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Dim sum.

Black Brick has some very interesting dishes and good flavors. Not really traditional but I like the beef chow fun and the dan dan noodles very much. The dumplings on the other hand are kind of adventurous and not really what you would recognize as something you'd have in SF or NYC. But not bad either. Worth a try.

Dim sum.

Best rolling cart dim sum is definitely Tropical on Bird Rd in Miami. Most authentic and very popular for many years and deservedly so.
Kon Chau which is just down the road a couple of blocks doesn't have the carts but the dim sum is also very good. Not very atmospheric but the Xiao long bao (soupy dumplings) are as good as any I have had here in south Florida and I've tried most all of them.

Best BBQ in Miami

I recently discovered Shiver's BBQ on Dixie Hwy and 280th St in Homestead. Excellent Baby back ribs! Been twice and not disappointed though is is a bit far for us to travel from Miami Beach.

Soup dumplings in Mia-Ft. Lauderdale?

Xiao Long Bao ( Soupy Dumplings) are now on the Dim Sum menu at Tropical Chinese (called Ginger Pork Dumplings) and at Chef Philip Ho's in Sunny Isles.

Where are the best burger joints in Miami (possibly South Beach)?

Burger and Beer is best. I also like 5 Guys when I am in the mood for a tasty but greasy burger. Gotta admit Shake Shack and 5 Napkins do not doit forme.

Dim Sum and XLB recommendations

Staying around Sanchez and Market.

Aug 14, 2011
Skeeta in San Francisco Bay Area

Dim Sum and XLB recommendations

Will be in SF for two weeks at beginning September. Looking for some authentic dim sum and in particular xiao long bao (soupy dumplings).
Yank Sing sounds a bit too touristy and overpriced for my taste. I prefer small places that locals go to. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Yank Sing
49 Stevenson St Ste Stlv, San Francisco, CA 94105

Aug 13, 2011
Skeeta in San Francisco Bay Area

Soup dumplings in Mia-Ft. Lauderdale?

I had soup dumpling or xiao long bao at Lung Gong last week. Not exactly Joe's Shanghai but I had a craving and so they were on the menu. Lung Gong is on 8th street just west of the turnpike.

Lung Gong Restaurant
11920 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33184

Dim sum in Miami

Tropical is by far the most authentic for dim sum. Kon Chau and Sang's are a distant second. I haven't tried Toa Toa or South Garden but Tropical has dim sum every day and it is fresh and hits the spot for me. (and I used to work around in Chinatown in New York)


Something funny is going on. Evicted from Meridian location and now (May 24) still no sign of their opening at 437 Lincoln.

New places on South Beach

I was there on June 18 and they were opened, (the burgers were great and the place was full) but the "official" opening is Tuesday June 22.

South Beach or no for foodie/Chowhounder

I live on the beach just a couple of blocks from where you were going to stay and I concur that you are making a mistake staying on the mainland.
Good "ethnic" choice in that neighborhood are Mattarello's (Italian, excellent lunch choice) on Washington just North of Espanola and Charlottes Cafe at 15th and Washington (Argentinian and now open for breakfast!) Charlottes Bakery right next door has excellent empanadas. All just a block or two from Collins and 14th.
If you want to go more upscale BLT Steak at The Betsy on Ocean Drive between 14 and 15 is a great choice. You may also want to try Tap Tap Haitain food on 5th and Meridian. Enjoy!

Italian Markets in South Florida

I can't believe no one has mentioned Mimi's Ravioli in Hollywood. They have the best fresh salted mozzarella I have ever tasted and I'm Italian, born and raised in Brooklyn!

Mimi's Ravioli
5714 Johnson St, Hollywood, FL

8 oz Burger Bar lands on South Beach

I love burgers and I don't think 8 Oz can compare to Clarkes. I tried them both within a few days and fro me Clarkes came in the winner by a long shot...bigger, juicier, more flavor and you don't have to pay extra for the sides.

Return to Tropical Chinese

I completely agree with Blind Mind. I used to work near Chinatown in NYC and I love Dim Sum and all kinds of Chinese food. I've tried all the places here in the Miami area and Tropical wins hands down! Their Dim Sum is comparable or better than any I've had in NY. Quality is great and the food is always yummy!

Jerry's Yummy, quality & service going downhill?

Jerry's is overpriced and underwhelming..nothing more than a tourist trap! Next time go around the corner to The Front Porch on Ocean Drive (between 14th and 15th St) Sit outside and people watch and enjoy a real breakfast with a view of Lummus Park. One of the best breakfasts around!

Indian Palate, all palates

I went there last Sunday for lunch buffet and it was very good! The variety on Sunday is greater than during the week so that may explain why the price was $14,95, in any case a great bargain! The menu prices in the evening are a little high for Indian food so that made the lunch buffet seem like even more of a bargain. Nice salads, good naan, all the dishes were fresh and nicely spiced and there was an excellent assortment of desserts. We will return!

Miami Beach - Big Pink?

Try The Front Porch on Ocean Drive between 14th and 15th streets. Much better quality and the walk will do you good.

