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Will you rank delis for me?

Already planning out a 2-day trip to the city (from D.C.) -- that's not happening until mid-December. But I gotta look forward to something...

My trip's missions: See a soon-to-open play starring my favorite actor; see my nephew who just landed a new job and apartment; eat a really good corned beef or pastrami sandwich (and pizza, but the nephew's got that covered).

Help me narrow the deli list!
My routine place in D.C. is OK for corned beef and potato knishes, but I want the good stuff.
2nd Avenue Deli is nearby his new apartment.
Carnegie, Katz's -- what else is out there in Manhattan that I should consider? (If there's a kosher one out there, a bonus, but not necessary.)

Here are the menu items that would be on my list -- where would you go for a "never disappoint" meal?

--Corned beef and/or pastrami on rye that is firm (wimpy rye is a problem in the D.C. area)
-- Round potato knishes (not spinach or sweet potato, really, cuz I'm a purist when it comes to deli meals).
-- Tasty half-sour pickles (the jarred Batampte pickles at the grocery here do not make my tastebuds dance anymore)
-- Perhaps kishka (if as I've read on the Yonah Shimmel thread a really great potato knish is just a daydream now)
(and the restaurant's gotta have dr. brown's ...)

[Also, I would get huge brownie points with the nephew's parents if I could get some excellent chocolate rugelah to ship out to them in the midwest.]

Sep 16, 2011
pammyfay in Manhattan

RC, Shasta, "generic cola's"

Reviving this (again):

To the RC drinkers (current or past)--do you think the formula has changed over the years? I bought a bottle a little while ago and thought it tasted bland, not the "bright" taste I recall from, say, the mid- to late '80s -- when I was just out of college and recall walking to a convenience store near my first apartment and buying a bottle or can of RC -- or even when my dad used to get it when I was a bit younger. Maybe it's the difference between a pure cane sugar base and high-fructose corn syrup? Or maybe my tastebuds have just dulled now that I'm older...

(I recall Cott soda--I grew up in West Hartford; we also had soda delivered from Pequot, glass bottles in a wood crate, and seltzer--in the real "trigger" seltzer bottles--from a company in New Britain.)

Dec 16, 2010
pammyfay in General Topics

Peach ice cream?

I've never tasted it, but for some reason-- I read an article somewhere on the "best ice cream flavors at tiny ice creameries" and it's been rolling around in my head--I really want to. The grocery store peaches look good--so I assume it's also peach ice cream time? Any leads on finding it in the Northern Virginia area? (I could try to make it myself--if I borrowed an ice cream maker--but pretending I know what I'm doing in the kitchen would just be a cruel thing.)