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Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

Yep - $8.99 per lb. Christmas pricing.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer,Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

While I understand the sentiment, I have to admit that as soon as I saw that Chenery Park in Glen Park closed I was telling friends that I would love to see a good burger and craft beer place go into the space. There are plenty around town, but none that I can walk to from my house.

Kid-friendly restaurant in SF?

Porcellino is super casual and good food, no problem with kids.

Boutique Sonoma Wineries

Someone will likely chime in that Sonoma is a big area - will you be in the Town of Sonoma, near Healdsburg, how far do you want to drive etc.

Putting that aside, I find Mazzoco's wines to be uniformly big and jammy. They specialize in Zins but also make cabs, petite syrahs, chard, etc.

SF Pizza Update? (Flour+Water, PizzaHacker, Zero Zero, etc.)

They do a "Top Shelf" marg with early girl tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella that's worth getting - I think they only sell so many a night. Yo Vinnie is always good. They don't really have much else unless you get a salad, so you might want to get 3 pies for 3 people - but maybe I'm just a bigger eater when it comes to pizza.

Food better at GCM or at Ferry Building? [moved from LA 1st Timer thread]

Ha, thanks, it was quite a game. Honestly though, I rarely go to the Ferry Building anymore. Its not just for tourists but its so jam packed with them you can hardly move in there on a weekend. The locals that go there either work nearby and pop in to grab things at lunch or commute by ferry to Marin and stop on their way home. In the last two years I've actually made more visits to GCM than to the Ferry Building since I usually stay downtown when I'm in LA.

Oct 30, 2014
sunnyside in Los Angeles Area

Food better at GCM or at Ferry Building? [moved from LA 1st Timer thread]

I love GCM and don’t think one is better than the other. But the responses here seem to ignore the fact that 2-3 days a week there are a variety of other food vendors at the Ferry Plaza, to say nothing of the actual farmers market on those days. The produce on the farmer’s market is ridiculous in its quality, diversity (and price), and there is no comparison to the cheap produce at CGM. As for Wexler’s, Wise Sons serve their pastrami sandwiches, bagels with lox, etc. on Tuesdays and Thursdays – not saying its better pastrami, but it is almost the same menu. As for Eggslut, I don’t get the big deal other than the catchy name, I mean its fine but its an egg sandwich. Il Cane Rosso serves much better breakfast dishes. SF has Belcampo at other locations, but for a burger comparison there’s 4505 Meats. LA seems more obsessed with Belcampo than SF hounds for some reason. Roli Roti porchetta sandwich is amazing – but not there everyday. Haven’t been to Olio but FP has Neopolitan style pizzas from Bouli Bar and on market days from Pizza Politana. As for cheese, the selection at Cowgirl is easily 4 times that of DTLA cheese, no real comparison there. But again, I love GCM, so don’t chase me out on my next LA visit.

Best Asian in San Francisco

New York is a big state. Its unclear to me if the OP is from the NYC area or not. He/she could live an 8 hour drive from Flushing. But the assertion that "NY really doesn't have great Asian food" is clearly off-base, unless talking about certain areas outside of the NYC area.

Peking Duck or Tea Smoked Duck in SF or Daly City? For this Friday...

"Apples and oranges"

we also would have accepted "pigs and ducks"

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor?? [San Francisco]

I was at a kiddie party about a year ago where they had a tray of them with all the sauces. I'd say they're just OK, nothing special, little hard and lacking in flavor for my tastes. Sauces were good though. But coming from LA, I'd definitely pass.

3rd and Townsend (SF)?

Right, Koh Samui has decent Thai and a super fast take-out steam table operation at lunch where you get rice (white or brown) and a choice of two items for like $8.95, usually a variety of 8-10 things, noodles, couple curries, some veggie options.

Across the Street on Brannan is Brick House, sandwiches, burgers, etc. – again nothing great, but everything is solid and you can get a pint there without too much crowd on game nights.

For standard Mexican you have Victor’s next to Primo Patio, but I prefer Chavo’s on Bryant and 4th – their tamales are really good and I love the cinnamon heavy sauce on them. But I had to stop eating them because I always needed a nap or 4 shots of espresso to recover.

The tech kids line up for kimchi burritos at HRD, but I’m not really a fan, I find their stuff greasy/fatty.

Merigan Sub Shop is on 2d btwn Brannan and Townsend but after 3 tries I’ve decided that for me the flavor is not there for the price.

3rd and Townsend (SF)?

I work at Brannan and Third, but am more of a salad eater at lunch and don't return to the area for dinner often, but have been to the following.

Little Skillet for fried chicken, on Ritch btwn Townsend and Brannan - liked it much better when they first opened, but still good if you time a fresh hot batch.

Twofish Baking Co. recently opened on Ritch btwn Brannan and Bryant - so slightly out of the one block radius, but they have a variety of calzones at lunch.

Darwin Cafe - just 2 doors up from Twofish, very good sandwiches but usually a line.

Marlowe moved into the old Coco500 space on Brannan and 4th, but I don't think they're open yet.

Baby friendly craft beer East Bay/ SF

Depends on what kind of beer your baby likes to drink.

The Dock at Linden Street might work.

Can I just say I love the title of your post.

