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Hickory-Smoked Chicken

nice work. I will try this sauce. If you try using chunks of wood over the lump it may burn cleaner - or try NOT soaking the wood chips... the cleaner the burn the less creosote getting on your food.

May 24, 2011
CaptainJim in Recipes

Argentine Grilled Chicken

meh. i changed the seasoning around and i brined the chicken. actually i followed almost zero of this recipe other than the funny cutting. im not a big fan of cutting it this way either, either halfing the chicken or spatchcocking is easier. the thighs separated from the breast half while cooking, and its a little unwieldly to flip and move around. This might work better on kosher or free range chickens - all I had in the freezer was a good old perdue factory farmed whole fryer, which the breast was so big it wasnt really a fryer, it was more of a roaster.

the cooking method works great though, I love cooking indirect over lump.

May 24, 2011
CaptainJim in Recipes

Argentine Grilled Chicken

this is similar to spatchcocking(cutting the spine out of the chicken and grilling it flat, but I'll give this method a try. I'm going to brine the chicken as well, as it seems the seasonings on the chicken seem a little 'weak'

i love cooking indirect over lump though, it's fabulously easy and you don't have to tend to 8 pieces, just one.

May 24, 2011
CaptainJim in Recipes

Leftover BBQ Chicken Soup, Asian flair with smokey flavors

Oct 09, 2008
CaptainJim in Recipes

BBQ Brisket still on the tough side

I smoked a brisket in my upright gas smoker today. It was my first, and it came out just OK, but it was still a little tough for my tastes. I have had unbelievably tender brisket when i've eaten out, (believe it or not one of the best i've ever had was at famous dave's, a chain near me), and this just didn't come out as tender as I would have liked.

The biggest brisket I could find was a 4lb'er from Sams. I rubbed the brisket with my usual .rub (it's a kosher salt & paprika base). The meat was put into the smoker at temp, and the meat was rested at room temp for an hour. I smoked it with 2 rounds of soaked apple chips (i got a beautiful smoke ring,hell the pros would have been proud), and I mopped / basted the brisket with a vinegar&water based mop. The water pan was always 2/3 full (i used cheap american beers in the waterpan) as well,

My temp was 225-230deg for 6.5 hrs, and I let the meat rest 15 mins before slicing. The flavor with the apple was quite mild (i find mesquite a bit harsh), but it was just a little on he tough side. The meat was 200deg when i removed it from the smoker

I did two racks of ribs on the upper racks,and I smoked the brisket fat side up. The ribs on the top rack were restaurant quality results, but the brisket, not so much. Should I have left it longer, mopped it more, or gotten a bigger brisket?

First time cooking FLANK STEAK tommorrow! Suggestions/Tips?

We marinate our flank steak at least 24 hours, the best is about 72 hours in teriyaki, soy sauce, assorted herbs and spices and olive oil.

The longer the better. Sear it on high, aim for medium rare, and LET IT REST!!!

cut against the grain too =P

Aug 13, 2008
CaptainJim in Home Cooking

Do you brine only, brine and rub, or just rub chicken prior to smoking?

Just wondering what your thoughts are. I am playing with my new smoker (Nothing fancy, but I love simplicity - Great outdoors smokey mountain gas smoker), and have had great success with chicken and salmon so far (still working on perfecting my ribs, been doing them dry rub and smoke only, no mopping, basting or saucing.)

I have been dry rubbing with a rub recipe I got off the kosher salt box - which has fantastic flavor. The chicken i've been smoking at 215F with mesquite for about 4 hours. i've tried just plain water in the water pan and i've tried miller lite (same thing?), both of which seem to taste the same to me.

I've been brining the salmon in kosher salt, water and brown sugar, which turned out incredible, but I was wondering if brining chicken would be worth the effort.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 12, 2008
CaptainJim in Home Cooking

Best Beef Jerky

In my search for the best possible tasting jerky, I started making my own. I bought a Nesco food dryer. I buy london broil on sale (usually about 1.69 a lb), i slice it thin against the grain, and marinate it in soy sauce, brown sugar, pineapple juice and black pepper for 24 hrs.

It dries for 4 hours, it produces unbeleivable jerky, at far far far less than mail order or store bought.

yes yes it's one more gadget, but I love it, and it's fun to expirement

Aug 12, 2008
CaptainJim in General Topics