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Anniversary Dinner Near Ogunquit

Jens, I'm not sure where you went for your anniversary dinner, but I hope it was a wonderful experience. I'm curious about the positive response re On the Marsh. For my birthday last December, we went with another couple to On the March. It was truly a terrible dining experience.
The restaurant and grounds are lovely and we looked forward to a wonderful dinner. From start to finish, the dinner was just adequate, but the real topper to the evening came with my "birthday" dessert. Our waitress placed a plate of whipped cream with a candle in it in front of it. I was looking forward to a delicious dessert hiding under the small mountain of cream, however, non existed. The candle was anchored in the cream.

All four of us looked at my dessert dish in disbelief. We all firmly resolved to never return. Now I know every restaurant can have a "bad" day, but this was just not acceptable at all. They were informed in advance that it was a birthday dinner.

Restaurant Week in Ogunquit: Clay Hill Farm or the Beach House

I've been to many of the restaurants in Ogunquit many times, but with restaurant week this week I thought I might try a restaurant that I haven't tried before. A three-course meal is $25.00. I have never eaten at either Clay Hill nor the Beach House. Any opinions?

One of the specials at the Beach House is a baked stuffed lobster; Clay Hill features a fish disk with raviolis---

Thank you, I value your opinions.

Clay Hill Farm Restaurant
220 Clay Hill Rd, Cape Neddick, ME 03902

Portsmouth NH for Dinner

I love the Portsmouth restaurants and have been to most mentioned. Recently, we dined at Pesce's in Portsmouth and really enjoyed our meals.

Take a look at the menu.

Mombo in Portsmouth, NH?

I had dinner with two other couples at Mombo about one month ago. The six of us enjoy trying new restaurants and I have to say we were quite pleased with Mombo. We enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the food. I had a pork dish, my husband had the scallops. Frankly, I can't provide more or better details other than to say the restaurant was busy, the wait staff was good and we all enjoyed our dinners and said we would return.
The bar area has seats where you can watch the cooks prepare the food.

66 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Table 10, Emeril's Restaurant

I was looking for information and comments on Emeril's Table 10 in the Palazzo Hotel. Has anyone been and any opinions? Thank you.....

Aug 28, 2010
LindaBarbara in Las Vegas

Need recommendations for Anniversary Dinner and Breakfast/Lunch for Portsmouth, NH

My husband and I went to dinner at Radici's in Portsmouth on a friend's recommendation and enjoyed it very much. I believe it's next door or very close to Jumpin Jay's Fish Cafe. I especially loved the warm vegetable salad.

H-Mart in Burlington to open "late fall"

this is the link to the article as it appears in today's Burlington newspaper.

H-Mart in Burlington to open "late fall"

In today's Burlington newspaper, an article appeared with information regarding the new Asian market to open in Burlington. The company representative appeared before the Planning Board on March 6th. According to the article, everything is going as planned and the opening will be in late fall.

A special permit was required because the market will also have a food court.

Casual dining in Kennebunkport

I agree with the recommendations for the Ramp as well as Bandaloop. I also enjoy sitting on the deck on the pier on a gorgeous summer day at the Arundel Inn. I always enjoy their lobster roll with lunch with a nice glass of white wine

Breakfast in Southern Maine

I have to agree about Amore's lousy coffee, but I heard that it has improved somewhat. I also have to agree that the Cove Cafe is excellent---love their omelets. I believe the Cove Cafe will open on May 2nd.

Breakfast in Southern Maine

I read with great interest all the replies posted. I really enjoy the breakfast places in Maine. I can't agree with the poster who thought Congdon's was not a good choice. I, too, believe you get a great breakfast, with friendly people, in a homey although dated atmosphere.

I was surprised that Bintliff's wasn't mentioned. Bintliff serves a wonderful, substantial breakfast and are known for their corned beef hash. I have not tried the Omelette Factory nor the Egg and I.