Weekend Trip Report Day 3 and 4 (Maven/Frances/Bar Tartine/The Cavalier)

Wait, so everyone buys into hype and fails to accept things on their merits except for you? Must be mighty thin air up there.

Weekend Trip Report Day 3 and 4 (Maven/Frances/Bar Tartine/The Cavalier)

I don’t think it’s an all or nothing proposition. I wasn’t crazy about any of their lunch open faced sandwiches and also found the flatbread to be kind of greasy and boring. I also found the service to be indifferent at best. But the smoked potatoes and the spicy fisherman’s stew at one dinner there were amazing. And while I understand people have different tastes, my brain can’t really compute someone not thinking that Tartine’s country loaf is anything but incredible.

SF: What's Left to Do?

Keens has a giant king's cut prime rib, silver haired waiters in dinner jackets and a swanky 129 year old atmosphere. But no metal airstream as far as I know. Then again I go there for the mutton chop.

All-Star Donuts [San Francisco, Marina DIstrict location]

Too bad. That is indeed an awesome sign. For the standard sort of Bob's not too fancy type donuts I happened upon Twisted Donuts on Noriega btwn 19th and 20th that just opened and was quite good and less heavy/greasy than Bob's. I especially liked the orange glaze - tasted like a creamsicle. Definitely worth a stop if you're in the neighborhood.

China North Dumpling on Noriega [San Francisco]

Ate here again last Friday night - had the same things as last time, Ma Po tofu, Shanghai noodles, salt and pepper chicken - all excellent like last time, salt and pepper chicken was especially good and spicy. The only variation was the XLB which turned out to be the only clunker. Thick, thick spongy wrappers, bland filling, a little soup at first but the spongy wrappers seemed to absorb the soup by the last ones. But good news for those that don't like the soup spilling out when you pick them up, no problem, you could juggle with these dumplings and there'd be no spillage.

SF: What's Left to Do?

I'd hit the East Bay, if just for Miss Ollie's.

SPQR or Perbacco? [San Francisco]

“SPQR seems to me about as understated as La Ciccia”

I wouldn’t really agree with that, La Ciccia has a more of a funky neighborhood vibe with the utilitarian tile flooring. I found SPQR to be slicker, more like it was a designed space, though still pretty low key.

What is the best restaurant where the waitstaff does the most obnoxious birthday celebration?

At my buddy’s birthday party last year at House of Prime Rib someone anonymously (he is almost certain it was his bitter ex-girlfriend) hired a clown come in and sing happy birthday, sit on his lap and generally embarrass him. He was not amused, but had to play along to avoid ruining the evening. To me this seems really unfair to the other diners, but if it’s a super casual spot, you could do something like that.

3% healthcare charge: coming to more receipts near you

Its been heavily discussed in SF. I don’t know statistics but in my (unscientific) experience maybe a quarter to half of mid-upper range SF restaurants list it as a separate charge, and its clearly printed on the bottom of the menu – or in some instances as a separate hand out card. Although I’ve always seen it separated out on the bill, sometimes there is vague phrasing as to what exactly the charge is and I’ve had to ask about it.

Of course since we’re all tech billionaires we don’t look at the bill – but now that you mention it I’ll have one of my personal assistants look into it. Besides aren’t all LA residents Hollywood moguls? Can’t you just factor it into your production budgets?


Sep 12, 2014
sunnyside in Los Angeles Area

Twofish Baking Company - SF

Now open on Ritch Street, SF. Only calzones and salads for lunch, but they seem to sell out on the early side. All calzones except the 3 cheese were sold out when I was in. It was good, not too bready or heavy, served with a sweetish tomato dipping sauce, but 3 cheese is a little boring. I’d like to try some of the meat calzones before rendering full judgment. Also had the sticky bun and a chocolate chip cookie – both excellent. Co-worker had a tuna salad she deemed not very good and expensive at $12

Bread on the website looks good but as they explained it to me you have to look at the online menu for the daily bread choices, then call them the day before and let them know what you want and they’ll bring it down from Sea Ranch, Monday and Fridays only. So you’re getting the bread they baked the day before (if understand it correctly). Seems like a lot of work for day old bread but it does look good, so I’d be curious to hear reports.


Box and Bells Eating House - Oakland

Quite cryptic. Who are the restaurateurs you speak of?

The FiveThirtyEight Does Burritos

Lets go down this weekend and pick some fights ML8000. But then as you note, they'd throw tacos at us and we'd have to run home with our tails between our legs.

The FiveThirtyEight Does Burritos

Skinny limp burrito lovers rejoice!! Your king has been crowned.


What are your thoughts on the city's coffee offerings?

Yes, the only saving grace is knowing that when I get out of the house I can hit Courier – which I believe I was tipped off to by one of your posts grayelf.

What are your thoughts on the city's coffee offerings?

No, thanks I'll give it a try.

What are your thoughts on the city's coffee offerings?

Oh god, my in-laws up in Portland have one of those and not only does it not taste like coffee, you can drink 10 cups and still feel sleepy. I'm always wondering how offensive it would be for me to just show up with my french press and beans.

Lunch in Sausalito

I'll just second Fish - best fish and chips in the area and great casual atmosphere right on the water. I like their clam dip as well.