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PROVISIONS on St-Laurent Street

I didn't try their coffee so I can't comment on that. But the bread was delicious when I went.
Just checked out your blog. Great job.

PROVISIONS on St-Laurent Street

We had quite a few emails regarding this new place on St-Laurent street.
One our friend went there and made the video photo review.

With the new chowhound looks, we thought that we would have the ability to upload video here. Too bad we can't. I uploaded a couple of pictures

I tasted their sandwiches. I had a lamb sausage and it was just amazing. There's grilled zucchini in there with roasted bell peppers. Their bread is something else since they make their own bread. You can't get any fresher.

The passion for quality of these guys is obvious. The only drawback is that they're open only for lunch until 4pm on weekdays. I've told that they plan to open for brunch in a near futur. Hope their hours also will extend since I don't work in the Centre-Sud downtown area.



Where to take a group of 30 to eat in Downtown Montreal (near McGill)

I stand corrected for Cavalli. 75$ won't take you far unless you just go for a main course but the whole package with wine and tips is more 150$.

I was thinking that maybe Hotel Opus might be an option on the corner of St-Laurent and Sherbrooke. Their cuisine is apparently very good and entertaining. it's cheaper than Cavalli but 75$ won't include tips and taxes

Where to take a group of 30 to eat in Downtown Montreal (near McGill)

Hi eat2much:
Last time I checked Chez Gauthier was French Cuisine and even known as a French Bistro. A friend also once tolm me it's a brasserie parisienne.

Maybe the owners are Belgians. I also know they have a connection with Patisserie Belge next door.

Where to take a group of 30 to eat in Downtown Montreal (near McGill)

at 75$ per person you can go to the trendy places like Cavalli on peel or take them to the St-Laurent street jet set are. Buano note and co. Or right on parc avenue for a very good french restaurant Chez Gautier .

What would be a must to experience when visiting Montréal and Québec

What would be a must to eat in Montreal and the rest of the province.

Smoked meat is on top of my list since it's unique to Montreal and the province of Quebec.
Schwartz, main, etc.

Breakfast with Baked Beans is also an experience to have at Bineri Mont Royal

Poutine (Soggy fries kills the experience for me)

they re-opened

Restaurant LOMBARDI is our latest 30 Seconds Review.

Our friend Georges told us about this place. He told us that the restaurant re-opened after being closed for more than a year because of a fire. We noticed that the building is brand new. Our waiter told us that everything is new except the personnel. Everybody is back on the floor and in the kitchen. Guess he wanted to reassure us by saying it's the same good old cuisine.

Same or not we didn't care since it was our first visit. Our experience was as expected from a restaurant serving Italian cuisine. It was very rich and nourishing. A bonus is the location of the SAQ wine store. It's two doors down from the restaurant. In the province of Quebec, most "bring your own wine" restaurant don't charge a corking fee like other restaurants in the rest of Canada.

see attached photo or the video review on our blog

Falafel FREIHA

Hi again kpzoo and Carswell,
Yes we do reviews but we are not a web site. We’re a blog and it's a hobby not a business. The concept is to show a slide show video of our experience in a restaurant, café, etc. The name is 30 seconds review because it last about 30s. We don’t charge people to make the reviews. We will only show places that we liked. That’s why the banner says we tried it, we liked it, it’s Showtime. If one day we travel the world eating everywhere and showing you about it the I guess we will create a web site. Hope you’re not confused anymore. Have a good week end.

Falafel FREIHA

Hey Saro,
I would love to travel to lebanon and the middle east and try falafel sandwiches there. I must admit that freiha took us by surprise with the flavors kicking in. My first bite was expecting something ordinnary and then like Moe said in a episode of the the simpsons "it's like a party in my mouth and everybody is invited".

Falafel FREIHA

Hi Carswell,
A resto review site is not what we are. Maybe one day but we're a blog where a bunch of friends share our experiences with photos rveiews. Maybe one day we will become an official restaurant review web site and make a living traveling the world to try dishes from allover the planet. But who would quit their daily job and do such a thing ;) We are food lovers and our blog is a hobby in progress.

Thanks for the tip on Benny and Jerusalem express we will check it out.

As of how are falafel made, there's different vvariations of it. I was told many times that the jewish falafel doesn't use chick peas but beans only. So I stand corrected thanks to you. You got me curious about the origins so I found this link on falafel history. Many cultures have it but where did it really start? who knows only that it's a great dish.

If anyone else have suggestions for a falafel sandwiches please don't be shy to share.

take care

Falafel FREIHA

no metro in the immediate area but I guess bus from the montmorency metro station might get you there.

Falafel FREIHA

Hi Cherylmtl,
I personally had experiences with many of the chich taouk places in Montreal. Nothing ever came close to freiha. Remember that the key word is FRESH.

Do you have any places to recommend?

I never had a falafel from the jewish community. Do you know any spots in town?
I won't mention the horrible experience at kojak many years ago. I believe kojax is considered greek?

I know that a falafel must be eaten right off the fryer. It's not the same texture when it's cold or even reheated in a micro-wave (shame on the them) as we witnessed once another horrible experience at amir (lebanese place) on st-denis and mont-royal. Also noticed that quality control doesn't exist at amir chain. Each place is different.

There's a difference in the way a falafel are done depending of the region in the middle east. Some use beans only but a lebanese friend told us the lebanese falafel is a mix of chick peas and different beans.

Also if you want to laugh check out this short film that won an oscar in 2006 called west bank story. we can't talk about movies here but this one had for main subject love and falafel.

Falafel FREIHA

Hi kpzoo
The only thing I can say is that we went there to find out if this is really an unique place to try. And it was. That's the hole purpose of our love for food. It's to find unique place and talk about them so other can discover them.

Quality of the product is there and you can't get more fresh than a ball of falafel right out of the round fryer they use.
I just added 2 pics

this is the address
Falafel FREIHA
3858 boulevard Perron
(coin Cure Labelle)
Laval, (QUÉBEC), Canada H7V 1P7

If you know a good falafel place, let us know.

If you go to my profile you'll have the link to go see the video (hope we're not breaking any rules by saying that)

Falafel FREIHA

We were guided to eat a very good falafel in Montreal. Actually it was in Laval near boul Curé-Labelle on boul. perron. Right next to marché Adonis in Laval.

There's nothing like eating something fresh. "Just Falafel" could also be the name of this restaurant because that's all they serve. Typical lebanese Falafel is made from chick peas and beans and eaten all dressed (the works) with tomatoes, parsley, mint leaves, peppers, marinated cucumber, and taratore sauce or also called tahini sauce (sesame paste base).

We had 2 sandwich for under 5$. They have a few table outside but this place is a hole in the wall. There's no dining there.

We are yet to discover a better falafel sandwich than Freiha's. Let us know and we will talk about it.

hope it's okay to post like this since we can't put a direct link to our photo review. Is there a way to imbed the video here?