Amore's has moved to a new location further down Shore Road closer to the Cove. It now has a cafe and outdoor seating and seems to be quite busy already.

Grissini's in Kennebunkport, ME

Last evening, Saturday, my husband and I were joined by another couple for dinner at Grissini's in Kennebunkport. I had eaten there a couple of years ago, did not have a good experience, but have gone back with other couples and had what I would describe as a decent, not great meal.

I love the room, nice atmosphere, and it's very pleasant to be seated by the large fireplace on a cold winter's night. That being said, I have to tell you my experience of last evening. We had a 7:00pm reservation and were seated within five minutes; we had a pleasant waitress and ordered our drinks. Our meals were three roasted pear salads, one cup of the sausage soup. Our entrees were one roasted salmon, one pasta bolognese and two orders of gnocchi.

Our salads were good but not great; not much of a roasted pear flavor, small amount of greens and a tiny sliver of goat cheese. The dressing was almost non-existent. My entree was the salmon, which was grilled and placed on mashed potatoes--good, decent entree. My husband's bolognese, was a very small portion, very little bolognese, and just okay in his estimation. The worse of all was the serving of gnocchi. The very large, soup bowl contained five, yes five gnocchi. When placed on the table the two people who ordered the gnocchi were staring at their dinner in that it...was all that could be said.

The waitress was called to the table and she confirmed that that was the serving size but immediately offered to provide more...another server arrived with two additional gnocchi, yes two--one for each entree on the table.

This dish was not described as an appetizer, nor as a first plate and the cost was $22.00 per entree. We were all very disappointed. Gnocchi have to be one of the least expensive ingredients to assemble.

After dinner we called our dissatisfaction to the hostess/manager who said she would "take this concern under advisement." What does that mean? Just the fact that immediately two additional gnocchi were provided gave us the impression that people have similar complaints previously about this entree.

We left with the feeling that we had been taken..we will not return again. There are far better restaurants that would provide better quality food at a fair price. We were all disappointed.

Ogunquit in Winter

I would have to agree with the Joshua recommendation, especially for a nice birthday dinner. MC's in Perkins Cove is a restaurant that I have frequented on many occasions, however, I find the food to be inconsistent. It is true that it is a beautiful restaurant, and the views are spectacular, but I often found the bar menu to be better than the dining room menu. Even with that consideration, I found it to be inconsistent. As an example, my last order for fish cooked in parchment arrived without the fish in the parchment. I had to show our waiter and waited for another meal to arrive.

I also like Anneke Jans in Kittery a great deal and that, too, would be an excellent choice.
Good Luck and enjoy your dinner.

Have you been to the Craigie St Bistro at it's new location?

Just wondering if any of you have dined at the Craigie Street's new location in Cambridge where LaGroceria had been located. I've never eaten at the restaurant and would like your opinion. Thanks.

Ogunquit dinner, The Front Porch and Where else?

I have eaten at all the places you listed and I think I would recommend as follows:
Joshua's, good fresh fish, great vegetables grown from their own garden, good drinks;
Angelina's, always loved the place as well as the food;
I have eaten at Prime and do like it--it isn't a real wow for me; the bar area is good, great bartenders, but extremely noisey;
98 Provence is always good; I wouldn't consider it too's a warm, cozy French barn feel with many families dining there;
I would plase Jonathan's last--decent place, with just decent food;
Just my opinion---MC's is nice, too. I especially like the upstairs area.

Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant Request (Vegas)

All plans have been made with one exception and that is the restaurant to be chosen for a rehearsal dinner; my son will be married on August 23rd at the Venetian. There will be a party of 25 people (I think...hope not more than that) on Friday evening, August 22nd.

This will be a mixed group of adults, one young 7 year old, three teen agers...we're trying to please most if not everyone with a nice food selection, but I'll save the gourmet dinners for me and my husband:)

Just wondering if you had any experience dining with a group for this purpose and if you would be able to provide suggestions. As always I appreciate your good advice. (We're all booked at the Flamingo, by the way, just to provide a location---wedding and wedding dinner at Venetian.

