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Incline for a crowd.

Driving from the Thunderbird Lodge to Dollar point on a Saturday after a tour. Will have a party of about 20. Looking for a place to stop along the way home with views, strong food, reservations accepted and reasonable pricing. No strong feeling about cuisine type, really open to anything, just to please all the palates. Thanks for the help.

Jun 10, 2011
dekayp in California

My wife wants to watch baketball...really.

We're flying into midway at 6:30pm on 4/2 and have reservations at MK that evening. My wife has Butler fever and does not want to miss the game (tip-off coincides with our meal). Does MK have a TV at their bar...maybe we could eat at the bar? Other similar well thought of restaurants that would tolerate her need for final four viewing if MK does not fit the bill for Saturday night? No price limit and location Near North vs. Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Cafe
1112 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610

Mar 28, 2011
dekayp in Chicago Area

Kid friendly SF

Will be in SF 9/20-9/23 with wife and two kids (ages 2 & 6). Staying @ 900 N. Point (new Fairmont Ghirardelli Square). Need all suggestions out there for kid friendly restaurants: breakfast, lunch & dinner.

1. No chains please!
2. Does not have to be kid oriented per say. . .just interesting enough/busy enough/loud enough to hold our kid's attention without us being intrusive or annoying to other dinners.
3. Public transportation accessible is a plus but we will have a car.
4. My kids love to eat. . .no boundaries as far as ethnic food etc (cool dim sum, a great local pizza place, fresh local flavors all ring true)
5. No price restriction. . .would like to go out for at least one nice early family dinner.
6. Walking distance for breakfast
7. A staff that knows how to please families

Help us come up with a Chow-friendly/Kid friendly agenda for our whole trip!



Sep 15, 2008
dekayp in San Francisco Bay Area

Short Notice One Night!

Correction: 8/16/08 is the one night!

Aug 13, 2008
dekayp in Los Angeles Area

Short Notice One Night!

Will be in L.A. one night (8/19). Staying in Santa Monica. Don't have much time to do research so I need some help! Where to get reservations for two. Adventurous, fresh, farmers market driven regional cuisine. Price not an issue and we will have a car. Open to any suggestions. Will cruise the board in the mean time!


Aug 13, 2008
dekayp in Los Angeles Area