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Pigeon Peas (Gandules) - Where to find in DC area?

One more thing I want to add ... Redners in Joppa (on Pulaski Highway) has a half of an aisle devoted to Goya products. Really nice selections there.

Pigeon Peas (Gandules) - Where to find in DC area?

I agree with you. Shoppers is very ethnic friendly. I was able to find many ethnic pantry items there. Met all my needs every time I go there.

Now with another cupcake place opening up in DC?

Do we really need another cupcake place? Can't we be original and not follow the national trend? Cakelove was so 90s. I am disappointed in the dismal DC food scene. First that burger place in Capitol Hill ... and now with more cupcake places popping up everywhere in DC. Really pathetic!

Good Stuff Eatery lately?

I am sorry to say this, but that place is probably the most overrated and overhyped in the city. I work in the area, so I thought I should try one of its burgers and I did yesterday. It was not that good, certainly not worth my time waiting in the line. The meat patty fell apart into crumbles. The only good thing about it is its PA Dutch buns. They were out of rosemary fries. For a good burger in the area, Hawk & Dove is the place to go to. Everything is so artifical at GSE.