Thank you.

Jul 09, 2008
LindaBarbara in Southwest

Restaurant suggestion for Kennebunkport

I agree with all recommendations, but I have another one. It's not a typical lobster shack at all but a nice, casual restaurant with good food. It's called Bandaloop and it's located on Ocean Ave in Kennebunkport.

Their ingredients are all fresh and the concept is a little different in that you select your entree (lots of fresh fish choices) and then you select from a variety of sauces to go with your entree. A starch, usually rice, and fresh veggies accompany the meal. The small kitch is open to diners and I found it to be a wonderful choice!

Good Italian in Ogunquit?

Five-O isn't an Italian restaurant and I do enjoy the bar food more than the food in the dining room, but they do serve a wonderful bolognese both at the bar and in the dining room!

The food at Five-O's restaurant next door, Caffe Prego has good pizza. I never had the pasta there, but I did see some dishes pass me by and they looked really good.

Tapas and Tinis in Ogunquit

The new Prime Restaurant has been completely remodelled and there is very little left that would remind you of Poor Richard's. I'm not sure if they are business partners/owners but you would recognize the two bartenders from the Front Porch.

We ate at the bar. The entire restaurant is now new and has a light, bright feeling to it. The bar area was extremely busy and very noisey and the bartender had suggested they were looking into some sound proofing materials to buffer the noise. We had the calamari appetizer, which surprised me in that it was served with onion rings mixed in with the fried calamari. I would say it was good, however, not the best I every had. I also had the fried haddock sandwich, which again I would say was good, but not the very best. I would definitely go again.

After being open just a short two weeks, it appears to be a very popular place--lots of locals. They have valet parking and there is the parking lot across the street to use as well.

I don't recall all the menu prices; it is primarily a steakhouse. Two women next to me at the bar had a fish dinner, which they liked but didn't love. Some of the sides offered were that great, according to them.

It probably has some kinks to work out--hope they make it because I feel it's a welcome addition to the Cove area.

Tapas and Tinis in Ogunquit

No Prime is open; it opens at 5:30pm, I believe. My husband and I had dinner at the bar there last Saturday night. It was open the weekend prior to that, too.

Tapas and Tinis in Ogunquit

I haven't gone to the restaurant as yet; it must have just opened. The 'tinis' are definitely martinis. The owner is David who owns Angelina's and Pizza Napoli. Love the looks of the place. It has a large deck on the front of the building. Love David's restaurants and I know this one will be good, too. Can't wait to give it a try.

By the way, Ogunquit also has another new restaurant called Prime. It opened about two weeks ago.

Billerica- Newtowne Grill

Yes, it is open located directly across from Emerald Rose. I haven't tried it as yet but it's supposed to be the same Newtowne Grill as located in Porter Square in Cambridge, MA

LaGroceria, Cambridge closing...

I think I heard this right....the Groceria is closing its doors after almost 40 years. Craigie Street Bistro will be opening in its location. Anyone else hear this? Do I have my information correct?

A Week in Vegas

I am very interested in your post and the response. My son, too, will be married at the Venetian in August. Just wondering, did you have a small reception or dinner after the ceremony and if so, where (if you don't mind my asking). I'm trying to narrow down restaurants at the Venetian for two dinner receptions. thank you.

Apr 29, 2008
LindaBarbara in Southwest

Venetian Hotel (vegas) wedding reception restaurant

I appreciate everyone's response; that's why I love this forum. I was posting based on what my son "thinks" he wants. I had not thought of the private room idea from your perspective and I totally agree. We're just not familiar with the restaurants at the Venetian. I'm passing along all of your good information for them to make their decision, but this is what I'm looking for--all your comments, ideas and suggestions. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post.

