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Who makes the best pizza in New England?

I used to like Grand Apizza as well. You might be thinking of Tolli's in East Haven, just up from the bowling alley. There is also Depalma's and Minervini's....I like Tolli's better than Modern and Pepe's....(I haven't had Sally's in years so I can't comment there). I also remember having Zuppardi's years ago at a work function and liking it too. I haven't tried BAR yet. Also, the chicken parm at Tolli's is great!

Best Doughnuts in CT?

I had never heard of Neil's Donut shop in Wallingford even though i work there. Since I read about them on this site and on (two weeks ago) I have had them twice...they are truly delicous!!! The jelly donuts are cut and layered with filling, the cinnamon apple were delicous and the key lime was really great. (I cut the donuts in quarters so I could try most of them!!) I heard the Boston Creme are incredible but there wasn't one of them in my I have an excuse to go again real soon. My sister who went said the place was tiny and very crowded on Sunday morning.

New England BYOB

Here's a few that are near me...I would love to see a comprehensive list.

Guilford Bistro - Guilford CT. I haven't eaten here yet but my neighbor who is a wine freak goes all the time...

Nataz, North Branford, CT. This used to be great before it moved (zany place, loud music, lots of fun and party it's more sophisticated like a regular restaurant. Unique menu as far as letting them choose for you...owner is a nice guy.

The Place, Guilford CT - This is an outside eating venue where you sit on tree stumps and bring your own side dishes and drinks. It's seasonal but should be opening very soon. I liked hubby wasn't gets crowded once the weather warms...great place for a party.

butcher shop, branford ct?

thanks solargarlic, i'm looking forward to checking out the meathouse! I will also have to go to the Wooster street farmers market. My neighbor told me about it....after I had turned him onto Ferraro's Market in New Haven. Cheap meats good for a huge party but not consistently the best quality.

butcher shop, branford ct?

Hi, good butcher shops are hard to come by now a days. If you're looking for an expensive shop...try Forte's in Guilford.. but I thought their staff was rude. Honestly, for the best meat and great prices I drive to T&J IGA in East Haven on High Street. Get off East Haven High Street exit and go north (right) on High Street (Rt 100?) and it's about a mile or two up on the right hand side just after at a gas station and traffic light...parking is limited in front but there is more on the side and in the back. Their stuffed porkchops are super and are only about $3.99 a lb. I often buy family packs of chicken tenders for $1.99 a lb. they also have great delmonico steaks sometimes as low of $5.99 a lb. You can usually get a great chuck roast for about $2.99 a lb. The butcher is very accommodating as ahead or ask for something special when you get there. You can also buy Hummels hot dogs and if you're new to the area, try the Foxon Park soda as well.

Olympia Farms in Guilford also sells lambs and can have them butchered for you but you'd have to buy the whole thing. There is a farmer's market on Saturday mornings I think on Wooster Street in New Haven but I don't know if they sell meat. Dudley Farm in Guilford also has a small seasonable farmer's market. I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones I know about. I have an Aunt who used to buy her meats at Caron's Corner in Branford center but I can't vouch for it myself.

Connecticut scallop rolls: Show & Tell!

Hi Kttyeyes:

I have enjoyed scallops at Lenny & Joe's Fishtale and will try Bill's Seafood soon. If you're in Branford try Lenny's Indian Head my favorite place for scallops. In East Haven down by the beach try the Sandpiper my close 2nd favorite (would have tied but the cocktail sauce is a little peppery). My family raves over their fried oysters too. I'll try to photograph soon!

New Haven Pizza Tour

Here's my 2 cents...I've lived here all my life and yes, Pepe's, Sally's and Modern are all good (Modern can be a little too sooty for me sometimes). That being said, if you have time go just a little east over the Q bridge into East Haven to Tolli's Apizza on Main Street in East Haven...(about a 5 minute drive from Wooster Street) especially if you want good sausage pizza and my favorite the bacon....other specialties include white clam casino and escarole and bean pies. I'd take a Tolli's pie over the other places any day. They have a website if you need directions...give us a report when you return. Mangia!

Tolli's Apizza & Restaurant
410 Main St, East Haven, CT 06512

Eating our way through Eastham and Wellfleet- wrapup

sounds like my kind of trip! thanks for the recommendations, we're heading to Brewster for a four day camping weekend with the kids and a niece, I'll try to hit at least one of the places on your list...

Best Connecticut Sandwiches Near Guilford

Hi, I live in Guilford also and would like to recommend two places (I don't like the guy who runs the Sunoco but they make a decent bagon, egg and cheese). The first is P&M Deli previously mentioned...I love their portobello paninis w/ fresh mozzarella, my kids like the lemon chicken on a sub. If you want a meatball or chicken parm you have to go to Tolli's pizza in East Haven and if you're looking for the best stuffed bread try the cheesesteak bread at Aniello's also in East's the bomb!! I heard the old Andy's market in East Haven opened up again but I haven't tried it yet. I've never ordered sub at Guilford Food Center because their cold cut selection doesn't appear to be great but my husband says their fried chicken is terrific.

Fried whole belly clams

I know this is an old post but for those looking, I also agree with the reply below.

Lenny's Indian Head in Branford (not to be confused with the other Lenny's)
Best fried seafood DH loves the fried whole belly clams and the scallops are the best I've had anywhere in New England.

Aug 19, 2009
MaureeninCT in Manhattan

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

Yes, the popular places do have great pizza,....Pepe's and Sally's on Wooster Street and Modern on State Street is also great also except sometimes it's a bit too sooty on the bottom. However, my all time favorite pizza is the bacon and mozzarella pizza from Tolli's in East Haven (or "Staven" as the local italian residents call it). Tolli's bacon pizza is heaven...everwhere else bacon topping is either raw or charred bits. I recently ordered 4 bacon & mozz, and three other pizzas for a birthday party. The four bacons were the first to go! They also specialize in a clam casino pie and an escarole and bean pie. It's just over the bridge on Main Street east of New Haven.....try it, you'll like it!!