago and it was as good as ever - but I've never gotten it at happy hour. MBB easily.

The Habit [Hamburgers] open in Alameda

I hardly think you're going to get someone to argue that In-N-Out is better than Shake Shack. Pick a real fight.

SF Trip 2015

C’mon – cut tatsu some slack, from his profile you can see he’s a regular chowhound contributor. At worst it’s an inartfully worded opening – and as someone whose attempt at humor often falls flat and/or offends I sympathize.

Having said that, more info would be helpful, as this is just a list.

Una Pizza is good if you like strict Neapolitan style, but there are lots of other great pizza styles to try. I would go with something more unique to San Francisco – Pizza Hacker or Gialina/Ragazza.

I love Brenda’s for po-boys and her other place Brenda’s Meat and Three, but these are New Orleans/Southern menus, not something I’d spend a meal on if I was traveling here.

B Patisserie is great, but might also consider Neighbor Bakehouse – again this will depend on where you are staying, transportation, etc.

State Bird – try to make a reso now or prepare to get there early and wait in line.

Smitten is good, but also look at Mr. & Mrs Miscellaneous (only open during the day), Bi-Rite and Humphry Slocombe for ice cream. Mr. & Mrs. is my favorite.

Your Favorite $5 or under bites in San Francisco

Estrellitas pupusas, Alemany Farmers Market - $3.50. For $5 you get rice and beans with it.

NEW: Neighbor Bakehouse in the Dogpatch, SF

Stopped in this morning and grabbed the blackberry and pistachio croissant, mushroom and manchego tart, sauerkraut and roast pepper tart and some little cake with candied orange peel. All were outstanding – I especially liked the sauerkraut tart. Nothing over or under baked, perfectly balanced and bold flavors and nothing was dry. They’ve really jumped to the head of the class in the SF pastry department. (un)fortunately I drive right by this place on my way to work every day. Just what my waistline needs – thanks a lot chowhounds. Will try some bread next time.

Po' Boy @ The Chef and Her Farmer (Oakland)

Went on Saturday and had the po-boy restaurant week special. Slaw was good, if a little sweet – I immediately dumped it off the sandwich and had it as a side, as it would have overwhelmed the delicate oysters. Oysters were impeccable, really sweet, perfectly cooked and tender, not overly fried.

As a Restaurant Week deal it is probably among the worst bargains. For $20 you get the po-boy, a small side of hand-cut garlic fries (these were good) and a “short pour” of beer or lemonade. The short pour was in a tiny glass – maybe 4 ounces and my wife got the lemonade, which was also a “short pour” in the same glass. Come on man, just pour me a pint, and who ever heard of a short pour of lemonade. I mean how much are they really saving on those other 12 ounces. It just came off as cheap and/or a gouge and made me not want to return, especially with Miss Ollie’ a stone’s throw away. Those oysters were damn good though.

Appeals court deals blow to Drakes Bay Oyster Co.

"the most vicious and worst-behaved pressure group in San Francisco politics, notorious for vilifying and bullying anyone who disagrees with them."

I'd call this the rule for most San Francisco special interest groups rather than the exception.

Box and Bells Eating House - Oakland


Closed down. Bummer, I really liked this place.

Po' Boy @ The Chef and Her Farmer (Oakland)

That's what I was thinking - it concerns me that the amount of slaw might overwhelm the oysters.

Taking advantage of an airmiles/dining rewards offer to spend $30 at qualifying SF restaurant in exchange for 2K United miles. Which are worth visiting?

Gilberth's was good, I liked the vibe and the space, but I've never been to Urbana. So I'd pick Urbana just because I haven't been yet. Let the missus decide.

Taking advantage of an airmiles/dining rewards offer to spend $30 at qualifying SF restaurant in exchange for 2K United miles. Which are worth visiting?

I didn't notice Urbana on the list and haven't been, but that would have been my choice as well based on what I've read. The missus is wise.

Taking advantage of an airmiles/dining rewards offer to spend $30 at qualifying SF restaurant in exchange for 2K United miles. Which are worth visiting?

I had a solid meal at Gilberths, but it feels like it was about two years ago - burger was very good. Of the rest I'd second Il Cane Rosso or Memphis Minnies, though its been at least 8 years since I've been to Memphis Minnies. Lotta dogs on that list.

Growler fills 'this side' of SF?

Yeah that's what I was wondering, I understood that some wont allow it and want you to buy their growlers.

Growler fills 'this side' of SF?

What is the etiquette for bringing a growler in to be filled, does it have to be from that Brewery? I finally cleaned my garage of various growlers that were hanging around gathering dust on the off-chance that I’d remember to throw them in the car if I was heading to Petaluma or San Leandro.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

Yep - $8.99 per lb. Christmas pricing.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer,Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

While I understand the sentiment, I have to admit that as soon as I saw that Chenery Park in Glen Park closed I was telling friends that I would love to see a good burger and craft beer place go into the space. There are plenty around town, but none that I can walk to from my house.

Kid-friendly restaurant in SF?

Porcellino is super casual and good food, no problem with kids.

Boutique Sonoma Wineries

Someone will likely chime in that Sonoma is a big area - will you be in the Town of Sonoma, near Healdsburg, how far do you want to drive etc.

Putting that aside, I find Mazzoco's wines to be uniformly big and jammy. They specialize in Zins but also make cabs, petite syrahs, chard, etc.

SF Pizza Update? (Flour+Water, PizzaHacker, Zero Zero, etc.)

They do a "Top Shelf" marg with early girl tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella that's worth getting - I think they only sell so many a night. Yo Vinnie is always good. They don't really have much else unless you get a salad, so you might want to get 3 pies for 3 people - but maybe I'm just a bigger eater when it comes to pizza.

Food better at GCM or at Ferry Building? [moved from LA 1st Timer thread]

Ha, thanks, it was quite a game. Honestly though, I rarely go to the Ferry Building anymore. Its not just for tourists but its so jam packed with them you can hardly move in there on a weekend. The locals that go there either work nearby and pop in to grab things at lunch or commute by ferry to Marin and stop on their way home. In the last two years I've actually made more visits to GCM than to the Ferry Building since I usually stay downtown when I'm in LA.

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