Mar 30, 2008
LindaBarbara in Las Vegas

Venetian Hotel (vegas) wedding reception restaurant

My son will be married at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas in mid August. We are asking for your restaurant suggestions at the Venetion for a reception. There will (I think) about 30 people, including a few pre-teens. My son and his future wife want want a fun place, more relaxed atmosphere where people can really have a good time. They don't want to be in a private room. I realize there are some marvelous restaurants at the Hotel, just not sure if there is one that would fit their requirements. Thanks to all for your help.

Mar 28, 2008
LindaBarbara in Las Vegas

Antico Forno question

I agree with the Lucca for cocktails recommendation. Both drinks and bartenders are wonderful and it's a fun place to be. The Florentine used to be a fabulous place to have a drink but times have changed. We decided to "re-visit" the place with friends not too long ago and the bartender was awful with a very sour disposition...took all the fun out of the place. Head to Lucca's!

Good Place to Watch the Pats: Ogunquit, Wells or York?

Would you be able to suggest a good sports bar or restaurant in Ogunquit, Wells or York, Maine to watch the Pats this weekend? Ordinarily I would suggest Vinny's, but it's closed for the season. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

Ogunquit Maine question

I know you're specifically asking about Ogunquit, but York is just the neighboring town. Some of the Inns are just beautiful at this time of year. The deep, almost walk in fireplaces are going, and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. No summer crowds, which really gives you time to visit the places you can't get into during the crazy summer months.

We had a late lunch at the York Harbor Inn last weekend...the bar was open, the fire place was blazing, and we enjoyed a good sandwich with a bloody mary. Across the way is the Stage Neck Inn which also provides a wonderful, warm atmosphere.

Just thought I would mention this area...I'm sure there are more places to visit, in fact, more places are open than you think. Come visit and enjoy!

Lydia Shire's Blue Sky on York Beach, ME

My husband and I made a reservation for dinner last evening for 8:00pm. We stopped in at 7:15pm to sit at the bar and have a drink. We were able to manage one seat at the bar, which I used, however, I had to precariously balance on the bar stool because it was broken. I thought with the attention to detail the restaurant obviously has, the owners/managers would not permit a bar to have a bar stool that was broken. The two bartenders were friendly, informative and made great drinks and at that point were were happy and anxiously awaiting a wonderful dining experience. When I checked in at the desk I was told that I wouldn't be seated before my reservation time. I told the young woman that I realized that and that I wasn't asking to be seated, I was simply informing her that we were at the restaurant and would be in the bar area. She said she would come to get us at 8:00pm.

Eight p.m. came and went and we went to the desk several times to ask when we would be seated. Finally at 8:30 the manager apologized and escorted us to our seats. We sat at the large half-circle shaped booth adjacent to the hearth bar area. I totally agree with the other posters that this is a very loud restaurant. There was a large, potted orchid plant placed at our table. I had the feeling it didn't belong because none of the other tables had this type of plant on it. Because it was large (beautiful and all, but large), people would stop by and admire it as we were eating our dinner. We also had the feeling that we were seated there because they had no place to seat us at the time of our reservation.

Our waitress was pleasant, but was not as attentive or professional as I would have expected. She never asked us if we wanted wine, appetizers or a salad. I ordered the swordfish with calamari and my husband had the pappardelle with Hubbard squash. Our meals arrived sometime after 9:00pm. While our meals were good, I did not feel that I enjoyed a great meal. This was not the fabulous dining experience I expected. The desserts were not described, the dessert menu was not provided; we paid our bill and left.

I expected so much more. I asked myself the same question, "would I return?" I think I would return to sit at the bar, have a drink and perhaps an appetizer or salad. Would I wait for a long time to be seated and then experience an expensive meal that would not be overwhelming good? My answer is No.

I agree there are other restaurants in the area that I would prefer that would provide a better atmosphere and a very good meal.