Miami Beach With No Money-Where to Eat?

I agree about Matarello. It is a very good choice for lunch...Washington just North of Espanola Way. No menu, you just eat whatever they have that day. They always have several choices. Always fresh and it's a little slice of Italy on the beach.
I am surprised that no one has mentioned Charlotte's Cafe on 15th Street and Washington. Argentine inspired menu. All entrees are $8.95 for both lunch and dinner. That's includes skirt steak or grilled chicken or tilapia with sides, bread and two great sauces; chimichurri and salsa criolla. A great buy and always yummy!

Prime Italian -- Miami Beach

Yeah great, the Italian restaurant that was there was very nice and moderately priced and now "Prime" took it over and you have the great pleasure of paying $35 bucks for a plate of pasta...yuck!

What's the word on Hosteria Romana?

Gotta agree...this is not a good place for Italian...and I'm Italian. Tourist trap is a more fitting label.
For very good Italian nearby try Spiga on Collins just south of 13th or Hosteria de Teatro on the corner of Espanola and Washington. Much, much better!
Further south on Washington there's La Locanda between 4th and 5th streets which is also very good.

Best BBQ in Miami

I've been to BBQ Beach 3 or 4 time since it is very close to my home on Miami Beach and I do not understand how anyone can put this joint in the category of best of anything. The ribs are sub-par and the sides are not even worth mentioning. I've had baby back ribs at Houstons that are way better. BBQ Beach is not in the top in my humble opinion.

Mattarello in Sobe

I went last week for lunch and the Mass (one of the owners) made a roast beef sandwich for me. It was delicious! Chunks of imported Parmesan cheese, arugula, imported olive oil...I was in heaven. An Orangina on the side and I was good to go. My friend had the pasta of the day which was penne with smoked salmon. he said it was very good. Great addition to the neighborhood!

Lunch in South Beach

Your best bet on Ocean Drive for Cuban food (probably the only one) is Lario's which is owned by Gloria Estefan. It is next to The News Cafe at 8th and Ocean.
Oriente at The Cardozo which I believe is also owned by Gloria is also a very lovely place to have lunch or dinner on Ocean Drive. The food is Cuban/Asian fusion.
Another good place and a favorite with locals and visitors is The Front Porch Cafe on Ocean north of 14th Street. Excellent for breakfast and lunch.
These are all across from Lummus Park and the beach.y

Many of the other places along Ocean Drive a re tourist traps so be careful.

Dim Sum in Miami?

Well, I can't say Tropical beats NYC cause I have yet to find the wonderful soupy dumplings you get at a place like Joe's Shanghai on Pell St in Chinatown. Yum! However Tropical is about the best in South Florida for me for both dim sum and dinner.

Dim Sum in Miami?

We love dim sum. We tried Sang's today, had high expectations but it was not good. Dim sum was not even close to Tropical or Mr. Chu's in flavor or quality. Very disappointed. The siu mai was so dense it was like a hard ball. Never again!

Miami Beach Hot Dogs

I miss NY deli too and Jerry's just doesn't cut it for me, besides the fact that a pastrami sandwich is now $18 ($21 if you ask for lean!) I found The New York Big Apple Deli on Biscayne Blvd across the street from Costco up around 145th st. Good deli and great prices. Corned beef on rye is $8.95 and the pickles are good too. By the way they do have franks and beans on the menu, maybe you can get them on rolls with sauerkraut and mustard and pretend you're back in NYC!


I gave up trying to get a really good pizza in South Florida until I discovered Anthony's Coal Fired last year. Fresh ingredients and very hot oven makes the pies cook fast and come out well done. I tried both the Fort Lauderdale one and the one on Biscayne and 179th. For me the best pizza I've had and I try as many as I can. Spris on Lincoln Rd on South Beach is number two in my book.

Aug 13, 2008
Skeeta in Florida

Indian food in Miami?

I've tried most of the Indian restaurants in the Miami area and Ishq, the new one on Ocean Drive and 6th street is the most authentic for me. The only drawback is that it is kind of pricey. The tandoori chicken is excellent and the chicken tikka marsala is the best I've had outside NYC.

Miami Beach - Good, Cheap & Ethnic

Try Charlottes Restaurant on Washington and 15th Street for very good and inexpensive Argentine skirt steak ($8.95), grilled chicken and other specialties all under 9 dollars! (lunch and dinner) I like Mr.Chu's for afternoon dim sum. It's inexpensive and very good. Try the shrimp dumplings, the sui mai (pork and shrimp dumplings) and the eggplant. Pork fried dumplings are also good. David's Cafe (Meridian just off Lincoln Rd) or Puerto Sagua (8th and Collins)are both good for Cuban. Chalan's is definitely a good choice for Peruvian (Washington and 16th) . If you can get yourselves up to Collins and 74th street (take a bus) there is Cafe Cypo a Brazilian restaurant that is very good. Daily specials. I love the chicken on Wednesdays. (Collins between 74 and 75th) Feijoada on Saturdays.